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Dallas Cowboys Football News Reply

Lets go cowboys!!

isaiahh rodriguezz Reply


    isaiahh rodriguezz Reply

    Kamryn Vanatta with which QB

    R B Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta Imagine being an “Eagles fan” and watch every single video posted by the Dallas Cowboys. Other than preseason games and league news I don’t spend time keeping up with the Eagles. You might be a closeted Cowboys fan just saying.

    R B Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta See you again during the year when Dallas is #1 in the division and the Eagles are scraping by for a win and an uninjured QB lmao. I bet you’re one of the same “fans” who trashed Foles in 2013, did you even remember Foles was on the team then? Lmfao

    Michael Buchanan Reply

    Kamryn eagles getting swept 🧹 again this year lol 😂 wentz=♿️

    John Billings Reply

    Not in the first preseason game.

jeremy x Reply

Very nice kid
Just as good a player
Great addition to the offense

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    jeremy x Trash

    jeremy x Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta
    Trash ?
    No !
    He may not pan out
    Until then, he’s made the NFL draft
    And thus far is a starter

    Taco’s not trash
    Starter material ?
    Hasn’t proved it yet

    1Hit Wonders fool us
    SB MVP QBs disappear after wooing us

    TRASH you say!?!
    A person gets fired, rejected, overlooked, divirced, etc
    And but they go on to greatness in their lives

    One men’s trash us another’s treasure

    Until the man fails leave him be

    Remember :
    “The Brady 6”
    Where are they now ?

    It ain’t over yet

flako luvzbud Reply

Tony I have high expectations for you 💪🏼

James Austin Reply

I need teams to realize they can find elite running backs at Wal-Mart
Demarco Murray 3rd round (pick 71)… Alvin Kamara, David Johnson, Kareem Hunt, Frank Gore, Jamaal Charles, James Conner… all 3rd round picks.
Leveon Bell – 2nd round
Devontae Freeman – 4th round
Chris Carson- 7th round. You can find elite backs – particularly if you have really good run blocking – after the 1st. In fact, Zeke still hasn’t equaled Murray’s total rushing yards in 2014 in either of his 2 full seasons. The Cowboys could start 3-0 with the mailman at RB this year.

    Garrett Horsch Reply

    James Austin yeah, Zeke is a monster but in actuality Pollard is way more athletic than kamara according to his combine stats, and is a few inches taller, and a couple pounds heavier so there is no reason he can’t be a better Kamara. I saw some people calling him a poor mans kamara but he might actually be a better kamara!

    Jim Mears Reply

    That’s why you are an elite football mind amongst Youtube Comments section DWEEBS.

David Cantu Reply

Hope this kid stays humble and hungry, really like him and hope he has all the success!! Go Cowboys!

The Star Reply

The more I see this young man the more I like him.

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    The Star So you are gay and you wanna marry him?

Camero Clark Reply

Cowboy fans need to remember that Demarco Murray was also rushing champ. Behind that line, a desent running back can shine!


Honestly if we can get a first and 3rd for Zeke I’ll take it! I like pollard already

    Gabriel avila Reply

    Need way more than that for zeke

Rhonda Cofer Reply


can’t teach that. 📢

Sam Howard Reply

He said the key words … that oline + him

timothy ward Reply

He’s country as a turnip green.

Ceasar Myles Reply

I really think this guy is gonna be special. Would rather have Zeke there and use Pollard as the change of pace guy that resembles Kamara.

Kevin Ford Reply

This kid is going to do very well for the cowboys. Get ready to see a few punt returns and kick off returns.


This kid has a future in the NFL.

Robert Bennett Reply

I’m rooting for this good young man. None of the money distractions.
Screw MONEY! Old school 🍼 BABY!!!!!!
Reminds me of Demarco Murray. He’ll grow into his own niche and make a mark on this league. God help us all!

Alex Perez Reply

We have to keep in mind guys! These preseason games are basically college guys now in pro uniforms.. I like that he’s explosive and Weber brings that pounding runs.. hopefully they just stay their right mind and stay hungry and humble… until the real season starts then that’s when we see what they are made of…

Qwax Payne Reply

Go get em!

Atoyia M Blackshear Reply

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


Hes gonna be a great player

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