Tony McRae Highlights | Detroit Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Casey Wolff Reply

Bad pick up 30 secounds of highlights if him jumping on 1 person and getting assist gg

    Hugh B Myron Reply

    Casey Wolff special teams moron. Dude hasn’t played a snap… “bad pickup” put a shirt on little lady boy.

    ThA MAN C MAcK Reply

    Casey Wolff
    You can not say bad pick up yet.
    These are the kind of pick ups that make teams.
    Just because the Bengals couldn’t use him correctly doesn’t mean Patricia can’t.
    We’ll see. Patricia better Win this season or get him out of here.
    Idk why The D fired Caldwell anyways.
    It’s like when The REDS fired Dusty Baker.
    Just Stupid

    Spencer Waddell Reply

    Special teams not a normal cb and his dang good

Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan Reply

Im guessing he’s meant to be like don carey that has experience working with the special teams coordinator?

Detroit B Reply

This the worst highlight reel I’ve ever seen 😭😭😂😂

    helmedon Reply

    I’m guessing it’s better than yours though, right? He’s a backup and special teams guy. At 4 years he’s probably do for a breakout if it’s going to happen.

Bryan Smith Reply

Not great, but then the end…22 tackles in 2 starts?! Wtf?

    Qwertos Reply

    He’s a special teams player

Rriv2014 Reply

Young hungry players hitting their prime!

It's Kyuu Reply

lol you know its bad when they cant even come up with 60 seconds of highlights

    Qwertos Reply

    He’s a special teams player

Nick Lundberg Reply

He’s a special teams specialist y’all are clueless

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