Tony Jefferson and Brandon Williams Play McCormick: The Steaks Are High – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Welp we can’t Ramsey damnit

The Funny ish Christian Mays Reply

Don’t drop it or else it will be ground beef

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

Brandon Williams is funny asf

Averb Thegreat Reply

I love our teams chemistry 💜🖤💜

ej3082 Reply

Ravens troll game is on 💯 “False start… everyone but the center” HA!

    The Niggasaurs Reply

    Lol yeah that was funny

Edward Leas Reply

Nice Terps rubb get the high steaks there

ICNetwork IamU Reply

This was good insight on knowing other players on your favorite teams rather than the QB’s, RB’s & WR’s.

Ryan Damon Reply

Let go 🖤🖤💜💜

dbag0584 Reply

Never grilled before? Wtf?

Mark Mccaslin Reply

I would of expected these 2 to have the most food knowledge

Mark Mccaslin Reply

should of brought on pat ricard

sneakapikachu Reply

package TJeff with his well done steaks along with a 1st and 5th rd to Jacksonville for Ramsey. The Joker will take over the vacant safety spot.

    BIRD FLOCK Reply

    Jax Already declined us

king shark Reply

Nice,…. well glad Jacksonville saved the ravens from cooking up a hot mess.

1st and 2nd, plus Hurst, for Ramsey, who has blown up stats on a busted team, bruuuh a corner in on 19 tackling plays, and only come up with 9, dammm jags suck to have any corner getting in on that many plays.

We would pay a guy in Ramsey all that money, and lose all that draft clout and a decent te, for a guy, who production would be cut in half, due to our total team defense.

DECOSTA PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS, you about to give up alot for a guy who’s stats are padded, due to a fkd up team and defense.


    Master Baiters Reply

    king shark I would call the jaguars defence busted. Since Jalen Ramsey got to Jacksonville there defence has been ranked 1st (2017) and 5th (2018). Yes Jalen Ramsey is having a rough start to the season but he has proven to be one of the best cornerbacks in the league.. Hayden Hurst hasn’t showed anything and we don’t even need him. Draft picks are simply just potential and Jalen Ramsey is a sure thing.

    king shark Reply

    @Master Baiters … so you telling me, you would pay Ramsey 16m a year, for Jacksonville stats, and when he come to Baltimore, a better team, more balanced defense and we are always at the top seeing you bypassed our defensive ranks.

    So let me get back on track, you willing to pay Ramsey 16’17m a year and when he come to Baltimore his production will be cut in half, you willing to over pay due to his Jacksonville stats.

    It’s called a bad deal to overpay for something.

    Here the team and team defense is better, his numbers wont near match what he did in Jacksonville, why should we pay for that, no way

    Master Baiters Reply

    king shark our defensive ranks don’t need to be said.. A man to man corners stats are quite difficult to be padded and we’re starting to need some more cornerbacks. Jimmy smith will be gone after this year and Brandon Carr is already 33. To put it simply, yes. I’m willing to pay Jalen Ramsey 16m per year. The Ravens cap space is top 5 in the league and we are trying to win now. Putting another great DB in our secondary will help our weakness (our pass rush)

    king shark Reply

    @Master Baiters .. finding jimmy and carr replacement can be done in the draft, especially this upcoming draft.

    Our pash rush isnt our weakness, where is that coming from, dont regurgitate what pundits are talking about, two games and we getting to the qb, and getting sacks and rushes, it’s just coming from a more diverse group vs one guy. That’s accredited to our scheme and upgrade of across the board athletic talent.

    We have a man corner in Humphrey due a big pay day, no way you paying two corners 16 to 17m a piece on one team.

    We doing real good in the draft, winning without a Jalen Ramsey, don’t really need him, Jacksonville not going to give him up, which is good, cause folks thirst to overpay is head scratching.

    Sooo you can bring up Jacksonville ranks, but we can’t talk Baltimore ranks, and why? Because it proves right, our total team and scheme is got us fine now, … plus all real Baltimore fans should know, it’s not cornerback play that advance us, its safety play, … we have a better safety than last year, and already ahead of takeaway pace.

    We gone be alright, let’s not look thirsty, and overpay a guy, to come do less.

Orlando Andreas Jr. Reply

the Caw

Neikiale Ransom Reply

“I want the Cow Dead” 😂😂😂

Brandon Teal Reply


Bodymore MDummy Reply

I want it fully cooked that’s how I am

rockman11309 Reply

Jefferson need to be watching film so he won’t give up more deep passes instead of doing this…

Okay well at least he likes cooked steaks like a respectable human being.

Steph X Reply

I knew brandon was hilarious but i didn’t know tony was so funny too

ReigningRavens Reply

I lost a little bit of respect for Tony when he said he eats his steaks well-done.

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