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First and gj Gonzales


I wish the Giants pulled a trigger to make a trade for him in 2008, could have gotten him a ring for SB 46 at least. Then again I’m speaking on hindsight but yeah.

Mike Downs

The best .And I’m a RAIDER fan.

Hector Rodriguez

Congrats Tony Gonzalez The GOAT





    Westcoast Sports Unlimited

    The one and only

Mad Mike Sports

The greatest tight end in NFL history. Glad to have had him in Atlanta… Love this dude…


    Mad Mike Sports nah that would be shay sharpe
    Come @ me boi


Tony Gonzalez still has that 1050 Beijing on his hair lol (looking at you Shannon Sharpe!)

But in all seriousness, he truly deserves the induction and congratulations to the GOAT of tight ends!


He’s Tony Gonzalez? A Hall of Famer?


Thank you Tony for all you’ve done in Atlanta


Greatest speech I heard all night!



    Black Wall Street

    Greatest speech I’ve heard probably ever

zane brown

Needs to go back on undisputed while wearing the jacket and ask Shannon “how’s this jacket”

    stéphane A

    Shannon has one, no?

    zane brown

    stéphane A he does but Shannon made a joke about him being the “goat of not wearing a jacket” so it’d just be fun to watch

Black Wall Street

Those three stories are everything… Some of the most motivational stuff I’ve ever heard


This man looks exactly like Tony Gonzalez


    Spacey ThAt’S bEcAuSe He Is ToNy GoNzAlEz

    Crow of Judgement

    Really? I don’t see it

TristanTheGamer Angus

The best tight end I will ever watch!!! Always so great on and off the field.

spens casillas

Felicidades Antonio ,,,una leyenda de los jefes de Kansas City …El mejor equipo de la NFL…..poseedor de récords para un tighend y solo dos partidos ausente en sus 17 temporadas de profesional….un orgullos para la comunidad mexico_americana y una leyenda de mis JEFES….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

ivan ortiz

Tony G! Miss seeing you out there brother. Thanks for everything.

Julian and Ashley Garcia

Been lucky to see Jason Witten play being a cowboys fan but Tony G that’s a bad man!!!

Caps fan

Congrats to the Hall of Fame inductees. But guys, your speeches are TOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! Tony, this may have not been 52 minutes, but still over 40. The NFL players seem to be the longest compared to other sports. You should be proud and happy for your accomplishments, and have your moment. But get over yourself. This took 5 hours, it is not fair for those speaking at end. Everyone wants to leave or turn off the tv by the time the last 1, 2, or even 3 players speak. Apparently the NFL might induct 20 people next year. I support that, in that it may clean up some injustices in who has not gotten in yet. But my goodness, it will take a week to get through the speeches, if they allow all of them to be this long. Ok, gonna wrap this up as this may be getting too long. 😴 lol.

Joshua Smith

Chiefs Kingdom thanks you T!


Truly a Man amongs Men. Great career and remarkable speech!

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