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Ricardo Gonzalez


Carlos Alberto Díaz

Come on, Tom, we need an offensive coordinator. Justin still has a very high ceiling, someone who contributes a lot to the team

    chauncey williams

    We need a dc just as bad. Defense stats have been far worse then the offense the past two years. OC interviews so far have mostly been retreads who have been fired at there last stop.

    Carlos Alberto Díaz

    @chauncey williams The real problem is that they allowed to leave that coach is very bad and they consider him a defensive genius which already showed that it is not true a very bad decision on the part of the owners they do not like to invest in their team they have awakened many years of talent to leave Brandon very bad decision


    @azma775 Josh Allen has shown he’s got issues Herbert doesn’t. Herbert is a better QB. We need to beat the Chiefs. We will.


    @BOLT UP BABY! I agree man .I think Hebert is better as well I’m just saying josh prob has a bigger arm and he’s more athletic

    chauncey williams

    @BOLT UP BABY! Love the Herb, that being said. Watch Kurt Warner’s film review of the playoff loss. Herby has become somewhat of a check down passer. A lot of that hopefully is his O line. But there were several deep routes open in that game and Herby checked it down to the short receiver.

German Benitez

Telesco at some point got to be held accountable as well how many playoffs have our team gone into in his tenure stop wasting time Spanos deliver a championship or sell the team
Chargers players and chargers fans deserve a championship

michael dailey

Thanks for sticking with Staley , he’s gonna be a top five HC in football soon !!!! Team speed ,and O-line/D-line !!! I would love to see K-9 as a blitz specialist , he goes full speed after the ball anyway , that’s why he misses so many tackles !!!

    Larry Capoya

    You are delusional staley has no idea what he’s doing. He’ll be like mike McCoy in 5 years

michael dailey

I read some comments by my Boltz brothers and I get the ” fire Staley , get an offensive HC ” posts , but another change two years in ??? The best coaches in the league , and in history took a bit of time to get THAT good !!! Give dude 3-4 at least , we can hang , we’re Bolt fans after all !!!!

    Michael Coleman

    Reactionary mindsets never value stability. Justin Herbert has had a different QB/OC every year, is there an attempt to handicap him nd the team?

Andre Ecija

Go Chargers

Samoan Tribe

“Love to work, love to build, love to fight.” – Telesco has been doing that for 10yrs now and nothing to show for it.

    Sonny Vasquez

    You’re right…10 years No Division title 3 playoff appearances been through 3 ROOKIE HEAD COACHES…NO results SMH


    He needs to go.

Ryan S

Is it just me or did TT not even answer her last question?

Sky Gray

I thought this was a good interview, enjoyed it!


“The way we lost the game it hurts ‘a little bit’ more…” WTF? “…a little bit more”? It hurt FAR MORE losing like that than just a little bit more! How the heck does that even happen?
– 3rd Qtr FAILURE: Coming out after halftime this 2022 team scored an average of 2.5 points per games! Throughout the season including 1 playoff game this team scored ONLY 45 points in the 3rd quarter (45/18=2.5). How does that happen?


I understand why changes had to be made. A happy fan base translates into a better product and an expanded fan base.
That being said Justin Herbert missed a wide open Keenan Allen in the back of the end zone. That alone would have sealed the deal against the Jags.
Also his progressions need work. Oftentimes he settles for the short pass instead of seeing the downfield receiver breaking open. In other words he needs a very good quarterback coach/ OC with an IQ if you catch my drift.
On the practice field hammer that until he gets it right.

Russ Bailey

Iam shur they will get the right people and players going into 23, Bolts fan forever with the highs and lows

Jason Pacific

Running any business is quite a challenge let alone a NFL franchise. And no GM is perfect but I think Telesca has done a good job overall. 2021 year we had eight pro bowlers. We need a new training director.. that’s up-to-date on all the latest breakthroughs on injury prevention and advanced healing techniques.


Please hire Joe Brady for OC!! Worked with Burrow in college and built a team around him, worked under Sean Payton’s scheme, and worked with Josh Allen on the bills!! His experience with young quarterbacks is mostly positive, I think he would be a great candidate

Big Bad Lobo

TT wouldn’t be a GM for any other organization if he was fired today. Ten years and his resume is horrible. He’s the only GMdivision titles, missed draft picks, and drafted bust after bust. That being said, this upcoming season is the most important of his career.

GMs with 10 plus years or more

Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys): April 18, 1989 Lol

Mike Brown (Cincinnati Bengals): August 5, 1991 Superbowl appearance and possibly a second one

Bill Belichick (New England Patriots): January 27, 2000 No need to even explain

Mickey Loomis (New Orleans Saints): May 14, 2002 won a Superbowl

John Schneider (Seattle Seahawks): January 19, 2010; signed extension in 2021 won a Superbowl

Howie Roseman (Philadelphia Eagles): January 29, 2010; signed extension in 2022 Won a Superbowl and on the cusp for another

Les Snead (Los Angeles Rams): February 10, 2012; signed extension in 2019 won a Superbowl

Steve Keim (Arizona Cardinals): January 8, 2013; signed extension in 2022

Tom Telesco (Los Angeles Chargers): January 9, 2013; signed extension in 2018

Jason Licht (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): January 21, 2014; signed extension in 2021 won a Superbowl


I honestly don’t have much hope that I will see a Super Bowl run by my bolts anytime soon. But it also doesn’t feel right rooting for any other team so go bolts until something click in this organization!!! ⚡️⚡️

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