Tom Telesco on the Senior Bowl and Scouting Process, “You have to love to play” | LA Chargers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
fonsie 32

It won’t feel normal not watching rivers play

    Urban Link

    You will if we winning

    fonsie 32

    @Urban Link not even if we winning it just won’t feel normal

    fonsie 32

    @Sam W. or the jags cause he do be living in Florida now

    No Face No Case

    He can’t play forever , unfortunately never got a ring but definitely time to move on. Coming from a life long chargers fan sorry.

    fonsie 32

    @No Face No Case still gonna be hard to move on i grew up with rivers playing

Phillip Gillespie

So, is Tom going to address how we went 12-4 last year to 5-11 and the SF 49ers went from 4-12 to the Super Bowl?! What problems are you going address this off season!’🤬

    sam wroblewski

    Just going to assume you didn’t watch his 40 minute press conference


    I weigh 220 lbs and i guarantee you I can block better than tevi. That OL is trash

    Phillip Gillespie

    arthur douglas Maybe, but there are teams that are consistent and are always SB contenders. If Tom is building for consistency why are we so inconsistent? Also, injures are not a valid excuse every year.


Get TB12

Sixx Dogg

Tom time for you to go!!!


Sign and trade Melvin

    Sam W.

    Wtf lol

    Rolando Perfecto

    Sam W. Lmao my exact thought


    Melvin Gordon so people wont be confused


We need a better O-Line. More WR depth. Better ILB, a new QB and a new RB. We are far from a good football team right now.

    PepsKnows Best

    somehow888 New RB already have ekeler (so no) And we have plenty my or wide receivers.and last season we went 12-4 with basically the same roster what are you saying

    Joffy Joffa

    @PepsKnows Best
    Get a fucking clue man eckler is to small to carry the ball up the middle hes not an every down back thats been proven. And no we don’t have plenty of wide receivers besides besides Mike Williams and Keenen Allen not a damn receiver could even catch a damn ball for crying out loud. We lost our speed threats ounce Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin were no longer so what games were you watching? And no it wasn’t basically the same roster we had the most probowlers in the NFL 2019 and if they weren’t on I.R. or out multiple weeks their name was only Keenen or Rivers. Pouncey, Okung, D. James, A. Phillips, Hunter Henry, Melvin Ingram, Melvin Gordon hold out and didn’t get in game shape till mid season those are all starters and probowl caliber players not one team in the NFL were missing that many players of that caliber. Hell you talking about man?

    sam wroblewski

    @Joffy Joffa Ek can run the ball. Grinding up the middle in short yardage is a super specific thing that is way more about squeezing a crease not pushing the line (lineman do that part).

    Also we have Tranquill. Not saying Simmons shouldn’t be brought in, but you’re talking about OLBs

    Joffy Joffa

    @sam wroblewski Yes eckler can run the ball so could Danny Woodhead fact is they can not carry the ball 20+ times a game and stay healthy. Did you not see the issues eckler had in the red zone? He was fumbling and getting stuffed you name a starting back ecklers size in the NFL and no I’m not talking about just height. Jones Drew was short but built like a brick wall. Gotta know the difference man. Anytime we’ve tried to START eckler it showed. He’s definitely a hell of a SCAT BACK though. We need him as a starter NO.


Pipkins and Adderley have been total busts.

    Steven Whitfield

    you mean Tillery right?


    Steven Whitfield atleast give him one more year we did the same with Mike Williams when his rookie year sucked. He’ll atleast be Decent and that’s all we should get from a Late 1st Rounder. I even knew he was gonna he late. I thought we would’ve had Dexter Lawrence


    MysticalAlien adderly is scared to play

    Urban Link


    sam wroblewski

    @Bolt_Kyng let’s tear your tendon and ask you to run. I’m sure you’ll find it enlightening

Sergio Muñiz

This is a team that’s ready to win a Superbowl now with a good QB.

I think picking up Tom Brady will be a good thing for the following reasons:
1. This season he worked with literally nothing but he himself can still play at a high level and with the chargers he’ll have weapons he can utilize to help the team succeed.
2. Still use that pick on a QB and who better to be back up to than Tom Brady. Tom will only be with the team 2 year Max so afterwards the team will still be in a good position to win with their new QB after Brady that’s has gained experience playing under him.

The O-line needs to be the major focus of improvement this off-season and if you have to, trade melving Gordon for a top LT. I love the dude and I thing he’s a great running back, but Ekeler has shown he can be a starter and justin Jackson has proven a capable back up.

Go boltz ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    James I.

    Tom Brady is washed up. Keep him in New England.


    1. Brady completed 60% of his throws in an offense that is primarily short passing. He got carried by a top 3 defense and a weak division.
    2. The one thing Brady hates in football is getting hit, not 1 team in the NFL can rebuild an oline in one off-season, meaning he will be getting hit.
    3. Brady is not mobile, Telesco + Lynn both have said they prefer mobile QB’s.
    4. Brady is going to be 43(!!!) Rivers is 38

    if we go from Rivers to Brady it’s lateral movement and at best a small increase at the position. That being said, I still believe Rivers would be a better fit.

Sam W.

Since these idiots are not going to sign Rivers, try to get Brady (for the popularity aspect and to try to build the fan base in LA) and see if he will take a discount like he did with the Patriots. I don’t think he will be that generous but TRY TO SEE!! We need that salary cap space to have some linemen to protect his @ss. I am going to flip the fcuk out if I see Brady getting fcuking killed out there like they were doing to Rivers for practically his whole career. Aggwwhhhh!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬


I would like to see us get a quarterback like Mahomes. Young, eager and just an all around good athlete. And get a couple of good offensive and defensive linemen


    Every team wants a qb like mahomes that’s not gonna happen he’s the best in the league and I’m a Chargers fan

    Sam W.

    There is no one in the draft that I can see that happening to except Joe Burrow

    Sam W.

    Mahomes was supposed to be a third round pick but jump to the 1st round. The guy had some inconsistencies in College. That was a huge surprise to me. I even saw some of his games in College. I know he has the talent but I hope he doesn’t show why he was originally projected to be a 3rd round pick next week. I hope he proves me wrong.

Walla Walla

We are lucky to have DJ. We need more like him, but on the o line⚡️💯


    Wish I could give this more thumbs up

Urban Link

TT listen to me ,Listen.This is the draft of your career ppl are starting to doubt the Franchise..I say go after Bridgewater,Brady,Cam an also draft a QB first or 2nd round.After that draft OLine players.

YT FillHerGuts

I’m so disappointed in all the owners general managers whatever you guys want to call yourself. Haters can hate but Philip Rivers deserve to come back for at least one more year and start in that new stadium and you guys scared him off to Florida. SMH all he’s done for us and you guys just let him go like that. At the exit interview that our GM did when they ask questions about Philip he should have been saying proudly that he wanted to bring Philip no matter what type of season he came off of.. instead he kept saying I don’t know we’ll see and if I was Philip that would have pissed me off enough to be like why you guys obviously don’t want me. Philip Rivers is Mister San Diego Charger, La charger and you guys did him dirty. I’ll tell you this right now any real charger fan is going to be mad if you bring Tom Brady here just pick someone else up in the draft no real charger fan wants a bunch of bag wagoner’s here with number 12 in powdered blue. Don’t mess up two things just bring a new quarterback not Tom Brady

ivan urias

Why You want more Rivers? He can’t beat Brady, brees, mahomes, he rarely beated p.manning, we need to get a guy Who can beat the very Best. The afc west Will only get better in 2020!!!!


Telesco just get it right .

t rob

Better be looking at Justin Herbert !

Jon Burton

Resign Phil, period.

Phillip Gillespie

I keep seeing T. Bridgewater name…why? Did he become amazing recently? He’s been in the league almost 6 years and been on 3 probably soon to be 4 different teams. Why would we pick him up?


    Phillip Gillespie he hasn’t gotten a chance since the serious injury he had with the Vikings…..he has a lot of upside and is the type of qb Lynn could really use with his legs and arm and could even rotate with t Taylor in certain packages….wouldn’t be a bad choice at all


Easton Stick Time.. Goodbye Rivers… EST.. Ready to Play.. Stick is Hungry.. more about playing than just worthless draft picks that cost you more than half a team.. balance team everyone a part..

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