Tom Coughlin Reflects on Eli Manning’s Career | Giants Huddle Podcast – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Original hi you weren’t even first

The Chomp Brothers

First I luv u giants

Kevin Michniewicz


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Jeffrey Abbey

Eli was a franchise QB talent as soon as he entered the Giants building

Hard to transition into another QB that is that caliber but really isnt Giants settled with #8

And itll be soon enough when we move on and keep searching

    Andy Volmar

    I’m starting to think u Dwayne haskins with a burner account

    Thomas Cusack

    Many great QBs have had far worse rookie seasons than Daniel Jones.

    Trying to replace your QB after 1-2 years is a losing mentality. Look at what that’s done to the Browns for the past 20 years.

Stephen Lowe

gotta luv coughlin.

Charles Grady

two winners in that pic

    4TH 19TH

    Dozen of rings right there.


Eli Manning, the steady iron man

Yugo RC

Eli Manning is so cool when he goes to sleep the Sheep count him


Eli never got the love because he wasn’t “cool”. Just a nice, normal, humble young man. An anachronism.

    Veer and Shoot

    This is Clown World that’s why. Up is down and right is wrong smh lol


Coughlin is from a different era, up there with Belichik, after-all they were cut from the same cloth and began their success early on as position coaches with the Giants. Many Giants didn’t necessarily agree with his regimented military attention to detail, but most (if not all) respected him for it and all the Giants players that he’s coached have attributed their success in life because of what Tom Coughlin instilled in them.

In the words of Michael Strahan: “Every single day when I wake up, my clock is set five minutes early because of Tom Coughlin. I approach every day of my post-football career with love in my heart because of Coach Coughlin. Honestly, I don’t think I would be where I am without him.”

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Bring both back to the organization in some capacity..


TC is wrong about the Week 17 game in 2004. It wasn’t a 2pt play. there was 15 seconds left and the play before they almost score on a screen pass. They scored the next play on a draw.

Adam Aroeste

My guys. Tom and Eli. And Jacobs honorable mention.

Adam Scott

I don’t see Eli on the bench with Tom. He would never betray Eli he was like a son I’m sure he would rather resign than put Eli on the bench

Yesterday's Tech

So happy that you got Tom on the podcast to comment on Eli. He really was Eli`s only coach. Ben and Pat were just a waste of time and they never had the same relationship. Eli and Gilbride built the offense to maximise Eli`s strenghts and we were always dangerous. With McAdoo and Pat they tried to minimize his weaknesses but at the same time limited his strenghts.

Jeffrey Curtis

This was a cut up of questions Tom had already answered in other interviews in the past. Very odd. It was not a live one on one.

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