Tom Brady’s 3-TD Victory | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tom Brady’s 3-TD Victory | NFL 2019 Highlights

Tom Brady cruises to victory against the Dolphins. The New England Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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They Me Too’d the Phins 🙁

Salty Tracer Main

Brown with 17 feels wierd


    @ZackTheZillionaire no he is not. He is innocent. He wont get anything


    Ikr? But it does fall in line with the other receivers. I believe that was his dad’s arena league number as well.

THClittlesavge562 Yt

Patriots could win the Super Bowl not gonna lie they hella good Seahawks fan btw

John Phillip

Imagine being a Miami Dolphin

    D B

    so a multi-millionaire? id be stoked

Elghiffari Hidayat

2018 Miami Miracle
2019 Miami Massacre

    ᕼᗩIᗪEᑎ ᗯIᑕKᔕ

    Nice way of putting it. I think Miami is the dumpster fire of this season.


    ᕼᗩIᗪEᑎ ᗯIᑕKᔕ I’m streaming defense that face Miami and that paid off to the tune of 35 fantasy points today

Tarantula Guy

Pats played a bad game for their standards and still dropped 43.. imagine if the offense was really trying

    Obinna Nwakwue

    Oh no this game was already bad for Miami…

    kylar stern

    We don’t have to imagine. We saw it last year in the playoffs and we will see it again starting around mid season when there schedule gets tougher and they hit their stride.

    Luke R.

    Not a bad game. They were pretty conservative. They played ball control and didn’t really open up the playbook. Plus, they wanted to get Brown acclimated. Lastly, they had some limitations because of the O-line injuries.

Jimmy Sanchez

TD to AB from TB is going to be the thing people say all the time now lol

    AFrost 58

    Jimmy Sanchez hope you’re right but I think he ends up on the commissioner exempt list within 3-4 days

Heel Johncena

When you have a QB like Brady it must help you as a offense because than you just get to calm down and worry about yourself

    Marcus Belanger

    lol its like when a woman finds the right man

    Heel Johncena

    Marcus Belanger no kidding lol

billy bingham

The Dolphins gonna be the first team in history to have an undefeated season & a winless season

    sean ludlum

    They already did

    Luke R.

    @sean ludlum Are you thinking of 2007? Miami was 1-15 that year.

    sean ludlum

    @Luke R. Your right i stand corrected


It sickens you haters doesn’t it? How at 42 Brady’s playing like he’s 22.

    Sole Soul

    He’s playing really good still. It’s also amazing how he’s had a top 10 defense most of his career. It helps.

    MVP Material

    @Sole Soul He had the worst defense in the league and still took them to the superbowl in 2011 and 2017 so keep going with that excuse you made

    Sole Soul

    @MVP Material not scoring defense. Look, I don’t care if Tom keeps playing,he’s in afc. Pats defense helped immensely in the sb wins. I look at the team as a whole.

    Himel Mondal

    @Sole Soul nice non rebuttal.. so yes keep going with that defense excuse haha

Austin Ahern

What a wonderful win by the Patriots!!! The offense was great and the defense was amazing!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Austin Ahern

Another great game by Tom Brady!!! What an amazing quarterback he is!!! Let’s go Tom!!!


    It could have been better. He could have thrown another TD to AB but made a very bad throw on 3rd down. Always room to improve. You will hear the same from TB



Western Man

Blah blah Players change #s you simpletons. Get over it.
Anyone keeping track of the stats so far?
Pats 76 – Opponents 3
Tom Brady – 6 TDs
Opponents – 3 points

    CF Media

    Western Man Lamar Jackson: 7tds

    Western Man

    @CF Media 😆 Yeah vs. Miami & Arizona.
    We’ll see how good he is next week.
    Lol the guy strings together 2 weeks and you add him to the Patriots convo.

    CF Media

    Western Man about to beat the chiefs next week and gunna hurt your feeling when you guys lose too. Steelers are just about as good as Arizona man. Come down from the Patriots throne every once in a awhile.

    billy oc

    CF Media patriots are a proven team, see the last two decades of dominance.

Al Marzacci

Anyone that knows football and has played football knows Brady is the Maahhaaaa GOAT.

Paul Witteman

He is amazing! 42 years old. Think about all the injuries of qbs around the league. Today breese and big ben went down. Brady just keeps going. He looks like he is in his physical prime at 42 years old. People don’t appreciate him enough.

    Joseph Savoie

    @lasvegas1099 He took some shots today. He’s just smarter and more durable than other qbs today. Knows how to take a sack. Knows when to throw it away. Has a quick release. Knows when to stand in take a shot and when it’s not worth it. A fact most don’t ‘know. He’s been sacked 540 times in his career. Eli Manning 434, Rivers 439, Brees 422, Peyton Manning 343. This proves the durable part of my comment.


    @lasvegas1099 both his starting left and right tackle are out for a number of games. He gets the ball out really fast so defenders can’t keep up and touch him



    Rocky Jeter Webb

    Tom Brady is in his prime.


I wonder who the Patriots are gonna play in the super bowl this year

From The Sideline _

Brady is the Goat🐐💯❗️🐐💯❗️🐐


42 year old Brady QB Sneaks for a TD.
Cam Newton: Nah, I’m good.

    kylar stern

    Newton is hurt. He could barely throw.

    Joshua Ebanks

    @kylar stern They shouldnt even be playing Cam rn. Let him get healthy before he goes out there and get injured even worse!

    Mystic TK

    Joshua Ebanks I oof they play Wil

Luke R.

Look, I’m not a QBR guy. But Brady is currently fourth in the league. Meanwhile, Mr. Rodgers, the “Best of All Time,” is hanging out with the bottom dwellers. In fact, besides 2011 and 2014, he’s never finished higher than Brady in QBR (and 2014 was basically even). Someone inform that wretched Kellerman of this the next time he brings up QBR arbitrarily in an attempt to bolster his argument with “facts.”

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