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Tom Brady addressed the media during day 3 of minicamp to discuss his offseason regimen, the Super Bowl 53 ring ceremony & more.

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53 replies on “Tom Brady: “We’re working everyday to get better””

  1. Tom Brady, want an inspiration for me got me into NFL and American football (I am British)

  2. this guy can win 12 superbowls and he will still say that he isn’t good enough. #GOAT

  3. G.O.A.T.🐐👑💎🍻🥂🍾🍸🍹🎂🍨🧧🎉🎊🎈🧨🏈🥇🏅🏆🌐♨️⭐🌟🔥🎼🎵🎶💵💰💯#️⃣1️⃣2️⃣🇺🇸#️⃣7️⃣🤴☝️

  4. Tom looks great. Get ready NFL the old man is back and he still has an attitude. Its us against everyone. Frightening odds for everyone who oposse us.

  5. He’s an absolute animal. It’s insane he’s won six rings. It’s a completely untouchable feet to surpass if he wins another Super Bowl before he finally retires. At least not in my lifetime.

  6. Who’s better then Brady?. When it comes down to what quarterback you’d want when the games on the line it’s a no brainer.

  7. The Myth, The Legend, The G.O.A.T….. Tom Brady! Looking forward to hopefully another memorable and epic season by this team! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪😎. Can’t wait to see what these rings look like!!!! Pumped! Let’s Goooooooooooooo! Go Pats!

  8. Hard work – not just on the field – deep respect for your patience !!!
    By the way, I have a certain anticipation when the questions are asked from the previous year, such as shoe size, a g e, etc. that also requires for a fan strong nerves, too!!!! 😉
    A GOOD start for the 2019 season.

  9. “You’ve Reach the mountain top Tom”

    “Yeah but there’s a bunch of mountains out there”


  10. Is it me or the man doesn’t look like he aged much. Like Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves.

  11. Thomas Brady. Getting some gray around the edges – STILL – will bring it in 2019.
    Best 6th round pick ……………………….ever. NO one can deny that.

  12. Hey that’s really awesome man, It’s a great sport. None really like it when it comes down to the details. Would love to see it get more of a national audience there’s just so much knowledge that goes into it.

  13. @paddocmegchiru fact is fact – feel free to state what you think – it doesn’t matter the messanger only the message. All the best 🙂

  14. What A Revelation 13 ; 3 !!!!!!!!.
    LOWEST EVER SCORE IN A SUPER BOWL!!!Am a 49er for life but was cheering for The PATRIOTS in this ONE ! Bravo Brady and Bunch ! Am publicly offering all THE PATRIOTS TEAM ( COACH AnD MY SISTERS THE CHEERLEADERS included ) a One Hour Massage ! This Shall be a DRAGAN SUPER BOWL POLICY from now on that each year WILL give a ONE HOUR ( The Duration of a Football game ) massage to ALL
    Am Now Officially Candidating For Me TO BE THE PERFORMER AT SUPER BOWL 54

  15. They said the same thing about Montana. Then came Brady. And then someone will come along and take his place. That’s just the way it works for quarterbacks

  16. Little weird there saying you love Tom Brady. Don’t put things like this out it’s embarrassing😥😰😰😥😰😰😢.

  17. Yup, the 🐐 indeed and let’s get to seven. #Seventhheaven. He doesn’t see himself as the 🐐 but there’s no denying it man, he is. #Patriotsup

  18. @ClearlyCaribbeanReb lmk when another QB gets 8 rings, cause we all know Tommy getting 7.

  19. Just got one questions for you brady lovers. If Brady is the king of all QB. Say he was the QB for Seattle with the offense of line Seattle had except of lsst year woulf he won 75 games in 7 season like russel.

  20. @Ron Dolan Do you realize that it takes less time to run 5 yds than to run 15 yds? do you realize that the O-line for Brady is much much much much shorter than the line for RW? BTW, no team can put 5 pass rushers in front against Brady. Learn common sense before asking question again, for god sake!!!

  21. Destroyer 125615 With your name, I suggest you play Interior Linebacker in a 3-4 Defense.

  22. elfofcourage I made the name when I was 9 before I even knew the name Brady and it kinda stuck. I do think I would play a good linebacker though

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