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Tom Brady Throws Helmet in Frustration

Tom Brady throws his helmet in frustration after a failed drive. The Carolina Panthers take on the New England Patriots during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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That Boii Tsunami

What was the point of this video lol

    DG Skilla

    Maybe to show how passionate he is for the game, you know, preseason football. ”Why can’t everybody just be like Brady?” I can hear Skip and Colin right now on FS1.

    Tyler G

    Its12Gage bruh Not at all. Its just laughable seeing a pathetic dreg like brady throw his helmet in frustration.



    Some Gui

    Apparently anything Brady does in life has to be on video


Tom Brady kisses his kid in frustration

    Legend Himself

    @The Amusing Spade What does you being a fan have anything to do with it?


    @Kyrin Thomas Deflatriots have no legitimate rings. nobody is impressed with your tainted titles against easy teams. patriots have lost 5 superbowls (look it up) to their other harder matchups. they’re chumps. eli manning is bradys dad

Joseph Scaduto

Antonio Brown would not be pleased to see this

    Brandon Montgomery

    He would. He hates the new helmets

    friendly Jew

    @Brandon Montgomery no. That’s not what he meant. Brady clearly doesn’t know how to wreck a helmet like Antonio

Thomas Marshall

It’s a preseason game 6x super bowl winner.

    Landon M.

    Sir Weedle No reason for any father to to kiss their 12 year old son on the lips. The cheek sure fine but the lips… no sir I feel bad for your future son.

    Django Unrivaled

    @Pepper 526 Lmao lots of players cry especially when they lose. Doesn’t make them champs


    Lol why was he even playing in this game


Thank you NFL, very cool!

    The 4 Cheese Peanuts Behind the scenes

    You just made my day 3:16 minutes before it ended

Kevin Pawl

Who is hyped for the football season!

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @dert cert then why are you here lol


    @dert cert ur mom 😂😂😂😂


    Not me, because it’s clearly obvious the Pats are going to win another SB.


    @drlee2 wrong. Gronk isn’t there. They traded one of there best WR. There’s other teams getting new people.




Ahhh here it is. The nfl season wouldn’t be official until we had a Brady rage moment

    Explosive ReactionsTV

    Balor96 Football is officially back.

    Mandalorian Legion

    coolezum you didn’t see his anger?


    Alienxfb14 how was him lightly tossing his helmet a “temper tantrum”. You also probably think every patriots game is won by cheating and/or being rigged


    @Excel the deflatriots are proven cheaters. plus they lost to eli manning twice. that’s gross. patriots have lost 5 superbowls too look it up. if they play anyone other than like the panthers and seahawks they get destroyed. lol they rely so much on cheating and their easy division for their 4 bye weeks a year. lost to backup qb nick foles. im having a hard time finding anything to respect about the cheatriots tainted “dynasty”. how many of their players have tested positive for steroids? julian cheatleman was suspended for 4 games last season for steroids. plus one of those cheaters just got busted with tons of drugs. and the hernandez dude who killed himself and his girlfriend? its a shitty organization with braindead buffalo wild wings fatass chowderhead fans


    @STANLEY CUP Don’t want to put much effort in responding to someone who won’t change his opinion no matter what I say so just tell me when your team goes to the superbowl 3 years in a row

Matt Dav

if this was AB he would’ve just hold out until the nfl fixes the helmet situation


Antionio brown throws.. oh wait, forgot, he Dosent have a Helmet


    Don’t bully him!

    Donald Seeley


    Demetrius Brown

    Lmao yikes

    A Yankees, raiders and bruins fan !

    I’m a raiders fan and I’m laughing 😂



Ishaan DHIR

ESPN tomorrow : Does Brady want out of New England after throwing his helmet?

    Antonio Kim

    Ishaan DHIR hey Patrick Chung indicted looking bad for the Patriots

    Sébastien Luquet

    @Alberto Esperanza i was waiting for it xD


    @MarMeez Thats why they are the top sports channel, because they talk about sports 24/7, specially football and basketball, but obviously there is not enough things to talk so they need to come up for some dumb things or crazy opinions to grab people’s attention.

    Petey Pierre


    Nick Arias

    Alberto Esperanza i can’t stand max kellerman at all

Tiago Almeida

Great frustation throw, you can clearly see how angry he is. Thank you NFL for showing me how angry this man can get

    Sour Liquid

    Miguel Castillo calls him a kid and has a call of duty ghosts profile picture lmfao 😂

    sNaPs 661

    @Sour Liquid Not defending anything Miguel said, bcuz I don’t really care, but adults play video games, too.

    Sour Liquid

    sNaPs 661 Ik that but it just seemed a little ironic

    GodOfSouls65 FallOut39

    Miguel Castillo I ain’t even a patriots fan but dorsett isn’t even knew bruh 😂😂😂 he knows what he’s supposed to do he’s probably frustrated knowing he’s gonna have to deal with a pain that he’ll have receivers that think they’re entitled but don’t work for it. Like he said before

Wan Baw McGraw

I clicked on this video expecting rage. Thanks for wasting my time. #ClickBait

    Anonymous GameZ

    This is nfl media blowing things out of proportion just to make the G.O.A.T look bad

    Turhan Henderson

    He threw it.

    Turhan Henderson

    @Anonymous GameZ This is in no way trying to make Nathan Peterman look bad.

    Ty Nao

    @Tony G no, that is not a throw. That is a toss, if that. I would have called it a precipitation

Orbitz _

Every sports writer : Is ThE dYaNtSy OvEr??????

    Anonymous GameZ



    their fake dynasty propped up on cheating was done years ago

    Vercingetorix king of the Arverni

    ^ This is what Brady derangement syndrome looks like

    Charlie G

    @STANLEY CUP You’re right.


Throws? It’s more like a toss. Looks like NFL needs more money from YouTube views with clickbait titles. They pulling a Disney.


    UserInterface00 ikr

    Alex Sckoosh

    A toss is a type of throw. They ain’t wrong tho


    To be honest they probably make so much money of the top 100 because almost every video has like 500k plus views. But if I saw a opportunity to clickbait I would too

    Marx Bane

    Generally you slam your helmet in frustration. This was more of a perturbed toss. But the laws of social media require we blow it out of all proportion because it’s Brady and, well, just because.


Brady: *lightly tosses helmet


    Is that you, Stephen A.?


Bro he literally just tossed it to a teammate to put away 🤦🏻‍♂️

Shane Howard

Brady needs to stop being frustrated and loan AB that helmet so he can stop bitching 😂

jake scott

*Brady lightly tosses helmet*
Media: Is Tom Brady fed up with his new helmet already?!?!?!?

    Chris Williams

    jake scott lol


Clearly Brady doesn’t like his new helmet and wants to team up with Antonio Brown.


Video: Tom Brady throws helmet like a Eephus pitch.

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