Tom Brady: “‘There’s still a lot to be gained here” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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HTP Ninjyツ Reply

Hes my biggest idol

Razor Leaf Reply

No matter how many seasons you play going forward you will always be Tom brady

Cardinals Football 2 Reply

He’s the badass

Jakob Corona Reply

I think he’s gonna play a little on Saturday against the titans

BlueHen123 Reply

They need to rename the MVP trophy as the Tom Brady MVP Award

    DFSPayback Footballers Dream Reply

    BlueHen123 pretty soon it will

DFSPayback Footballers Dream Reply

This is the goat and ya don’t give him the best audio

Paul Sullivan Reply

This boy does not look even close to being 42 years old.
Tom (Benjamin Button) Brady

    Paul Burrows Reply

    What does 42 supposed to look like?

Jonathan Buckwalter Reply

Is he really 42 or 24? Is he human or goat? I can’t tell…

Lashawn McConago Reply

Patriots Nation 🐐🔵🔴

Elijah Ward Reply

Preatty boy tom

Danno GNR88 Reply

Brady looking damn fine

PatsFan89 Reply

The Myth… The Legend… The G.O.A.T… Tom Brady!!! Let’s F’ing Goooooo!!! Go Pats!!! Stairway to Se7en!!!

Joshua Lewis Reply


Jordan Rindt Reply

42 years old and he’s still having so much fun. you can tell just by this interview. He loves talking about football.

Russ Hartman Reply

This is how it’s done boys and girls…….stop being HATERS!
Mr. Kraft/BB/TB12 have laid out the formula.
Try if you can to emulate.

robert feeley Reply

Doesn’t talk bad about union brother
He’s is well liked by players. A winner , and that’s what they strive for. Looks like he is now showing age. But that will not decrease the respect he’s earned with his fellows

Some Gui Reply

He looks the same as he did in his high school interview. Unbelievable

Chris Pinkerton Reply

There’s a class act then there’s Tom Brady. He looks great, sounds great I feel great about this season just hope receivers other the Edelman can win Brady’s trust in needing them to be in the right place at the right time. Surge for Seven is on LETS GOOOOOOO

YourDaddy Reply

The goat gonna give the Titans 2 touchdowns before Brian hoyer play

Mamiya Phan Reply

Tom looks like he hasn’t been doing neck strengthening work in the off season. I hope he doesn’t need it.

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