56 replies on “Tom Brady on victory over Chiefs: “The odds were stacked against us””

  1. This game was so good on the edge of my seat almost all the game pulled it through in the end and we going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!

  2. I knew it was the first time he was excited in a long time when he was on the brink of tears in the end when they won.

  3. KC scored in what was it” 20seconds? not many teams can do that! Mad props, much respect to Mohomes and KC.
    Go Pats!

  4. Patriots are becoming experts at giving us emotional overload! Roller coaster ride with them. I love it!

  5. I dont think Brady is gonna retire but winning his last Super Bowl against the same franchise as when he won the first one would be the perfect bookends to his career.

  6. As if we needed anymore validation, we didn’t, that he is the greatest player this sport has ever seen. Period. End of. Went in to the MVPs house and ripped his franchise’ heart out 💔 TB12 GOAT. Let’s go pats!!! Australia fan

  7. @Antonio Montana Why do think that? Are the refs blow another interference call? Rams do not deserve to be there.

  8. I know, and here were coach skill is important, KC should it go for the TD Mahonmes have it all to deliver that, but Reid, man, that is the difference between Bill and the rest, You should be prepared for what ever it come, the OT drive proved that, the KC defense was not ready for it.

  9. Bruh my heart can’t take it. i couldnt sleep until 3am est this morning i was so anxious. i love my Pats but why can’t we ever just win in a blow out? Every big game has to be a last min comeback, my heart is gonna give out oneof these days, maybe i should invest in a defibrillator with a pats logo on it lol

  10. 9 Super Bowls in 18 years. Seeing that just blows my mind when you think about What felt like a stretch of many years that they just couldn’t win. I was 16 when he won his first super bowl. Has time flown by.

  11. @Alberto Abarzua Very self-absorbed…sounds like he watches games with his GI Joe on his lap, discussing the highlights.

  12. Everyone said Edelman has a case of selling the balls. Gronk is a shell of himself . Hogan is slow. Brady doesn’t have the arm…. well ladies and gents they might be the worst patriot team skill wise in the history of Tom Brady era but they looked golden in that game. Pats are the only team that will always be hungry because they might not be 1st rounders talent wise but they want a win more than anyone

  13. Let’s go pats FROM ITALY 🇮🇹 – – – – Tom Brady🤜🏈🤛Rob Gronkowski – – – Tom Brady 🤜🏈🤛Julian Edelman

  14. November 7 what about the face mask on Goff what about the saints being up 14 points in a stadium where they can’t even hear each other what about drew throwing a pic in over time we deserve it one call didn’t mater they had multiple opportunities to win that game and the rams deserve to win this game more than any team it’s the players vs the system everyone except patriots fans will be going for the rams every player will go for the rams we will win

  15. And I will always have a Super Bowl party with my best friend Angel it’s no problems between us publishing remember that I’ve always loved you as a cousin and whatever was told don’t disregard it no mistake mistakes was sad mistakes with that it’s it’s in the past but this is what it is

  16. @oleboy78 I really hate it when people say Brady won these championships. The Patriots won the championships. How many tackles did Brady get on defense? How many FGs did he kick. Did he block for the running backs? Football is a team game. Individuals don’t win games. Don’t blame you though, the media says that too, and if Dee Ford lines up onside, they would have said Brady is washed up which is also not true.

  17. Dunno about Boston, but you can bet both will have a statue at Patriot Place in Foxboro.

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