Tom Brady on Sony Michel’s touchdown: “He ran hard” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
I'm Glad My Fans Are So Dumb

this guy should be allowed to play on the field with a suit. #GOAT

    Artur Rofi

    It’s not the suit, its the Tie.

    Sharon Neil

    Hi Tom Brady I love my Patriots very much I wish one day I get to see them in person way to go to win over the Washington Redskins love you Patriots

    br 1251

    LeBron James plays piss-poor defense and will never be as good as DPOY, 9X 1st team all-defense MJ.


    Artur Rofi i never thought about it that way

    David Rynberk

    Ha!Ha! right on ,funny guy

Jacquelyn Martin

Let’s go Pat’s!!!!!🏈🏈 when Legends rise. 🎻🎻 🎶💕💕💕💞

Sawan Patel

Tom Beady is my hero. He is truly the GOAT forever!

Tom The Goat Brady

Trav Brunet

Brees will never catch Tom in ships #🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆……

    zackychan financial

    Duh brees is at least 40 years old


    Brees plays in the Arena football league in that dome.

    lover and a hater

    Duh… hes about to retire with brady and is 5 behind… complete homers here

    Thai Hoang

    My prediction is saints vs Patriots in super bowl 54. Winning quarterback retires. Even if my man Brady retires, he will be the only 7 time champ in NFL history. Nobody will touch that record!

    Mike Gazanchyan

    4 cylinders ….? that’s a V8 babe

Cris EX

Trash play calling in the first half.

    Luke R.

    McDaniels needs to improve his redzone play-calling. I feel as if the defense easily diagnoses nearly everything they call down there.

    Cris EX

    I would like them to mix in the run more often. Keep the opposing defense guessing.

Emiliano Villanueva

I was at the game today even when it ended the whole stadium kept chanting BRADY BRADY BRADY!!!

    Brett Quickel

    I was at the game too behind their bench it was an amazing game to watch!!


    Damn lucky! I’m hoping to watch the GOAT play once before he retires 😭😩

    Jesse Shapiro

    Definitely had home field vibe I only had maybe 20 Redskins fans around me in the endzone

    Im Tyve

    I was there too it was epicccc

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Every season pre December people always freak out and every season I say don’t freak out until the season is over. This is no different. Just enjoy the game and carry on


Whatsup Tom F. Brady!!! You’re the best!!!

Kyler Cobb

That was an amazing game thank god we got that wave at the end


We need to work on getting our offense clicking on all 4 cylinders! O line definitely needs to gel because I don’t like seeing TB12 on the ground that many times, he is 42! Protect the Goat, Go Pats!!!!

    Andre Nguyen

    Heavensgirl74 yeah we need the o-line the gel because we play the giants next. We need to be ready to play this Thursday night because the giants will play us harder than all their other opponents. If the Pats want to beat them this Thursday, we gotta dig deep!

    Drew Robertson

    Andre Nguyen yeah I agree but we should b straight we at the crib at home AKA Gillette stadium LMFAO 😎😂

    Andre Nguyen

    Drew Robertson yeah but I think we play them harder at their place, their fans motivate us!!!!!!!!!!


    @Drew Robertson Thx Drew!!

    Drew Robertson

    Heavensgirl74 your welcome

Ivan Denike

No talk of Mr. Clutch Julian Edelman

Cirtap Nageem

This is what “buying in” looks like in the flesh


Luke Moloney

The mental toughness this team has shown over the last two games has been great. Bills plus 1st half of Skins game was a little off on offense, 2nd half the Pat’s came out running and completing short 2nd downs. This team has the moxie.


It makes me laugh when teams like the redskins think they have any business being in the game at halftime. They had to know that they were doomed by the Half time adjustment kings lol

    Jesse Shapiro

    The announcers after game said same thing they said it had a good game vibe till they broke away after the 12 to 7 skins just gave up

Kris Uy

Brady is the GQ of the NFL lol

    Dev Carter

    That haircut has to go, though. Looks like an Army military style cut.

    Urbanite Urbanizer

    @Dev Carter That haircut gives him that sexy military man look. That hair cut stays!


For some reason it made me strangely happy to see Josh Norman helping clean out Tom’s knee brace.

    Dev Carter

    To be honest I didn’t know what to make of the situation. There were several other Redskins standing there observing the situation…Norman helping Brady. But strangely, no Patriots around to help Brady.

larry wallace

Brady took too many hits in this game, that needs a closer look at over the next day or two and get fixed.

    DJ JDB

    Exactly! I don’t know what McDaniels is thinking. The Patriots don’t have the O-Line needed to allow time for Tom to throw down field. Screens and play actions will greatly reduce Tom getting sacked.

Just Saying

It’s kind of crazy how well the Pat’s fan base travels. Every game they play on the road you see so many Patriots fans in the stands.

    Brett Quickel

    I was behind their bench today first game ever seeing the Patriots! It was amazing!

    Dev Carter

    Many Patriots fans were local…Metro trains were packed with more Patriots fans than Redskins fans.


    Dc is filled with northeast transplants

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These reporters ask the same questions, I felt bad when he said how you guys doing and they just wanted answers for their questions instead of being respectful towards HIS question 🙁

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