Tom Brady on Pittsburgh Steelers: “We’ve had a great rivalry against those guys” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Perk AHolic

Win the 7th ring 🐐


    Perk AHolic we’re climbing the stairway to seven

gerald brewer

How can people hate this guy? I don’t get it! jealousy maybe


    @DJ JDB Steelers, Eagles.


    @juice dogg I’m all for the second prediction! The first I am NOT!

    Don Boehner

    Gerald.. my question over the years exactly! I just don’t get it. All the BS he has had to deal with and he never got bitter, he just used it to motivate himself and the team to get better.


    people hate greatness, if it’s not your team.

Charly Gr. v.L.

YOU have the e x p e r i e n c e    and trust in your teammates, Tom.   B U T
Your teammates have TRUST in your EXPERIENCE, too.
All the best for Sunday. 👍✌

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B.

    Danke. Jaja, hast Du seine Worte zur Wortgleichung genommen. Chapeau, ich ziehe mehr als nur einmal den Hut vor dir, Charly.

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Konstantin Frhr. v.B. einmal reicht, bitte provoziere keinen bandscheibenvorfall mit den halswirbeln😉

    Bee bee

    Ich freue mich so sehr, wenn es los geht. Wahnsinn wie lange er Rede u. Antwort steht und bleibt stets gelassen sowie höflich. Aber eine Spur Humor ist drinnen. Gut so.

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    Bee, er ist Vollprofi mit 20+Jahren Erfahrung, dann kommt er auch aus einem intakten Elternhaus und sein Humor – Bee, ist doch logisch, willst du von den Vollpfosten stets gefragt werden. Alter, wann ist er Privatier wird – das nervt, also die allzweckwaffe Humor. Und sein privates ist Seins, nicht deins/meins/unseres. Bin auch gespannt wie es am So. wird. Werde den Wecker stellen und mich mit Kaffee am Leben erhalten.

robert feeley

No wonder why that guy has won so much

    Cole Jordan

    There are QBs who have better arms than him and better legs. But Tom’s mind for the game, his will to silence naysayers and his will to win all remain unrivalled.

    robert feeley

    @Cole Jordan an excellent sports man and excellent role model. But the most important thing is that he helps my team get the gold and that feels good.

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

uhhh, Tom. There’s no rivalry between the patriots and the steelers. The patriots literally whip their a**es most of the time with you under center. #GOAT

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

    @Dan Stromland And jordan got carried by scottie pippen. Your point? And just for the record, Brady is the GOAT, not Jordan.

    Brandon Savitski

    Tom Brady is 7-3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers all time. Patriots and Steelers are 16-16 All Time Head to Head.

    Mike S

    @Brandon Savitski Brady is 8-3 vs. Steelers in regular season, 11-3 including playoffs.

    Jake Shattuck

    Fun Fact: Peyton Manning retired 28-28 all time against the AFC East.


The Myth… The Legend… The G.O.A.T… Tom Brady 12 !!!

    Rod Gossett

    So great the NFL had to change the qb contact rules to keep him standing up.
    Also Shady Brady never played any defense, he couldn’t catch a db if his
    life depended on it.

    Vic Always

    @Rod Gossett You a str8 tard bruh….and when #TB12 hoists #7 up in yo dumba$$ you’ll be plumb OUT of sh1t to talk…sucka

    Bronze Brett

    @Rod Gossett Emptiest vessels make the loudest sound.

Andre Persaud

Be look good I think I might start trying TB method and definitely avocado ice cream

Isaiah Richardson

I can’t understand what he is saying i don’t speak 🐐

Derek Koster

Tom is a great guy , always calm and kind , win or lose

Rob Roberts

I swear he looks like he’s getting younger.

    Zair Morningstar

    @Joseph Lauren what plastic surgery? Lol

    Mr Wick

    He looks amazing, I agree I think his wifes access to the best products, secrets etc. helps, but also his diet, sleep, exercise regimen is top notch, I also think he’s definitley had some botox, there is not one tiny wrinkle on this guy, when he smiles you dont even see the tiny wrinkles around the eyes that people get, that is the giveaway, but theres nothing wrong with some botox if administered correctly, it can make you look much better younger, so its the perfect storm of all these thing keeping Tom looking this great. Props to the GOAT!!

    Iain Brookes

    LOL was thinking the same thing I am 49 and he makes me look 60!

    Aaron Rohr

    Hair dye 😀

    Iain Brookes

    LOL need to get me some however probably need a bit more hair too

Victor Creed

When a goat is the smartest one in the room.

Joshua Lewis

Look everyone ! It’s the Greatest quarterback of all time

    br 1251

    I see no signs of Brian “THEE GOAT” Hoyer 🤔

    Alex Voicu

    where? All I see is the Greatest Player of All Time 😉


The GOA7 have spoken!

Jatin Reddy

“Talented secondary” = sit back in zone and let you pick them apart. 🐐

    doug wong

    by “rivalry”, he means beating steelers for most of the times (10-2)

    Leeedy 1

    @doug wong *11-3

    Jake Shattuck

    Brady is 8-3 regular season, 11-3 overall vs PITT

John Conor

4:26 You guys are pretty close today. That’s because they want to take a good look at the 🐐 how young he is. The greatest QB in NFL history and he still going at it. Go pats

Rusty Gunn 7

Tom is the best Bradyback to ever play the game! Go Patriots!!! Revvin’ For Seven!!!

Dominic Parry

Pats fans, we’re are so lucky

    Jay Gatsby

    Dominic Parry what’s so beautiful about it, is that they didn’t even know it. Brady is a wonderful aspect of sports history and in my opinion football will never be the same when he retires.

Mike Lobes

Die hard Bears’ fan from Chicago, but I can’t but root for this guy when he doesn’t lace up against us. Such a humble man. #GOAT

    CrispyFriedChicken HotSauce&BlueCheese

    Pulling for the Bears tomorrow. You guy should have that that win last year in game 1 but dropped some easy picks.

    I want to believe

    It was the same for me with the Bears back in the day. Sure I wanted the Pats to win the SB in 85, but man that Bears team was fun to watch


A living legend . One of the greatest people to ever live . I feel so lucky and grateful to watch this guy for years wow
We will never see another Tom Brady. Nothing but respect to this man.

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