Tom Brady on NFC Championship, Road Win Streak | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Sports Cards 28 Reply

Tom Brady the Goat

dailydose Reply

I think Bills and Bucs are going, two B teams going to the superbowl

    Spencer Giese Reply

    @vipahman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Xentraction Reply

    whoever wins is the A team.

    Gordon Irvine Reply

    And the Bills will be the first team ever to lose 5 superbowls

    AMS 505 Reply

    @Patrick Star
    Totally agree with that first comment, like what? Really guysπŸ˜‚

    Vanilla shake Girl Reply


Sean Sullivan Reply

Got all my money on Tom #7 baby let’s get it

Bernard Jurs Reply

Let’s go tom brady I know your favorite ring is the next one let’s go buccaneers

    Shaun Southard Reply

    # GO BUCS

Bernard Jurs Reply


    Shaun Southard Reply

    # GO BUCS

Harold Rhodes Reply

I don’t wanna over complicate this, but come Sunday Suh is gonna be riding Rodgers like a pony at a petting zoo. If folks think the the Buc’s are gonna role over and let Green Bay come in and play in the super bowl in THEIR HOUSE, they are simply delusional

    Shaun Southard Reply

    # GO BUCS

    Aj Cvssidy Reply

    Facts the defense will be humming

Zachary Mitchell Reply

This point right here

Scott Carr Reply

The world’s most interesting QB, Tom Brady: I may not always play in the AFC Championship game, but when I don’t I play in the NFC Championship game.

    Ben Daniels Reply

    You stole this

    richard lynch Reply

    great ” WOW

    ken lounders Reply

    That is funny

    eggsriceandcheese Reply

    @Ben Daniels omg he stole a YouTube comment that was already probably stolen.what a pos

Mr. Smith Reply

Tommy Loves When People Doubt Him

Yannick Jones Reply

Tom looks like he’s getting an hour sleep per day. Dialed in.

    Xentraction Reply

    Not really lol. This is after practice

Mini Ninja Reply

GoBucs, hopefully you can beat Green Bay.

Brian Taylor Reply

Smirkey tom is good tom. He knows something. Go Bucs

    Shaun Southard Reply

    # GO BUCS

    Rock 813 Reply

    Thats what i said, Tom smurking

    david selawsky Reply

    Lol so right is bc he knows he cn throw vs GB look out, could b an explosion on offense as GB D not as good as redskins or saints D. Guys will b open. Cmon Tom!

R F Reply

Cant wait to see the GOAT pull this off……3 road playoff wins leading to his 7th Superbowl win at Home!

Brock Bucci Reply

Bucs first home playoff game is going to be the Super Bowl.

Johnny Paredes Reply

Am I the only who said WHO that at the 3:22 mark they said we are going to Mike Jones? Lol. Let’s go Bucs

Shaun Southard Reply

So proud of the Bucs. I’ve been a fan since 1999 and haven’t seen them this hype since 2002. # GO BUCS

Albrtx Zurc Reply

The GOAT 🐐 7th ring πŸ’πŸ™Œ

Ali Balaghi Reply

Yo can I get a XXL hoodie I’m in high-school and I got to gaither right down dale mabry my name is the acct name thank you good luck guys

Han Solo Reply

Why does he look younger than he did in New England? lool

david selawsky Reply

Tom is too happy, wht gives? Lol hes going to have a great gme. Go Tommy!

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