Tom Brady on Kobe Bryant’s Legacy – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tom Brady on Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

Watch as Bucs QB Tom Brady talks about Kobe Bryant's legacy and their relationship.

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Taylor Piersante Reply

RIP Mamba

Beyond Reply

My two favorites ever

    Anthony Gray Reply

    Me too

    Joseph Calvert Reply


Antonio Fernandez Gaming Reply

R.i.p kobe

Isaac Medina Reply

Two legends right here

    moultonmotox Reply

    Couldn’t agree more!

Rusty Shackleford Reply

Athletes like Kobe only come by once in a lifetime.

JK B Reply

So cool that you guys put this on your youtube ❤️❤️. My two favorite athletes of all time. Im a ravens fan. And I’m so mad about the Earl Thomas situation. So… GO BUCS!!

TheChilGamer Channel Reply

I’m crying right now! 2 of the best players! R.I.P Kobe!

Brutus Barnabus Reply

0:10 mutual admiration and respect personified.

Andy Colbin Reply

Kobe and Brady my top 2 favorite athletes.

Cameron D Reply

Brady is very quickly becoming one of my favorites. Kobe meant so much to me growing up and seeing Tom and the Bucs honor him is just a beautiful thing.

Mamba Forever

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