Tom Brady on facing the Bills: “This will be the toughest team we’ve faced” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jakob Corona Reply

The Greatest QB EVER Speaking shhhh

    Carter GK Reply

    @Anthony Lee maybe if u stop walking with ur head down all ur loser life u would see that TOM BRADY the greatest and he’s talking so shhhhh…thanks

    Michael Murphy Reply

    @JACKnJESUS Otto Graham threw more interceptions than TD passes in the NFL. Not even close.

    JACKnJESUS Reply

    @Michael Murphy Game was different. Graham was the ultimate QB. Total domination his entire career.

    Noah Boat Reply

    @Anthony Lee cuz he isnt the best

    M T Reply

    No arguing he’s the the Goat, but he’s definitely not the best currently. Times change. Just when you think someone’s legacy will never be matched a Trout, Lebron, Giannis or Mahomes come along. All you historians get used to it. People evolve.

Mark Mccollum Reply

Hey Tom father time wants to know when n if your gonna let him have his clock back

    3004 Reply

    Melv Reyes this is gold

    Ken Sturm Reply

    Hey Mark don’t forget Drew Brees he’s pushing 41. Too many people should pay more attention to the players not when they were born

    Tidwell Reply

    Called eating healthy

    Alan O Reply

    It’s been one helluva ride.. For those of us that have been with the team for more than 20 years.
    We have been sooo spoiled, such a story!
    We aren’t gonna know WTH to do with ourselves. 🤫🤫🤫

    Mark Mccollum Reply

    Alan O yea remember steve grogan years I’m from Ms n got a pats tat n people use to make fun of me

S Rennie Reply

If anyone’s interested, the Chinese characters translate to: “Patriots China” (according to my translation app). I’m so glad to see him break the bill of his cap like I did when my TB12 hat arrived. I hate flat bills, but it still felt a little sacrilegious doing it at the time… GO PATS!

    S Rennie Reply

    @Devyn Yates I used “Bixby Vision” on my Samsung, but a couple years ago when I was in the Philippines and Hong Kong, the Google translator worked better than I might have expected. Cheers!

    Devyn Yates Reply

    @S Rennie thank you!!!!

    S Rennie Reply

    @Devyn Yates NP. GO PATS!

    S Rennie Reply

    @Capo V That is possibly the single most pornographic statement ever made in reference to a hat. Congratulations.
    Also wondering: Do you put neet oil in your glove to break it in or do you just use “love”? 😉😁😘

maxpowr90 Reply

How many phallic toys will be thrown at Brady this Sunday?

Jeremy Stock Reply

Like James White said, “We have to find out what we’re made of”!! #Patriots #LetsGoooooooooo

June Amarillo Reply

I see you Brady and Patriots trying to break into that Asian market

    Sicong Ma Reply

    June Amarillo oh I live in California so tell me about that lol

    Sicong Ma Reply

    June Amarillo live in Boston for four years. Love it except for the weather haha. I mean I talked to lots of people in China who almost never watch football but they know patriots and TB12

    pcheng1984220 Reply

    They were trying to have a football game in China, however it didn’t happen.

    June Amarillo Reply

    @Sicong Ma – California is #2 in highest Asian populated U.S. states.

    andrew foley Reply

    He did an Asian tour with his son for Under Armour last year.

Willie 3 Reply

TB12 looks like a 25 year old Men;The GOAT.

    stephen loranger Reply

    @ツR/woosh have you ever seen someone who was 25 ffs

    stephen loranger Reply

    @brianm you are telling me to be quiet when I say that someone who is 43 doesnt look 25..

    Celwood1989 Reply

    He looks good for his age but claiming he looks 25 is radiculous. Saying he looks 35 is believable.

    The Second Reply

    Willie 3, he looks 34 years old

    darrick steele Reply

    He did seem to get younger during off season this time around. Found the fountain of youth down in Mexico last year?

The Burrito Reply

whoever hates this guy has massive insecurities with themselves. listen to him talk. so humble and respect for everyone who respects him. punished people who don’t.

    YeahWhatOoh Reply

    im a huge brady fan and could not disagree with you more. Most people who hate Brady hate him because they are fans of other AFC teams. Why should they like him? No reason at all to like him. Who you are as a person doesn’t matter if you aint on their team and winning.

    YSL 1996 Reply

    People only hate on him because he’s not on their team 😂

    J lee Reply

    @YeahWhatOoh you should like him because he does it the right way. He is DEVOTED. Think about the jalen ramseys, baker mayfileds. Think about cam newton looking like mary poppins not diving on the ball in the SB. When i think about brady i think about peyton, Bradshaw, Marino, young, Montana. All TIME GREATS BRO

    Lochy Reply

    Just cause someone’s humble doesn’t make them a great person. Just saying. Y’all suck his nipples considering 90% of qbs are very humble when interviewed

Tony Chen Reply

That Shirt is so Fire, Fire, Fire!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌🙌✊

    Jimmy Jam Reply

    Batman class act man
    Brady hasn’t taught you anything
    Keep wasting your time

    kale up Reply

    @Jimmy Jam it says “patriots china”

    maverick7526 Reply

    At the end of the video he said it was a gift. Damn I was hoping it was on the pro shop looks sweet!

    SottoLwrence Reply

    Im here in HK and the NFL is starting to get more known now. And believe me, they only the GOAT right here #TB12

    Tony Chen Reply

    Jimmy Jam It says Patriots in Mandarin.

Sean Boyce Reply


Patriots have gone 189-51 (.788 winning percentage) since 2003 while the Jets, Dolphins and Bills have won 109, 106 and 102 games, respectively, and have winning percentages of .454, .442 and .425.

conclusion that the Patriots have been a crapton better than their divisional opponents for a 15 seasons is spot-on even if it isn’t a revelation.

But be careful of taking the next step and inferring that the Patriots have built that gaudy winning percentage because they’ve fattened up on the AFC East.

Are Pats fans wishing away the final years of a kicking savant?
Because the Patriots have won at almost the exact same rate against the rest of the NFL as they have against their division.

The Patriots are 71-19 since 2003 in the AFC East. That’s a .788 winning percentage. Outside the division, they are 118-32 (.786).

King goes on to add that, when the league realigned in 2002, it would have been so much more competitive if the Colts remained in the AFC East instead of shipping to the AFC South.

He’s right but only to a point. Since 2001, the Patriots are 14-5 against the Colts (.736). Throwing out the last six games since 2011 that Peyton Manning wasn’t there for, the Patriots were 8-5 (.615) against Indy (8-4 if you throw out the 2008 game when Matt Cassel started for New England).

The reason it’s important to give the full context of the Patriots domination inside their division and out is because the past 20 years have been a historic run. Historic runs deserve accurate historic perspective.

And too often — particularly around here — you get inch-deep analysis branding the AFC East as a parade of Tomato Canzzzzz the Patriots knock down like ducks in a shooting gallery when the truth is, the whole damn league’s been ducks in a shooting gallery for them since 2003.

    darrick steele Reply

    @Billy Morgan These are some of the most competitive men on the planet. Yes, they want to win. But I will venture to say that most of them *need* competition.

    Hllywd55 Reply

    @Billy Morgan Yes Billy, it’s called COMPETITION, just in case you didn’t know.

    Billy Morgan Reply

    @Hllywd55 will I only care about winning making the first seed in the playoffs and winning super bowls, like remember the nfc east back in the 2017 – 18 season the only team in that division that made the playoffs were the Eagles and they won the Super Bowl. So there is no benefit to having a competitive division.

    AVybz Reply

    Can you send this to me please?

    Michael Ryan Reply

    Dude let it go, could of brewed yourself a nice cup of tea with the amount of time you took to write this

rich ernest Reply

G.O.A.T. dynasty!Just another master piece in the boonies.Shut them down by halftime.Then order moo goo gai pan.

Roberto Moreno Reply

“Toughest team “ = 52-0 Pats lol

    sneakerheadjays Reply

    Kryptic FACTS!!!!!

    Anthony Lee Reply

    20-16 pats!

    S Rennie Reply

    I think it’ll be a relatively low-scoring game. Be humble, like Tom. Tooooooooooooooohm….

    Hockey2323 Reply

    Roberto Moreno Tom Brady vs the bills last two seasons: 83/127 932 yards (233 per game) 3 touchdown passes 4 interceptions I’m not to worried about the system quarterback

    #StandYourGround Reply

    Roberto Moreno Lol we ain’t hanging 52 on that defense. I say 28-10 Pats

Ian Ferrigno Reply

“wheres your hydration” lol love this guy

YourDaddy Reply

Patriots gonna beat the Bills easy just watch on Sunday

    YourDaddy Reply

    Ken Kaneki you’re the L , I’ll come back when the bills lost to patriots .

    Ken Kaneki Reply

    @YourDaddy L you adopted trash

    YourDaddy Reply

    Ken Kaneki like your mom boy

    Ken Kaneki Reply

    @YourDaddy L virgin

    YourDaddy Reply

    Ken Kaneki your mommy

Johnnie Lott Reply

The greatest quarterback of all time hands down……

Michael Stiller Reply

When was the last time the AFCE had 2 undefeated teams week 4. This is a big game. We have to win this.

shamguns Reply

Brady bought into the system in New England, respected the game, treated his body right, and is now reaping the rewards of his sacrifices, with humility and class!🐐👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Capo V Reply

Idk how people hate on the patriots. Im a cowboys fan but you literally have to hate sports to hate the patriots we are witnessing historical greatness.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply


    Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

    @Konstantin Frhr. v.B.Konni, ist dir aufgefallen, dass diese PC in absoluter Contenance abgehalten wird?

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Reply

    @Charly Gr. v.L. Ja, und wer hier keine intrinsische Empathie hat, hat etwas im gegenzeitigen Umgang im Allgemeinen mit Menschen prinzipiell nachzuholen 😉

    Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

    @Konstantin Frhr. v.B. DU wieder☺😊😂😉😊

    Finn Evans Reply

    @Konstantin Frhr. v.B. das mit dem Wasser am Ende war gut- hätten die Leute mehr Wasser getrunken dann wären nicht so viele unbedachte Fragen letzte woche gestellt worden. Wie sagt man bei euch das Wasser belebt das Gehirn und nichts verklebt sich!!! 😉

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Reply

    @Finn Evans stimmt Finn, absolut korrekt 😉 😉

Trista Fravel Reply

“This will be the toughest team we’ve faced”
**burn to the Steelers

    Dirty Randy Reply

    Buffalo has the better defense so it will be a tougher challenge for the offense then the Steelers.

    longlivessr bitch Reply

    Buffalo is 3-0 stealers are 0-3

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