Tom Brady on entering his 20th season: “I have a great time” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
HTP Ninjy

Tom Brady is my idol

    Michael Swartz

    HTP Ninjy yikes!

    Aaron Clover

    mine too

Blitz for six Productions

I’m excited go pats!!!!

Martez Govan

Damn 41 !! Wow he lasting man he only got maybe what 3 more years well we gotta enjoy it


    Kevan Brose
    No, 3 years minimum he said he’s playing until 45 or until he sucks so 3 years is the minimum.

    Kevan Brose

    @SissyChubbz he got 3 left tops just letting ya know


    Kevan Brose
    OK, we’ll see

    Kevan Brose

    @SissyChubbz we will


    @SissyChubbz he said he plays until he can’t play at a high level anymore or age 45
    whatever happens first

Carlos Avalos

Tom Brady the goat good luck out there can’t wait 😜😊😊

Christ Harding


Morgan Yu

He looks healthier with the extra weight.☺ Less drawn. Hell — he looks younger.👦

    Shaun's and Axel's CHANNELL

    That is true

    The Ancients Way

    TB12 is younger then Aaron Rodgers. He strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies

Aaron Negron

the G.O.A.T. ages like fine wine. 🍷
Let’s füćkíň GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Mike James

    Amazing. Greatest system QB of all time, respect to the 🐐. He’s 42!

    The Flash 2019

    @Mike James all Teams have a system though, so say he’s a system QB is redundant. Do you really think Aaron Rodgers just goes out there and wings it? Aaron Rodgers is in a system too.

    Mike James

    The Flash 2019 Aaron Rodgers was the system. His OC’s have been trash his entire career and he was able to win a SB by creating plays when they break down on his own. Brady is a great pocket check down QB. Nothing wrong with that, his teams have won 6 rings even when he’s been avg the first 3 and bad the last one

MSC TheGamer

The fkn GOAT 🙌🙌

_Max Kellerman’s jumping of his cliff lol_


Thanks doug for the Josh Gordon question

    Mike Whalen

    Love Josh. Patriots think so much of him as a person they paid for his treatment.

    Lgf04 LGF04

    Yo is he coming back???? If they get him back I think this team can very well have a top 5 offense and top 5 defense no doubt

    Mike Whalen

    @Lgf04 LGF04 He and Brady spent some time throwing this summer and the question keeps coming up but no definitive yes or no. Kraft had a place set for him at the ring ceremony but ultimately it’s up to Goodell. Their D could carry them while the O comes together. LB corps could be devastating this year. Looking forward to watching Bentley! Mad potential.


The ask him the same questions so many times.

    tommy k

    Yup, sports reporters are unimpressive.


The Myth, The Legend, The G.O.A.T….Tom Brady 💪! Go Pats! Let’s Gooooooooooo!

Enzo Gorlami

He came to the Pats in 2000. Kinda hard to believe

Kairos MP

A great Quarterback! A great team! I love the Patriots!


Still here…

That’s bad news for the NFL

Brady Smart


Charly Gr. v.L.

20 years –
now – look backwards this period of time – there are private and professional milestones and success with positive and low peaks = that’s the today’s person …. keep it up – it’s your time, Tom – Good Luck !!

    Joachim v. W.

    Chapeau Charly, treffend formuliert, echt klasse.

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Joachim v. W.immer wieder gerne☺

Brian Cananzey

love it, he doesn’t dodge the question about deserving an extension, makes a good joke! lol


Reporter: “What about your contract extension?”

Brady: “You know, I’m really just taking it day-by-day. I’m here to play football. That’s what football players do.”

Other “football” players: “I ain’t playing another snap until I get more money than the next guy gets.”

Owners: “How about just a *bunch* of money. Not the *most,* but still a fking truckload.”

Other “football” players: “Nope!! It HAS to be MORE THAN the OTHER guy!!”

Reporter: “Tom, congratulations on another Super Bowl victory.”

Brady: “Thanks.”

    Brandon Savitski

    I’m a get my money dawg you know what I’m saying. Pay the man! Handle your business dawg! Get your money dawg! Bling Bling!

Philip Carthy

The best that ever will be what a pure gentleman genius on the football field and a great example to any athlete of commitment and dedication through hard work
I don’t think we will see the likes of Mr Brady ever again unless they can clone him congratulations on all your success totally well deserved

cosio m

Brady still here at 42 and plans to play till 45

NFL: i dont feel so good

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