Tom Brady Moves to 3rd All-Time in Career Passing Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Mathew Lagueux

He will probably end up with more than Brees and more TD’s than Peyton

    Brandon C.

    @Donut Mantine To be fair, Peyton Manning also missed a season due to injury, so his lost season and Peyton’s lost season pretty much cancel eachother out. However, that 4 game suspension didn’t help Brady. He lost 4 games where he could have added more TD passes.

    Jack Blood

    @Brandon C. Brady didnt start until 2nd year in NFL.< P Manning as a rook. Patriots have been a ball control team generally, while Colts, Broncs, and Saints are high flyers. Brady also plays outside in the weather... The other guys not so much. Dome teams. So Great accomplishment on Tom's part. He'll have most the QB records, all the playoff, and SB records when he's done... Then add the rings. Enjoy the G.O.A.T. folks. While ya still can.

    superbus starodub

    @Brent Fox is that you Kellerman

    Xander Sanders

    Mahomes will surpass all of the records of healthy

    Jack Blood

    @Xander Sanders hey cool. But that is like saying the new flavor pop band will surpass Michael Jackson or the Beatles in record sales. ALL the stars will have to align. From coaching, to health, to cap management, rules, and competition. Mahomes is pretty awesome so far, but he’s won ONE playoff game for his career. Some of Brady’s records will never be broken. Fact.

Vader Minion

If you squint, you can see the cliff

    brady chick

    And Rob Parker but Tom Brady etc…




Brady can play 5 more years if he wanted too. He’s still getting the chemistry down with the new WRs to.

    Ryan Friesen

    @mrbill806 nah hes retiring at 45

    Hello Stranger

    @SOLIDMARCOS47 The league is waaay softer nowadays compared to 10 or 15 years ago. The longevity of players will increase if they “want to play”.


    If we don’t do something about this backup left tackle, Newhouse, that came in for Wynn, Brady won’t make it through the season, nevermind 5 years. He’s a damn revolving door.

    Gary Snieblay

    Jessie Jonez you are a clown


And he’s 18 yards from surpassing Manning.

    Digiclear 333

    So much for everyone saying he’s declining cause his age lolol GOAT

    Ryan Friesen

    @A. D. yeah he thought he would never be caught so retired

    Ryan Friesen

    @mrbill806 yep he will

    Patricia Albuera55

    By thursday it will be done and some point this season even touchdown pass of peyton will be break by tom..

    Elijah Miles


EaST CoAsT MaCHete

When all you can do is stack the record books.

Zian Valderrama

Brady “falling off the Cliff” by Kellerman
How do you like me now?

    Gabriel Lyles

    @Cormel ok YOU don’t know what a game manager is. a game manager is Bortles, Alex Smith, Orton, Flutie, Gracia. Those are guys that are solid but won’t takeover and WIN YOU BALL GAMES, they need a team around them to look better. Tom Brady and Joe Montana are the opposite of game managers, Brady won a SB last year with one of the worst rosters to ever be in a SB and I’m sure Montana would’ve done the same because they know how to TAKE IT OVER, btw game managers don’t make 25 point comebacks either, sir.

    Mike Miller

    Zian Valderrama when he plays top defenses

    Tom Brady Is The G.O.A.T

    @Matt C just like him playing who is on his schedule right? so under usual nfl conditions. you sound stupid af lmao

    Zian Valderrama

    Mike Miller He played at faced top defenses already entire his career

Dallas Emmons

And Brady is the first player to have 600 passing touchdowns, regular season and postseason.

bruce lau

Damn Legend Brady does it again and he’s 18 yards of surpassing Peyton Manning MY GOD

    Day Be Trippin

    @Jessie Jonez huh

    Ryan Friesen

    @Jessie Jonez hes the best of all time even if his arm gives out this year no one will ever catch what hes done lol

    Ryan Friesen

    @Shandon Rolle doesnt matter, brady is still the goat and until someone beats him he always will be

    Shandon Rolle

    @Ryan Friesen u just went to a completely different topic that no one even mentioned. We were talking about his arm not his career. Please say something relevant to the discussion

    Brett Reason

    He’s throwing 5, 10 yard passes.. His arm will be fine. Just need our Oline to get healthy for the playoffs. This garbage schedule is wonderful. Giants without Saquan Jets without Sam.

James Grinstead

That touchdown pass to Ryan Izzo is also his 600th career combined including playoffs!

Amazinj Muzik

Edelman is such a reliable receiver. Helps that u have a goat QB also lol

    Brett Reason

    Brady’s passes are just so accurate and soft (easy to catch). These “slot” receivers don’t work without a Peyton, Brady, or Brees precision accuracy.





Max Kellerman, that’s all I’m going to say 🤣🤣


    Stephen A is going to have such a smile on his face tomorrow morning >-)

Austin Ahern

Congratulations to Tom Brady on moving to 3rd All-Time in Career Passing Yds!!! What a great quarterback he is, and what a great career he has had!!! Let’s go Tom!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!


No matter where the Patriots are playing their fans are always there making noise.

Brett Quickel

I went to this game I was behind the Patriots bench on the 45 yard line in the 7th row and it was amazing watching Tom Brady in person as a Patriots fan! 😁

Thiessen Yang

tom brady is the greatest of all time

    Ryan Friesen

    in any sport.


the last two undefeated teams this year have patriot quarterbacks.

Rohban Zahid

Tom Brady’s cliff- 30+ yard throws

    Ryan Friesen

    dont need 30 yard pass throws, good teamd dont have to rely on it

Politics scitilop

Tom Brady is not 3rd all time career passing yards

Tom Brady is #1 all time career passing yards

71k+ for Regular season
11k+ For Postseason

That’s a total of 82k Passing yards

More then any other QB all time

Bronze Tiger

“Do you see it?There Beyond that Beach,IMMORTALITY, Its yours Tom Brady,TAKE IT”-Achilles from TROY😉

    The Dynasty Continues

    Great flick

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