Tom Brady Mic’d Up vs. Washington | Wild Card Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tom Brady Mic’d Up vs. Washington | Wild Card Game

Quarterback Tom Brady was mic'd up against the Washington Football Team in the Wild Card Game.
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Mr. Smith Reply

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

    Ernest Kovach Reply

    The immortal .

    Mohamed Dakiri Reply

    The Goat

    Draco Grimmz Reply

    Scott Sterling

    Mattmattmattmatt Reply

    Lets go baby

    Milton Trezevant Reply

    John wick

alex_de_tampa Reply

Very nice. This ain’t the same team the Saints played earlier.

    Diesel Jagwar Reply

    Facts, let’s go bucs

    Maximus Marks Reply

    @Tampa Supreme 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Gerry Vanderzeypen Reply

    they are STILL going to have problems with the SAINTS, however if the Saints play the BUCS like they played CHICAGO the results may favour TAMPA…good luck anyway and don’t get COVID guys……….be well everyone!!!

    Tampa Supreme Reply

    @Gerry Vanderzeypen covid is fake

    Van Jones Reply

    I agree, but man our defense has tondo a complete 360 by Sunday. Go Bucs

Saviron Hipps Reply

His leadership in the huddle is amazing lol when he speaks you listen

    Edward Kitchens Reply

    @wayne Allen Lol ok thanks

    Gray-Haired Gamer Reply

    @Saviron Hipps THIS!!

    A True Fan Reply

    He has said before that when he’s telling them something like that, he means it!

    Vanilla shake Girl Reply

    My boy!

    xjbeater 86 Reply

    He’s on point with his team huh?! That’s awesome!

Peter Vo Reply

I see what the Pats fans are missing out. I’m happy to witness greatness. Definitely a story to tell my kids!

    Ellen W Reply

    Try, you are cursing the wrong person….aim it at BB (Although I do wish Kraft would have stopped him like he did the last asinine time BB wanted to get rid of him for Jimmy G.). Agree with the rest!

    mara santana Reply

    @MT Chris I hope that’s a good think 🤔🤣😂🤣😂

    mara santana Reply

    @Young Blood same here

    DrBlackJack001 Reply

    People who give BB the credit forget he was about to be fired if they missed the playoffs again buuuut then Brady took em to the SB

    Sally Adams Reply

    you underestimate how many pats fans are here, still following him lol

SissyChubbz Reply

He makes his throws look so effortless

    John Smith Reply

    Watch the Documentary on him. He paid millions to hire a personal coach in the off season, just so he can be .05% better at throwing. Then you got QBs like Scam Newton who never learned the proper way to throw or improve.

    Vmx G Reply

    Rivers has the most awkward looking throw.

    Blue Toad Gamer Reply

    Um, why did people take offense to this. Sorry I guess?

    Rom Reply

    he has perfected the mechanics of throwing the football, letting him throw effortlessly despite the age

    Chris N Reply

    If you ever noticed, Brady’s throwing mechanics changed midway through his career because he wasn’t doing well with the deep ball. He even hired a specific throwing coach and continually practices his mechanics to stay on top… Not to mention “Pliability”… His band work is another reason why his arm motion looks so effortless.

jrad410 Reply

Ppl forget how hyped Brady gets during games lol

    Yo It's BIGCHEST Reply

    Psycho tom

    Ellen W Reply

    Not New England people LOL

ProfessorVirgo Funland Reply

Imagine being on the same team as tom brady it must be great


Brady’s leadership is something else man

    ツR/woosh Reply

    @BIG E only throws short yet has the most air yards and a top 3 deep ball completion rate ?

    grybnyx Reply

    @BIG E What mind?

    Big Deezy Reply

    @BIG E Short passes?!?! have you watched any games this year??

    Trev Mac Reply

    @BIG E You have no mind you creepy stalker

    Oso Sanity Reply

    @BIG E the reason why Brady is so great is not because of his arm or athletecism. It’s his game IQ and mental toughness. His arms and legs may fail him as he grew old but not his mind.

Anthony Hutchins Reply

This is just proof that Brady doesnt deserve any hate… Anybody he plays for or with loves this man. I’m sure there were plenty of Buccs fan that hated him like everyone else just last year and now they are appreciative that he’s there changing everything. No disrespect to Buccs fans I’m just sayin.

    Harrison Sawyer Reply

    I do admit… I was not a brady fan til he came here, now I am in love lol i am just worried about when he retires…

    don Smith Reply

    @Remy D Yelling never crushed a real man. A soft boy like man maybe. 🤔😂🤣😂

    Fire Dolphin Reply

    I actually was a big fan before. Never been a fan of Boston sports being from Tampa, but I always admired Brady and the Patriots. I was on the GOAT train back when he and Peyton were competing. Never in a million years thought he would QB my Bucs. What a dream man lol

    Stone Gutiérrez Reply

    Its nit real hate its just sports hate

    Dean Giusti Reply

    You EXACTLY right cause I’m one of those fans.

IceMan674 Reply

The offense ain’t gon drop passes and tds like that and you already know Brady is gonna get the defense fired up.

dpbuc32 Reply

That’s why Tom is the Goat. His Leadership and his ability to command are amazing, turns a losing Franchise to a Superbowl contender. Also loved the way Chase Young give him his respect.

    Toan Vo Reply

    Chase Young is a stud. He not trying to talk smack, he just hyped to play Tom. What defensive player wouldn’t want to get a sack, intercept, or force a fumble from the goat

    the missile skud Reply

    Chase Young is a stud and showed mad respect to Brady in his trash talk, unlike Ju Ju Smith towards the Browns. Brady understood that and showed respect back to Chase.

    bLacKxxxLoDgE Reply

    @the missile skud I love Chase but he really doesn’t have any moves and got big brothered by Gronk and eaten up by Donavon, he’s still got a lot of work to do and benefits from a great front.

Sgballer5599 Reply

How can anyone hate Brady? Even when he was a Patriot, I loved his way of approaching the game and leadership.

    Max Gold Reply

    @the missile skud i know i seen all of that im just saying you think he still likes the NINERS even tho we stupidly passed on him if anything he hates us

    Sandra Becht Reply

    That‘s basically people that hate themselves too 😕🇩🇪

    Ben Stone Reply

    Game respects game ✊🏻

    Cory Cybulski Reply

    I’m a Brady fan but this is an easy answer..people hate Tom Brady the same reason why I hate Derek Jeter. I have no reason other then he’s a stankin Yankee. U either like him or you hate him theres no gray area for greatness

    sevenrats Reply

    This a guy who loves what he’s doing.

GOATsin City Reply

“always here if you need me” to alex smith. Brady’s not only a teammate and a player. The man is a genuine friend on and off the field as well.

    Aly M Reply

    TheFenerbahceSK bro brady didn’t see him, he was talking to Alex and Heinicke was beside him. Someone got Taylor’s attention and Brady went right.

    E P Reply

    @TheFenerbahceSK I don’t think so. Brady has played against smith a bunch. The man went through a gruesome injury and honestly it was awesome of tom to offer that.

    John Thompson Reply

    @TheFenerbahceSK Am I the only one that saw Brady shake Heinicke’s hand? Heinicke walked up to Brady when he was talking to someone, tapped him on the shoulder and Brady turned around and had a nice exchange with him. That’s what I saw.

    Relaxed Canadian Reply

    @TheFenerbahceSK He talked to Heinike after. And it was Heinike that hung back while Brady talked to Alex. STOP YOUR HATE. Just go away Drama Queen

    TheFenerbahceSK Reply

    @Relaxed Canadian He was walking out and Heinike had to run after him. Not a Brady hater but I don’t worship the guy either.

Mike Hunt Reply

I miss him so much man, He was my quarterback from the time I was 9 till I was 27 growing up 15 minutes from Gillette and not missing a game for 17-18 years.. Watching him with another team is like watching my ex with another dude. Breaks my heart. Miss you so much TB12 you will always be a Patriot. Go get number 7 and show the world that you are the greatest profession athlete to ever walk this planet.

    Albert Reade Reply


    Simon Knight Reply

    It was for the best. You know he wasn’t winning another SB with the Patriots roster.

    Chris N Reply

    @Danno GNR88 As a diehard Pats fan I never thought about a statue out front but the man definitely deserves it!

    Chase Boltz Reply

    Ive been a fan of Tommy’s for forever. Had Pats season tickets, traveled all around the east coast to see his games. I was heartbroken when he decided to leave NE, but I don’t think of him in the Bucs uni as my girl with another man. He’s a guy I have loved to root for, and I simply continue to root for him. I think of him more like a coworker I loved working with, who moved on to another job, wish he was still here, but he isn’t. I still root for the Pats, but I love seeing him succeed too.

    Lava Rock Records Reply

    Wishful thinking trying to steal TAMPA BAY LEGEND Tom Brady

GayJew Reply

I’m a pats fan but I’m most definitely rooting for brady to clap brees’ cheeks next wk

    Mafia Alert Reply

    This is a rare time where I think most NFL fans are rooting for Brady. Probably more so for the Saints to lose but it’s shaping up to be a great game.

    bluerisk Reply

    Same here…and for Gronky.

    Teodoro Guzman Reply


Jordan Hernly Reply

The only reason people dont like Tom is because he wins. Period.

    christopher davis Reply

    @Dr. Zarkov don’t talk to me about trump cause trumps the best president ever I hate all democrats They wanted Biden in when he won’t do nothing

    Dean Giusti Reply

    @Demetrius Almanza That’s EXACTLY what happened to me. So your point is right on. LOL.

    Eric Hart Reply

    Looks like you misspelled the word “cheats” – it doesn’t start with a W

    Lotus Reply

    He’s not even a bad person at heart he’s actually really chill

    David Leuther Reply

    He’s also been caught cheating before…

kimi Reply

Tom’s like the wholesome quarterback, but daayymn he’s dropping curses a ton and I’m here for it😂

    Johnny Reply

    So???? What are you 9?

M65 Reply

Poor Chase Young feeling like he had to apologize. He meant it as a sign of respect and the media just runs with it.

    Brian Murphy Reply

    @Austin Williams Brady didn’t seem to have an issue with it, neither should anyone else. Being outraged for someone else, who see’s no issue, is a rather weird thing to do.

    Soulxlight Reply

    @Austin Williams They’re all on the same stage regardless if he is a rook. He has the right to address him as Tom and Tom Brady knows and respects that. He can’t treat TB as some unapproachable deity or he’ll be already allowing him to invade his mind.

    Austin Williams Reply

    @Soulxlight ok you have terrible manners is all 😂 that’s just your flaw. It’s not about being on the same “stage”. Brady is literally like 20 years older. It’s not about it being Brady… the simple fact is he’s your elder and for him to call him out on media like that was uncalled for. Especially by a rookie. A ROOKIE. If you guys clearly don’t see that then you’re lost.

    Stephen Joyner Reply

    Yes you do look kinda lost, isnt there a pats sub somewhere for you to make your sad comments. Its ok to be sad bro! Just go to the appropriate forum.

    Austin Williams Reply

    @Stephen Joyner good one. Got me. Sooo sorry -BucsFanSince05

Daily Dose Of Internet Reply

Awesome. Let’s go Brady!

    Will Smoove Reply

    Love your videos!

    mazen abbas Reply

    Dude. I love ur videos, Brady is the GOAT 🐐

    Jon Stevens Reply

    love your vids bro

    Darth_Doomguy_of_Rivia 117 Reply

    Why are u on every video I watch its like we have the same interests

    Timothy Woods Reply

    “Here is a clip of Tom Brady micd up in his first playoff victory with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers”

Daniel Ally Reply

I understand GOAT language very well.

    A Yeti Who Likes Internet Reply

    Didnt expect 2 see u here

    Johnny Reply

    You sure spend a lot of time watching random videos

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