Tom Brady: Miami is “a challenging place to play” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The New England Patriots franchise treat their players like human beings, unlike many of its fans. 👏🏿💪🏿😏💯

    Mike Okhurtz

    HANIF7G Dafuk?

Al Henderson

Captain America lets go boom

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

these reporters are Lmao. C’mon now. You can’t break Tom Brady to talk about stuff not related to football.

    Joseph Savoie

    @larry lobster It’s called respecting the opponent and not giving any bulletin board material regardless the opponent.

    Isaiah Richardson

    @Joseph Savoie fax

    larry lobster

    I know that

    Joseph Savoie

    @larry lobster Sure about that


    what do they even hope he will say? “rape is awesome! yeeeeeeee!”


When do the Madden rosters update I need that 🐐 to AB connection 🔥

    Henry Martinez

    Two x factors on the offensive side

    Chris Mc22

    I think they update on Fridays

    Benjamin Gueikian


    Nellybo knockdown

    I don’t think he even gone be in the game hope they dont they dont kareem hunt him tho

    Detroit Made

    Thursday before Thursday night football.

Manny C

I hate the media. I hate reporters. So I love how Belichick and Brady answers them. Give them nothing!!


    Real men never gossip facts

    Crow of Judgement

    FENG SHUI real men never gossip.

Tripp Trinidad

I need you to go insane, you’re on my fantasy team! I need you every week! Go out there and win!!!!

    Rofael Sankari

    Tripp Trinidad I’m sure he read this message and will do just that

    Lincoln Velasquez

    He did well last week !

Nathaniel Williams

Man, the Pats are geniuses with dealing with the media.

    Poizie Gaming

    @Aron Hudson Media doesn’t really give you a reason to trust it.


    what i wanna know is how can a person become a scum bag who asks annoying questions over and over with no shame.


    Don’t answer a question? GENIUS! lol

    Naomi Usiab Besebes

    Very good

    Aron Hudson

    Do you trust the media ?


Brady Look like he with the Special Forces!!! Patriot Force!!!


    Dammed I never thought about it that way, as my youngest son enters the military.

    Anindya Ghosal

    He looks smart AF


    Thank You For Allowing Him To Serve US!! Greatly Appreciated.

P Pumpkin

“do you think it will be a distraction” right now its only the press that is providing a distractions.

    Tammy Gibbons



    “hey this thing you just asked me to not ask you about, do you think it will be a distracting with me asking you about it”


    these scum level reporters baffle the mind. whats tom gonna even say? “rape is great! i hope he’s guilty!”

    Chupatwo Chupatwo

    i heard the case has very weak legs. i dont think the comissioner will give any penalty to AB, assuming he really does investigate these personal issues with players.

    ken buck

    @Friendly well I mean big ol ben in Pittsburgh raped someone and it got slipped under the rug

David Curtis

Gotta love how tb12 remembers the play that was the game winning play the first time they beat Miami in Miami

Jason Knox

These people in the press asking these questions make me laugh sometimes… you know asking questions like a player’s legal issues or about a player who has had negative situations.. you know Tom, or Bill won’t answer those questions. So why ask? Then have a different person ask the same thing after someone else was shut down.. lmfao.. why bother? You look foolish.

    Joseph Webster

    I hate to categorize and stereotype. But the media makes it so easy. If there could be a way just to make them “cool”….. They really try to disrupt, annoy, its almost berating by them. There are some cool Boston Media People. But in general. They are trying to make a story or add to it. You see it everyday. It’s a problem in society. Freedom of speech is one thing. Getting the truth is what we all want. But making people agitated and irate just for a story is just wrong!!!

JSway Fitness & Nutrition

It’s hot as satans toenail down here in Miami I hope you guys do well


Who else is proud to be from New England!??


    Eric H From a non New Englander why do you hate Kraft? The guy seems to have transformed the Patriots in to a powerhouse on and off the field.

    Horatio Nelson

    Michon Sabb evidence?

    Eric H

    rorsabest its a love hate. He is all about money but comes on the field at halftime and says he is all about the fans. His recent scandal doesnt improve his stature. And it could be said that Belichick created the dynasty Kraft just made the correct decision to hire Belichick and give him the freedom to do what he does. Dont forget we had parcells and pete carroll before belichick under Kraft and they did nothing but keep us at .500 win percentage. So its not entirely Kraft and I would argue Belichick who built the success. But Yes Kraft did hire him and thats where it pretty much ends as far as giving Kraft all the credit in my opinion.

    gcn 511

    Alot of people from New England area here in South Florida…wish these guys were proud enough not to have ever left New England area


    brady chick Nice I lived in the Poconos my whole life.


damn, I hadn’t heard Aaron’s name dropped in a minute.

    Mikey O

    Right…I was shocked when he said it.

    Mr. Jones

    Same I was surprised

    Joe Dolin

    I think it shows how much Brady thinks about football first. These reporter sessions are about football, not external news.



    Bumble Bee


Daniel Peer

“Didn’t I just answer that?”
Yes. Yes you did.
But, these clowns think they can get something out of you. Apparently, the journo was born yesterday.

philly philly

Tom please play 3 more years. This year plus 2 more years. The NFL needs u your the 🐐 of sports period

    Carter GK


    Anjo Mendoza

    No worries. Hes playing with finesse and calmness. He doesnt need athleticism and can play till hes 50.

    Truhite 209

    The way he is protected, how quickly he delivers the ball to his receiver, and how well he takes care of himself, if they can keep this up I’d absolutely love to watch this guy until he’s pushing 50

philly philly

Tom looks like hes 30 years old

    jeremy lester

    he doesnt look a day over 29

    Simon Roy

    @Carl not sure if he’s 100% vegan but he eats plant-based.


    @Simon Roy Apparently he’s plant-based during the offseason and then adds protein during football season.

    Simon Roy

    @drencrum oh , i thought it was the opposite.


    @Ken Sturm that’s not as impressive as you think.

Just Cruz

Is it just me or does Brady look younger than he did last year?

    Lincoln Velasquez

    offthewall2017 hahaha

    OG Bazz

    Actually it’s because he put on weight in the offseasons and he looks more filled out compared to a frail old man

    shaq hall

    @offthewall2017 he shook eli’s hand both superbowls so I’m trying to figure out why it didn’t work the first time? Or did it just fail the first time and work the second? 🤔


    @shaq hall he was just good enough to power through the first time



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I need a translator
I dont speak such greatness

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