Tom Brady Lets It Fly for 306 Yds vs. Jets | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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James Grinstead

42 years old & still no sign of slowing down!

    migue moreno

    @o.g Paramount exactly bro!!

    Terence Peterson

    o.g Paramount
    Actually I’ve been enlightened on the fact that if Brady were actually built with more muscle mass he wouldn’t have been capable of playing for so long, and that he actually has built a body served for longevity that may appear average, but is not whatsoever

    Milan Radojkovic

    There is no steroids for brain…

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez

    Calm down bro they play TRASH teams

    Isaac M

    @Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez Doesn’t matter who we play. Were winning come back in Feb.

Andrew Kyle

Nothing to see here just Tom Brady being Tom Brady

    Fekete Bálint

    @Goku Black and you are jealous and salty asf

    Goku Black

    @vanilla ice cream *You’re*

    And he’s not the goat

    Tim Sweeney

    Goku Black it’s not even debatable at this point. No one is even close

Emperor Palpatine

He’s gonna pass Manning’s record this year.
After that happens, is there any denying he’s the goat?


    Hatters gonna hate

    Peter Kay

    @El Hoxo Leading the league in passing yards while your team has a losing record isn’t that much of an accomplishment. It just means that you are accumulating a lot of stats in the 4th Q when winnning teams are killing clock. Not to mention, Brees plays most of his games indoors and in warm climates.

    Peter Kay

    @Dark Demonik I see a name like yours and it instantly tells me that you play video games and not real sports

    Benny Bizzness

    @El Hoxo LMAOO. Give Brady Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Ginn and watch what happens. So dumb. Brees was showing signs of decline, and getting injured is part of the game. Brady adjusted, now gets the ball out more quickly than any other QB. Oh yeah and 6 rings. That’ll be all.

Adhi Singanallur

Before this game I felt like we had good WR depth, now I feel like we have none. ALSO feed Ryan Izzo!

    austin Khan

    N’keal harry should be back jullian injury doesn’t look serious wr shouldn’t be a problem. We just need our offense of line to be healthy that’s it.

    Mr. Sinister

    What are you talking about? They have depth.

    Adhi Singanallur

    What about Josh?

    Herbert Hickey

    ???? Jacoby is catching the ball, Gordan showing scary talent, Dorsett has leather eating hands (Got robbed though) This is what Edelmans cliff looks like. They got depth

    Adhi Singanallur

    Nah it’s just injuries can cloud judgement that’s all


Rob Parker on suicide watch

    Dev Carter

    @kingjimmyb ofall,

    Tim Sydlowski

    thelegendsqb1 tattoo on fantasy island would be in the tower screaming down to rob Parker” de cliff, de cliff, de cliff!!!! Max and Rob wrong as usual.

    Herbert Hickey

    @Tim Sydlowski HAHAHAHA jes boss


    @Tim Sydlowski Bwaaaaaa, haaaaaa, haaaaaa!!!


    Now that’s just funny! Is he on suicide watch in Mexico do you think? lol!!!

Nick Rossetti

7 Tubs and no picks for the GOAT

    Petite Larceny

    @Jonathan Rose
    Gotcha thanx hun


    Petite Larceny Brady didn’t throw the pick six jarret stidham did

    Alex Walker

    Guys he saying 7 tds and no int for brady

    Terence Peterson

    This is what happens when your receivers actually secure the catch…. cough cough, last year he had like 6 passes go tipped for interceptions


    Terence Peterson exactly I remember Edelman last year tipped it and it got interception. Gronk had a play like that to.

Tarantula Guy

Brady is immortal

Casey C

Edleman’s xrays came back negative so that’s good! Great passes and some killer catches! On to Buffalo!


    @11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom yeah man I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’m just wondering if it’s Michele or it’s the offensive line lack of blocking compared to last year.


    Thought they were working on getting the ball to Michele via pass this year and we’re working on that with him.

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom

    @Shawn It’s because defenses know he’s going to run cause they won’t use him in the passing game. That with not getting any holes for him to run through. Could at least try some zone read run plays get the d-line moving in one direction so he can cut it back the other way. If they aren’t going capable of knocking dudes back straight up. That 3&1 when Brady passed deep instead of them just running for the 1st. Towards the end of the 2nd when they were driving up 20. Been passing a lot on 3 & short. Not a good recipe for success if they can’t run for some of these.

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez

    PEDS are good bro!


    Don’t sleep on this patriots defense, it’s gonna be rough on buffalo.


Tom Brady is THE GOAT

    Fatty Matty

    OskarTGL Agreed. The old man can still play ball


Brady learned from the best and everyone knows the best is Nathan Peterman.

    neil adlington

    More like the ghost of Nathan Peterman because we only have rumors that he even exist.

A Initiate

Josh Gordon makes NFL DBs look small.

Christopher Law

🗣”Green 19, Set, BAHhHhh”🐐

    Rhifore Aditya


    jj and a squad





Tom brady is the best for me

SaucyX4 •

Even if Brady starts playing like Blake Bortles while doing the bird box challenge next year he’s still the GOAT in my book

    Asserting Word

    Dude he can tank 3 straight season and still be better than the entire league and any QB that’s ever picked up a pig skin and hell no I’m no Pat’s fan, in a Cincy fan.

    June Amarillo

    What’s the point of that comment??? Why are you talking about next year’s NFL season when we’re only 3 weeks into this current season???
    And Brady is still playing like a beast and you elude to a Brady falloff next season… WHY??? 😶

    Terence Peterson

    Not going to lie, Brady looked shaky at the end of last year (just a little) and I know his receiving core was trash, but this year!!! He’s an entirely different man omg

    The Flash 2019

    @Terence Peterson he worked really hard this offseason, he looks just as good as he did in 2015-16 seasons

rick mann

Should’ve just kept him in the whole game this time, even though the Jets can’t score on anybody, the game wasn’t a complete blowout yet.

Moez Shahzad

Can we all just please agree, that the cliff is dead lol

    Richard Delgado

    I think the cliff retired waiting. Lol

    o.g Paramount

    @Richard Delgado 😂😂😂😂😂👍FACTS

    Rusty Shackleford

    Goats live on cliffs

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez

    Calm down bro they play TRASH teams

    Rusty Shackleford

    @Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez you’re the triggered one lol


Josh Gordon used to be a strong Randy Moss now he’s a fast Anquan Boldin


    Haven’t really seen blistering speed by him yet but I definitely have seen some incredible catches in tight situations. He has great hands and positioning skills.

    Rusty Shackleford

    @Shawn I think he still has it but his ability to get open in traffic and make some of those catches I find more impressive and important during playoffs

BeastMode 21

0:29 Throwback to Gronk’s play in 2015 to clinch the win against the Jets.

Noah McNaughton

911 yards 7 TD’s 0 INT 67.9% 85.7 QBR 1 Rush TD so far through three games at 42 years old.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Yet there are some still in denial that he’s the GOAT smh

    jake scott

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT You’re the GOAT too, Fitzy

    James Reyes

    This 42 years old got some potential.

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez

    Mahomes better


Tom Brady cheats because he uses his brain.

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