Tom Brady: “It’s the beginning of a long marathon” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
J Ferrari

I’m so excited for this team this season

    Nick Bernath

    Im a Bears fan but i love watching the Pats win so i can hear the rest of the fans cry. Hoping they go undefeated this year if my Bears cant make it all the way.


    Me too!!!!


Being 42 is nothing but a damn number for Tom.

    Some Guy

    Well, he’s a 42 out of 10. Coming from a straight dude, good lord

    Candyce Chrys

    @Some Guy I feel like I recognize your name from somewhere online… Were you in the g+ NFL group?

Blackheads TV

I want them to go undefeated and finish what they set out to do IN 2007!! This team can definitely replicate it but with a Super Bowl!

    F L

    For real, whose going to stop them

    Blackheads TV

    F L It’s going to be difficult! Bill and the coaching staff come in well prepared week in and week out. No other team can match it

    Nick Bernath

    Im a Bears fan but im hoping for the same thing if Chicago cant make it. I love hearing everyone else cry like bitches.

Blackheads TV

Been a pats fan since 1995 when we went up against the packers in the Super Bowl!! They amaze me what they do every year since. Proud to be a Patriots Fan and I have to thank my brother for it! My patriots fan idol


    Blackheads TV I started loving the pats and Tom because my brother had always loved them. Thank God for that lol couldn’t imagine rooting for another team.

    Nick Bernath

    Im a Bears fan so i pulled for them then too. Wish they had Brady then. Maybe they couldve finished it

    Dop3 Phella

    Nick Bernath nah bro they WOULD’VE finished it

    Nicholas Williams

    Blackheads TV after the super bowl loss to the Packers do you think the Patriots would have made it back to the super bowl the following season if Parcells and his coaching staff didn’t leave

Charly Gr. v.L.

“to be (able) or not to be (able), that is the question …” 😉, WS.
But here are only two KEYWORDS for this season, Tom:
…. T R U S T and EXPERIENCE …👏👏… 👍👍

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Christina O’Reilly naja, ich liege halbtot über dem Schreibtisch und erhalte mich mit Kaffee am Leben😉 Das die Spiele wegen der Zeitverschiebung so blöd liegen, na ja – jedenfalls werde ich gleich in wilden Aktionismus verfallen, sonst heisst es noch die Abteilung schläft😉 Dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche. LG

    Christina O'Reilly

    @Charly Gr. v.L. 😂😂 dir auch einen guten start.

    Joachim v. W.

    Leider habe ich nichts gesehen, ob er wieder “sportlich aktiv” an der Seitenlinie war. Was haben die Reporter nur immer mit dem yoga? Man kann es nicht mehr lesen, es nervt.

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Joachim v. W. Hmm, ich würde mal sagen, dass die Reporter etwas grundsätzlich übersehen haben, es waren ein imaginäres Ballet – tütü und diese Vollpfosten haben es nur nicht sehen “wollen”.
    Ganz einfache Erklärung.😉

    Finn Evans

    @Charly Gr. v.L. Danke dir vielmals für deinen Humor du bist sehr erfrischend bin immer sehr am lächeln Schöne zeit bis So.


I hope they go undefeated to shut up the ’72 Dolphins.

    Brady Carson

    There gonna shut them up Sunday

    Paradise Studios

    Cesar Raudales I’m pretty sure the seasons were shorter back then

    Gilbert Rodriguez

    Hell no

    On Mission

    Watch your mouth lol

    Gilbert Rodriguez

    On Mission my bad heck no

deejay absalon

another super bowl

Isaiah Richardson

This exactly why the patriots are who they are they never settle for the status quo they never settle for contentment they always wanna get better even when they are already the absolute best

    Sudish Vengat

    Isaiah Richardson Browns should learn from that

    Isaiah Richardson

    @Sudish Vengat fax

Paul Fearon

Lol. Anyone see Toms face light up when he talks about Josh? Loves having that guy on his team

    Ayy Lmao

    both joshs, too 😉


    imagine being a football receiver and having the GOAT throwing the ball to you………………………??

    Paul Fearon

    scrub44 I couldn’t. But every receiver that comes to the patriots says it’s an honor

JBeasy 56

He said he has to re-evaluate what he says to Kraft. This guy is real.

pedro abarca

I’m happy for Dorsett, showing improvement and not giving up

    Cory Wilson

    pedro abarca that what happen when you come to The pats, true professionalisms it’s another world over their

    Cory Wilson

    We can take bullies and turn them into wholesome men, lol 😂

    Michael Murphy

    Me too. I felt bad for him the last couple of seasons. Hopefully he’ll keep it up.

Camping Joe

I have had numerous surreal dreams that all came true. I recently dreamed that the Patriots won the Super Bowl again for 20/20. So that is it…!!! It Shall Be Done…No Joke…..
# 7….Whoa…!!!…-:)

Baron Rothschild

Are they reading his age backwards cause he looks 24

Stuart Otis

Nolan Ryan was throwing 100mph at 46 and threw a no hitter at 44. Tom’s definetley playing until 45.

A.J. Falandys

He is the f***ing BEST

Jack Blood

Boston Media, 1st question… Tom why did you suck at the start? (and that is how the sports media will spin it all week… )

Austin Ahern

What a great win by the Patriots to open the 2019-2020 NFL season!!! What a great game by Tom Brady!!! Let’s go Tom!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Dave May

How can you not love this guy?!


“NFL’s very competitive” …
TB – 3 consecutive Superbowl appearances.


The Myth… The Legend… The G.O.A.T… Tom Brady!!! Edelman, Gordon, Dorsett, Thomas & now Brown…..Shessh! Not to mention White, Burkhead, Michel, Watson (Week 5) & Harry (Week 8) 🤯

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