Tom Brady: “Every game we learn something” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Melodie N


Julie Spak

Who’s ready to beat the crap out of Washington

    Carlos R.

    Hopefully we are ready for their “explosive” players on offense!

Joshua Cruz


Joshua Cruz


Rap god Eminem


Fossman Peapea

You still got it Brady GOAT 🐐

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

The Bruce Lee of Football

Mark Mccollum

yup he took father times clock and melted it down that’s what ring #7 is gonna be made from father time will never get his clock back now he will let u know when he is ready to retire I mean your talking about a guy that tossed around the football in the back yard with Chuck Norris and Chuck missed a ball and Tom beat the hell out of him


    Mark Mccollum while I believe the clock melting part… the Chuck part… well no… that just didn’t happen… 😂

    Darren Kastl

    Oh contraire my freind! I was the neighbor that went over and broke it up!

rich ernest

Time of possession wins games not poetry in motion.Leave it to the Defense.Have fun.

Austin Ahern

Let’s go Patriots!!!



Tariq wahab

GOAT. Looking Great as always.

Hip Hop Junkie

Everyone saying Brady had a bad game last week he’s done defense will carry him the rest of the season. Watch Tom light it up against Washington. Keep doubting this man. He will always prove the haters wrong.

Willie 3

Always a hater;TB12 The Goat Period.#7

SupahFans Streetwear

TomVsTime on Tik Tok may be perfect branded content 🏈💪🏻⏳

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