Tom Brady Connects w/ Dorsett for 25-Yd TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Owen Raefield

It would be awkward if AB was watching this game


    he probably is.


    I am also an Owen. Hello fellow Owen!


    Course he is..

    Michael Stevens

    Since AB has said, he is leaving the NFL.

    Owen Raefield

    @GraveTrooper14 wassup Owen

Josue Tejada

Patriots offense will be just fine without AB

Shortest SB Champion QB

When AB got cut I knew I needed to put Dorsett on my fantasy team. Looking like a great decision!

    BeastMode 21

    As a Pats fan I’ve been rooting hard for him since he got here and Josh Gordon. Hopefully both have a great season this year. Lets GO!!!

Armando Larsen

Assistir New York Jets vs New England Patriots En Vivo


    Why do you have to give them a credit card for a supposedly free account.

Darran Butler

Let’s go Patriots 🔥🔥🔥

Austin Ahern

Nice touchdown!!! Let’s go Phillip!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Samantha Perez

Wish I was at met life rn

Elektra Sparks

We all know who’s going to win this game. NEP

Loyal Philly fan

Pats don’t need no AB

    Eugene Rollins

    They don’t need nobody as long as Brady and Bill there

Matthew Collins

In the words of Jules, “foot on the gas now guys! I don’t know what the **** I’m saying!” Lol let’s go!!

Biny Nugssie

New England Patriots this year it’s look like they’re playing with high school kids 😁

    Matthew Collins

    @Roberto Moreno Lol whatever it is it’s great to watch

    Tommy Boudreau

    Middle school kids

    Ty Nao

    It’s the AFC it is just as good as HS kids

    Roberto Moreno

    @Tommy Boudreau this reminds me of the Chicago Bulls tour when they went 72-10 annihilating teams! Go Pats!!


    Looks like they are playing against hs kids not with

Shawn Hodges

AB is eye rolling so hard right now!! 🤣🤣

late night gacha

YES them patriots be balling

Jerodd Hamilton

Superbowl this year 7 rings! Brady needs his own sneakers.


    Brady just got knocked down

    Jerodd Hamilton

    @DJ SHUFFL3R OFFICIAL 30 to 14

    steven loy

    @Jerodd Hamilton
    I wholeheartedly agree, and hope so.
    My only worry is a young stud in Missouri with a goddamn .30mm GAU-8 Avenger for an arm, and more moves than the entire Madden Franchise.
    Tom is the greatest player to ever do it. That said, we may be watching the most enigmatic player to throw the ball in #15.
    The things that kid does with a pigskin almost defies the laws of physics.
    I sure hope Tom, Bill, and all the guys have one more left in them this year.
    Barring any kind of injury, or personal demons, we might better get used to seeing Mahomes in the big game often for years to come.

Scream Bloody Gore #DeathMetal

Dorsett finally starting to look like the 1st rd pick he was supposed to be

    Alexander Baker

    Scream Bloody Gore #DeathMetal he’s nasty. I can only see him getting better.

Book of shadows contributor Brian

Brady still has that arm strength 🇺🇸🏈💪

hannah tessier

Brady is in beast mode this season 🔥🔥 let’s get number 7


That was too easy. Yet another bye week win


Brown who lol?

Psychopunk XXX

New England always gets the easy schedule

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