Tom Brady after victory over the Giants: I’m “happy we won” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Robert Pulido Reply


HonestReviews Reply

Those rushing touchdowns thooo. I love my quarterback 19-0 #FinalGoal

    Rusty Gunn 7 Reply

    The best Bradyback in league history!

    Justin Sullivan Reply

    We won’t go 19-0 though.

    You'll See My Name EveryWhere Reply

    @Justin Sullivan ill bet you he goes 16-0 at least

    Kris Uy Reply

    19-0 really is the last infinity stone

Rusty Gunn 7 Reply

Tom is the best Bradyback in the league!
6-0 is a good place to be.

Gartacus The Bold Reply

My man’s the GOAT why is his face soaking wet lol somebody get him a towel

    roxxylala26 Reply

    @theproperenglishman Yeah, I’ve heard that too. Maybe he washed his face quickly before doing the post interview.

    Matt Aye Reply

    Lol c’mon you really think Brady didn’t take a shower in the locker room like the rest of the guys after a game. That’d be pretty nasty

    Ryan Condon Reply

    @Matt Aye its called shower at home and put ur dirty clothes in the laundry lmao

    Matt Aye Reply

    @Ryan Condon it’s called take a shower right after the game at the facility like they provide so you don’t have to walk around all nasty, and dirty more clothing lmao.

    Islam Mukie Reply

    @theproperenglishman I’m sure he takes one there and one at home after no way he walks around all sweaty

Justin Sullivan Reply

We need to make real improvements on offense. This defense will win us another Super Bowl this season, but if our offense doesn’t improve it’ll be a tough road.

    Jason O'Daniel Reply

    @mark a meynell Let’s repeat. In the Super Bowls noodle arm got carried to despite his historically shitty play he was losing all 9 games late and 8 of those games he was losing late were to worse teams than Cheaterville and he choked to the 3 worst teams, teams that should never have been winning at any time in the game and your insane belief is stinking in 9 is better than destroying people in 3 or 4. Noodle arm is 5-3 and plus 11 against 8 worse teams and that’s BETTER than the 11-0 and plus 178 points those other 3 had. Struggling to beat worse teams is BETTER than destroying them. Kill yourself. Not joking.

    Justin Sullivan Reply

    Jason O’Daniel You should probably stop talking because you sound really, really ignorant 🤦🏻‍♂️ you don’t know what you’re talking about, kiddo.

    CanaBruin Reply

    @Justin Sullivan Ignore him. He has his nose buried up Sam Kellerman’s snatch.
    Hes wrong on so many points it’s pointless to respond.

    mindtricky Reply

    Its the patriots and its is october… they always play better at the end of the season.

TruePatriot1776 ** Reply

I used to get picked on for liking the Pat’s back in the 5th grade. 1995. It was rare to run into a Pat’s fan in cali back then. I idolized Ben Coates, Bledsoe, law and milloy. I even wrote a letter to Bledsoe back in 96 lmao telling him how great he was. I never imagined all this success for the Patriots. One day it will end. Let’s see how many fans stick around. Some people just stick around when your winning I guess. I still rock my ben coates jersey. I’m rambling. No point from any of this, just feeling nostalgic lol.

    C S Reply

    True patriot you must be from Boston. Only Patriots fans I knew in those days were in Boston. Nobody outside of Massachuestts and definitely not outside of New England rooted for the Patriots. They were trash under the Sullivans in the later years. Definitely under Kiam and Orthwien. Orthwein threatened to move them to St. Louis and I was deathly afraid that would happen.

    kenneth carroll Reply

    C S thank god for Robert Kraft….and Tom Brady & Bilichek

    C S Reply

    @kenneth carroll

    We’ve come a long way from Rod Rust, Victor Kiam and Tommy Hudson. Sometimes it’s a dream that this is the team I grew up rooting for. They were waaaaay down on the list of Boston’s favorite sports team.

    BrownEyesLa Reply

    TruePatriot1776 ** I was a Pats fan in Cali too…..still am. been a Pats fan since 1975….Win or lose…..

    C S Reply


    You remember Raider fans stealing the Sugar Bear Hamilton game from us for sure. They forget that one, but not 2001.

TheTomphson Reply

He’s belichicking more than belichick. Even being sweet to the press. Take notes Bill

    An Errant Knight Reply

    TheTomphson I hope not. I like cantankerous with the press Bill.

Johnny Lawrence Reply

Keep chipping away. 19-0 I feel the magic this year.

Michael Jordan Reply

Brady nation stand up

Sinai Li Reply

god damn he looks good, like in his early 30s.

    C S Reply

    @aditya baradwaj

    Don’t vote. And DEFINITELY don’t reproduce. There is no hope for you lost one……

    aditya baradwaj Reply

    @C S truth hurts motherfucker. Belichick has been holding him up for long enough….

    Justin Sullivan Reply

    C S and eating healthy is more expensive, so it’s harder for low income families. But sure, make it out like everyone’s a fat slob 🤷🏻‍♂️

    tinhinnh Reply

    aditya baradwaj what did Bill do in cleveland? dumbass.

    Micah 144000 Reply

    He drinks blood from children its huge in the elite world, swing him the crack pipe and let that mother fucker live in housing projects in the bronx he’ll look 95 in 48hrs. Americans are the dumbest people on Earth.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Tough game.
Fantastic team.
Have a good recovery time!! 👍👍

Quinn Clayton Reply

He’s trying so hard not to bash on the offense. You can tell from that shrug what he’s feeling but doesnt want to put any of his guys down. Good leadership, save what needs to improve for the individuals accountable.

    L R Reply

    @Jason O’Daniel Tom Brady has been mooning you for 20 years

    Jason O'Daniel Reply

    @L R Jackass, the least accurate and weakest arm in NFL history threw a deep pass, a wildly erratic deep pass, nowhere near his receiver that was intercepted last night. You have pro wrestling bullshit and I have stats and game film. The Pop Warner, dink and dunk, 5 yards or less offense cheater Bill and coaches have to use because of noodle arm doesn’t win games. It’s designed to NOT LOSE GAMES. Cheater Bill knows noodle arm sucks so he and no coach called that deep pass last night. They know he can’t complete the 5 yards or less passes that well so not calling that INT. That was the less than zero talent noodle arm hurting his team with his stupidity on top of noodle arm there. Cheater Bill has wanted noodle arm gone FOR YEARS. There’s a video on YouTube where cheater Bill flat out says Tom shitty Brady isn’t a great natural athlete, which is coach speak for “If this noodle arm, no talent weren’t playing with great defenses and in the Pop Warner offense we run, he’d be a back-up at best but probably out of the league”. There’s also an video of Tom shitty Brady’s alleged 40 deep passes. Despite noodle arm throwing thousands of passes, they couldn’t actually find 40 deep passes. That video is filled with dump-offs that the receiver took the distance and trick plays. Tom shitty Brady isn’t good now or any time. Tom shitty Brady isn’t the reason Cheaterville wins now or any time.

    Max Morse Reply

    Jason O’Daniel you raise a fair point, which is that the Patriots run a “catch and run” style offence. Not too much deep stuff. And that was indeed a garbage pass and easy INT against the Giants. But noodle arm, historically inaccurate, are both a little much. Let’s ignore wins for a bit, because there’s no contest there. Let’s also just do the regular season since Brady’s been to the postseason too much to have a comparison with an equal amount of games played. Let’s compare Tom Brady to a widely respected, accomplished future Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning. Tom Brady has played 275 games to Peyton Manning’s 266, so a pretty close comparison pool. In those games, Peyton Manning had a career average of 65.3% completion, and Brady has 64.1%. Pretty close, but Peyton is better here. In yards, Manning has 71,940 and Brady just passed him this last game, with 72,257 overall. Once again very close, but I’ll give the edge to Peyton since he’s played a few less games overall. Their yards per attempt are: Manning, 7.7yds per attempt, Brady 7.5yds per attempt. Peyton edges him out slightly. Touchdowns: Manning 539, Brady 527. Pretty close but manning beats him out. How about interceptions? Manning, 251 INTS, nearly one for every two TDs he threw. Brady has 174 INTS. Edge to Brady.

    In summary, Brady is slightly worse than Peyton Manning in every category except interceptions, where he blows him out, and touchdowns where Peyton has a moderate lead.
    Peyton happens to be top 3 in both yards and touchdowns based completely off statistics, and in the same amount of games played Brady is a little below him but still top 5. You can scheme well, but not THAT well. There was also a time when Brady held the record for most touchdowns in a season (50) until Peyton broke it (55). Only one person has tied that number since.
    Just because the dude can’t run doesn’t mean he can’t train to have a stronger arm, or study defences to find holes easier.
    Stats taken from Pro Football Focus if you’re curious.

    Max Morse Reply

    Whoops meant Pro Football Reference.

    Also I know it’s not 40 yards but this was too sweet not to share.

Kemba StepBack Walker Reply

He is so evidently pissed AB and Demaryuis Thomas are gone now Josh too.

RW3ints Reply

He wants and need AB back.

dacosta0656 Reply

Get Jacoby meyers more play

    C S Reply

    Been saying that since training camp. The man catches everything that comes his way. And made BIG catches last night.

Thanos Etsitty Reply

That last answer explains it all. That’s how a lot of us are feeling.

V R Reply

I’m happy this Mf got 20 points BC I had him AND Gordon in
But I have their defense
So I got 48 points so far

vipahman Reply

Brady looks 32 but was definitely playing like 42. C’mon offense, make good decisions. That final shrug of his shoulders, when asked about his offense, says it all.

Kris Uy Reply

the only time you’ll see Brady unprepared in any way for anything^

Eddie Mack Reply

The Patriots need to shore up that offensive line.

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