Todd Monken: “We’ve got to find a way to get Odell the ball” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

My guy needs to drink more Monken spice lattes

    mY pRiNcIpLe FuCkEd Me InSiDe Of My AsShOlE


Leroy Xiong

Get Baker more protection for more time then he’ll find OBJ throws balls to OBJ


    Baker has had more time to throw the ball than just about every NFL QB through 3 games. it’s not a question of protection, but schematics/play calling, and of course, execution from within the pocket.

Mel Bea

Play him under center! Run the damn ball.


    Quit listening to the media about having to run the ball. Running the ball more ISN’T the issue. It’s Coaching/Baker/Offensive line.

    Leo Cease

    @Gordon Well its actually been proven that Bakers passer rating is higher when throwing from under center. Running the football from under center makes play action more effective which provides cleaner throwing windows while also protecting your offensive line against the rush.

Paul Joseph Ministries

No, trying to find OBJ has handcuffed this offense. Find ways to get Chubb the ball more

    Stomping Peak

    Agreed our other receivers are very good as well. Throw to them and Odell will be open more.

    Ast Daii

    Agreed but Chubb got the ball all second half vs the rams and it was pathetic👎 they need to get the receivers the ball and give Baker more time to do so.

    Critical Optimist

    They need to take what the defense gives them. Defenses won’t give us Odell, so if we go that route we will not win.

    Ry Ry

    How bout we spread it out evenly because we have depth everywhere besides the line

Jumpshot22 Dog Pound Nation

To much on your plate… Kitchens gets too nerves and over thinks it too much


We have got to find a way to get Chubb the ball, that will then open up OBJ over the top.

    Gary Crook


Vince wilmifingerdo

Monk and was a wash out in in Tampa Bay he’ was a quarterback killer ,
Monsanto would be proud of him if he was Allowed to water the stadium grass.

Ken P

I find this title is the problem…. Baker seems to be forcing the ball instead of taking whats there

Saylor Tusk

Bullsh*t. You’ve got to make the opposition FEAR THE RUN by putting Baker under center. Everything else grows from that.

The problem is Monken, it is already clear.


    Quit listening to the media about having to run the ball. Running the ball more ISN’T the issue. It’s Coaching/Baker/Offensive line.


    Dead on Saylor he runs that crap vertical offense that worked for Fitzmagic till they figured it ou. Then it didnt. Hes been exposed.

    david sanders

    Um……But everyone knows that FREDDIE calls the plays, sooooooo……..??

    Jon Clayton

    The problem isn’t Monken it’s all playcalling and o line. Freddie isn’t running enough play action and the line is letting Baker get torn apart. Even the great qb’s can’t pass well under immense pressure

    Gary Crook

    @Thrash44041 yep….


West Coast offense. RPO. Quick Slants. RUUUUUUN


Can someone please tell me, WHAT THE HELL WAS THEY DOING ALL THRU SUMMER? Look like they just started practicing. Look like Kitchen just started coaching when the season started. They all look like DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS.

    Daniel Griffith

    They were: Wearing floppy hats, making commercials and watch shopping- c’mon dude they already etching the lombardi…what’s there to worry about?…

Norma Montague

Todd is not going to give away the game plan. What a lame question. The penalties have killed the momentum

Nick Craig

Okay that’s the issue guys… We need to help Baker get protected, find anyone who’s open and get Chubb the ball more!

bossman Justice23

Jarvis needs to get da ball also


WOW i like this guy less and less every day.


Niggas forgot about Jarvis already

Wallie b

We DON’T need to get Odell the balk we need to get the open man spread it around like last year… and CRAAAAAAP allow the OC to call plays kitchens needs to Not call plays

Eric Carr

Bruh his voice 😂😂 sounds like he’s talking into a fan 🤣🤣

Samuel Petrucci

Take what the defense gives you. Don’t try to force the ball to OBJ!

J Red

TODD wakeup, where’s your ENERGY here! This is the energy inspiring the offense?!? Ca’mon man!

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