Todd Monken Previews Matching Up vs. Gregg Williams & Jets | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
juan perez

this guy talks like he got release from the hospital im sure his breath stinks like cigarettes

juan perez

if the jets defense gives them trouble and dont score over 3 tds before the half Oh boy! time to grow the beards back


I think the lack familiar of the WR in the first game and the speed of Calloway not opening up the field because if you have 2 burners like Odell and Calloway someone will be open

James Cunningham

Good luck Coach Monken


Dude looks like he’s been up for a week w/ a bottle of hootch under the desk !!


    😂😂😂 John Constantine 😂😂😂

Skeeter Man

Press: Enough about looking backwards. Fouls turned them upside down and Browns couldn’t execute their plan. Simple as that. We’ll see who the disrupter will be Monday night.

Becky Chuck

Speak up Please! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Street

Odell who?? Wrong answer Greg, one youll wish you would have answered differently…

    Scott O

    yup odell will use these corners. Gregg does teach hurting guys. watch early for them to go right at mosley to aggrevate that that groin. nfl network says sit njkoku. mosley cant handle him and stay healthy.

colton low

Audio is not loud enough when Todd is speaking

Chin Chukwu

i don’t know why, but there’s something i like about this guy as an offensive coordinator. i feel the browns would be better on offense with him calling the plays. jmo.


    After one game you came to this conclusion?

    Chin Chukwu

    XmenAvenger23? – ummm, no. he was the offensive coordinator for the tampa bay buccaneers last year. even though they weren’t very good—–their offensive rankings were good all year long. go check it.


    @Chin Chukwu I know that. But kitchens was also a good OC for his half season and moved the ball well.

    Chin Chukwu

    XmenAvenger23 – i feel like he should let the OC call the plays for two reasons. one, munchak has had success and has experience calling plays. i believe the bucs lead the league in total offense last year. two, it will allow kitchens to concentrate/focus more on coaching the team. the 18 penalties i think is proof that he may be taking on too much in this role.

William Jackson

Come on coach just say it you guys sucked because of not enough playing time together. That is why we had all of the penalties. Freddie fucked up. The blame should all fall on Freddie shoulders. He got to smart for his own good.

William Jackson

Baker needs to be working on being a football star not a tv or movie star. He is not Jim Brown the greatest football player of all time.

    Brandon Lowman

    What movie is he in? What are you talking about?

Mark Bowman

God Mary K… how many times are you going to ask the same damn question to every person in the building!!? God I hate your reporting.


    Amen. I really wish fans could vote her out. I don’t know anyone who likes her.

John Adams

Better win or there will be talk about y’all coaches being replaced

Teon Smith

Mary K Wtf!!!U getting bad lately!!U with us?U and Tony!!

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