Todd Monken on How Baker Can Perfect His Game Going Forward | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Todd Monken on How Baker Can Perfect His Game Going Forward | Browns Press Conference

Monken addressed the media on September 19, 2019. discusses how the offense is coming along through two weeks of the season, how . has been an asset and preparing for the led by reigning Defensive Player of the Year in .

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I don’t agree with Baker being awfully good he been more awful than good trying to find OBJ too much when he has Landry and Chubb underneath wide open and Baker playing hero ball trying to throw in double coverage and it’s not the play calling fault it’s Baker not throwing to the open man

    Idol WatchNews

    The Browns really need to diversify their running attack. It can’t be 1st down run Chubb…pass pass. They have been very predictable on offense. Where is the creativity we saw in the second half of last season?

    Idol WatchNews

    Run the damn ball more! Chubb is a freakin beast. Teams are showing blitz and then dropping back taking away throwing lanes for Baker. You beat this by running the ball right down their throats. #LFG #Brownies

    Jimmy Jones

    Idol WatchNews Not necessarily. If a good defense shows blitz and they do blitz(which you never know technically), the blitz will tend to plug gaps giving the running back less chance of finding a running lane. The better solution is screens and swing plays, whether it be run or pass swings. They will tend to out maneuver the inside weight outward. Just wait for Mr. Hunt to join in on the play calls. If read right, it’ll be practically unstoppable.


    Do you think the offensive line can allow the Browns to do that

    Jimmy Jones

    spartaneel63 In my opinion they 100% need to and will search for tackles next draft. With that said, the Browns o-line has shown glimpses of greatness. The ball simply needs to be released earlier. They’ve shown they can screen well.

Jonathan Ross

Monken better shorten up the offense this Sunday and run the ball more. He’s going to get baker plowed if he keeps calling passing plays.

    Mason Lawlor

    Freddie is calling the plays. Frankly I think Monken is better suited to do that looking at his track record.

    Jonathan Ross

    @Mason Lawlor Freddie is calling his game plan though. You can easily see how many passing attempts vs run plays they been calling so far and they keep trying to go vertical. I’d like to see the pistol formation be used again they had some success with it last year.

Robert Janko

Baker is best when he has no time. In the 2 minute drills, he is fast, concentrated and much better. Baker seems to be thinking too much!

Rody Cody

Let Monken call the plays. Freddie needs to focus on being just a head coach..

    Rockrwl L

    No he likes passing too much. Freddie just needs to get back to what he did last uear and not worry about how many touches OBJ gets

    Rody Cody

    @Rockrwl L Last year Monkens offense at Tampa Bay was number 1 in passing and number 3 overall yard. I would much rather have him calling plays than Freddie doing so. It is not smart for a first year head coach to be taking on the responsibility of play calling and head coaching.

    Rockrwl L

    What were Tampa in interceptions and QB hits? To be honest I don’t know enough about his work, if he is a play caller that adapts to the players he has and what the defence gives him then maybe your right. I know from I have seen Freddie has not adapted well to being the HC that said  I must say I loved his play calling last year


Your offense sucks


    philsalvage it’s still Freddie’s offense

    Gary Crook

    yep, for now, they suck. The Rams will probably set an NFL record Sunday sacking Mayfield.
    But, it won’t always be this way.
    If they can’t fix the O’Line, it’s gonna be a long season;
    if Freddie gets Mayfield hurt by refusing to run play-action,
    he’ll be gone next year……
    we’re gonna find out how stubborn Freddie is real quick….
    and if that’s the case, Freddie is gonna find out this is Baker’s team, not his……
    right now, they’ve all bought into this more aggressive offense.
    I think the NFL will bring them all back to reality soon;
    Sean McVay is gonna slap the taste out their mouth this Sunday.
    Go Browns! take your medicine…..

John Smith

There was once a time teams used the 4 preseason games to get as much real time experience as possible in so things like penalties, clock management, play calling, and communications could be sharpened up so you didn’t need to use the first 4 regular season games to do so. 😢

Stephen H

Really like Monken and his demeanor. Straight forward answers and there is no sugar coating. He is one of the few coaches that is actually giving you good info and answering the questions.

Ryan Parker

Your franchise QB is getting lit up and picked off. Maybe getting the ball out sooner should be a higher priority. Strange that the offense is worse than it was last year.


Let Monken be the play-caller. He’s put up huge numbers everywhere he’s called plays. Freddie is in over his head trying to call plays and be the HC.

Leroy Xiong

If Baker can do quick release ball and get good OL protection he will definitely get better chance to win games


Mayfield is not a terrible QB. He doesn’t trust his O-line for good reason. Kitchens didn’t establish a run game, took play action out of the playbook because of it, and Williams dared the Browns to throw deep. I counted it out 1001, 1002 (barely) and Mayfield was sliding either left or right because Robinson at left tackle can’t keep a block going and the roulette wheel of lineman at right tackle are at a loss on what to do.

The Jets were only rushing 4 and 5 Cleveland linemen couldn’t keep them out of the backfield. 7 defensive backs vs. 5 max receivers (with Chubb as safety valve) in man or zone coverage with OBJ and Landry double teamed? No time for zigs or zags or crossing routes or anything but “go long” and try to outrun the defender. Those are low percentage passes. Kitchens needs serious help on the line; he and Mayfield need to brainstorm on plays that Baker likes and run those.

I’ve had my doubts about Kitchen and Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken. Wasn’t impressed with Monken when he was offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State and I don’t see how both he and Kitchens can sit on the same toilet seat at the same time.

abdul smith

Whatever it takes to win, get it down Browns organization!!!!

No Name


John Connor

Yes two minute drill Baker just works along with running the pistol while spreading the ball around. Air raid shotgun formations do not work with this offense (clearly).


Extra tackles can protect Baker giving him more time if need be. They can provide pulls for screens or runs or bubble passes.

Time to get creative with the personnel we have. (LT and RT not cutting it? Give them extra lineman next to them and punish defenses for stacking the box).

    Jonathan Bell

    I agree but on the strong side, replace the tackle with a Tight end, aka another WR

Jay S

I dont remember Monken being known for a short passing attack or RPOs which would be the best fit right now.


Answer: “He hasn’t even played 1 full season yet…Damn bro” next question.

Gary Crook

Monken is right, Baker already is a top tier QB, and although he will improve over time, the schemes, routes, play-calling need to come together more effectively
to propel the Browns to the next level offensively. An organization of “winning” is not built over night.
The ownership, GM, Head Coach and franchise QB of the Cleveland Browns
have created an environment and culture that is really exciting for us fans.
Now, the rest is just x’s and o’s and execution.
That takes time to develop, Monken is a really good coach;
this is not going to be the Dallas Cowboys, the Browns are building a dynamic offense, more like Kansas City, imho……
The players will figure this out, it’s a talented group and smart bunch of young guys…..
Go Browns…. thanks to Mr. Haslam and John Dorsey, great work for Cleveland!


Let Freddie be the player caller, and Monken the head coach.

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