Todd Monken Hypes Up Nick Chubb After 3-TD Week 4 | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ohio Biker

Not sure what his job is? His DNA is launch the ball down the field every play..We are a run heavy team..

Kurt Nowitzki

I absolutely hate Mary Kay

    K Aguilera

    MKC is is train wreck at this point of her career… SMH

    Jd Franklin

    I called for her to be fired months ago….

    Jack Gauthier

    @Jd Franklin who are you Nancy Pelosi?


    Mary K is a looker tho

RZFL Sports

Nick Chubb is an absolute monster

abdul smith

We need to keep with good play calling and schemes, we have the players to get it done!!!!

K Aguilera



Is it possible to suspend Mary Kay ? That Freddie offence question …


    Of course they could and should. There is no fixing her. She just doesn’t get it.

Jimbo Bimbo

With a full compliment of WR on the field and Hubbard back at RT. Watch out I expect Baker to be hitting on all cylinders. We have not seen this yet this year. By Tuesday we will see everyone jumping back on the Cleveland bandwagon, and all the haters running back in the closet. Go Browns.

    Matt C

    Jimbo Bimbo
    49ers are no joke, and they’re at home.

    Game is a toss up. If we win the hype will return to maximum levels. Good opportunity for this team.

    Jimbo Bimbo

    @Matt C No hype just the truth, we have not seen all 4 of are top receivers on the field this year and never said 9ers was a joke, but look at the wins Cini 0-4 Pitts 1-3 Tb is pretty good at 2-2. So if there is any hype it is on the 9ers side, they have not beat a quality team like Baltimore yet. I do give ya 9ers are hard to beat at home, always have been, but you can say the same thing against Baltimore.

Comp Lex

Mary friggin-kay! Wokecenter please hire her away from us.

Tom Hawley

we got more weapons this week…..Calloway…can return kicks….juice is back….hopefully higgs……GO BROWNS…on the road again…..Ill never smoke weed with Willie again….lol

    Theresa Deleon

    I don’t know…I think you will. lol GO Browns!!

    Tom Hawley

    @Theresa Deleon hey now…lol


No Mary, YOU are the only one confused as usual. Stop inventing BS already!


Next week Mary will ask something like this: “Do you see a difference in Freddie as HC compared to Hue because the perception is that they are really similar.”

f conzo

Mary Kay needs to go back to focusing on her cosmetics business!


The audio sucks. A microphone for the press would help as much as teaching the Browns to mumble directly into one.

Marissa Armstrong

Mary Kay. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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