Todd Gurley Highlights vs. Panthers | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Todd Gurley Highlights vs. Panthers | NFL 2019

Todd Gurley finishes the day with 101 total yards. The Los Angeles Rams take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Dormant Voltage Reply

Looking like the Gurley from last year!

ferbbe02 Reply

Fix the thumbnail

buckeye998197 y Reply

Apparently the jets have the same logo as the Panthers

    Nathan Niemczyk Reply

    Yeah you didn’t know that?

    buckeye998197 y Reply

    @Nathan Niemczyk I just found out today

    H20 - TGN Reply

    Cmon man its been like this the whole time

    Blazingfire2 8 Reply

    buckeye998197 lol


    I this that made a mistake on the thumbnail. I was confused… @NFL your thumbnail

Jared GOAT Reply

Man the Jets almost beat the Rams!

Stan ezen Reply

Lmao panthers are jets now?

An angry Jets Fan Reply

We played twice in one day at the exact same time?

03 AI Reply

He is back🔥

Devon Glenn Reply

Todd Gurley the 🐐 the knee is fine . Best back in the league

    Devon Glenn Reply

    Kobe Langston how dumb are u sir ?! 14 carries for 96 yards lol that’s 7 yards a pop u dummy

    BassSlayers Reply

    Kobe Langston lmao u def took an L with that comment bro

    BAM BAM Fantasy Reply

    @Devon Glenn gurley is the best back easily

Charles Smith Reply

WOW, of course the Jets had kicking problems today: their kicking unit was sent to LA to face the Rams instead of the Buffalo Bills at the Meadowlands Met Life Stadium. 🤯🤯🤯

Mr. Miniguy Reply


ghost in the shell357 Reply

Could have sworn the Jets play the bills and the Rams play the Panthers can someone fix that

MrFunez Productions Reply

Dats crazy the jets almost got the rams

Kush Rao Reply

Todd didn’t look too affected by that knee just yet.


Just rusty he’s gonna have a huge game next week mark my words

    Joseph Pullium Reply

    RYANTHELAKERSFAN if 97 yards is rusty then I’m terrified


    Joseph Pullium I mean he didn’t have a single snap in preseason literally first game since Feb he’s gonna be a beast just O line has to step it up

Mcdonalds Worker but im with your sister Reply

Best RB in the league

Tyler Gantert Reply

Rams: Todd Gurley isn’t our bell cow anymore
Todd Gurley: Hold my Arthritis

    cook Reply

    dude ran 15 times and brown 11. hope he’s ok, but dosen’t look like the old gurley

    Charles Weston Reply

    cook lol runned

    Tyler Gantert Reply

    Charles Weston *ran

    Charles Weston Reply

    Tyler Gantert runned*

    Tyler Gantert Reply

    Charles Weston Ah, using colloquial terms I see.

Craig Reply

Aint nothing wrong with this man…STOP WISHING WRONG ON THIS MAN!


What happened to my Gurley!? That first run would have been a TD last year

    Nathan McDonald Reply

    ??? No it wouldn’t have. The defender had the angle on him and his momentum took him out of bounds. Stop freaking out over nothing.

Ray Cordova Reply

Why Christian Mccaffery wasn’t on this before him is beyond me.

Pegasus Zzz Reply

Whole team was rusty and still played good plus took the W we’ll return even stronger next week

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