Todd Bowles on NFC Championship: ‘Whoever Executes Better Is Going to Win’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Todd Bowles on NFC Championship: ‘Whoever Executes Better Is Going to Win’ | Press Conference

Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles spoke to the media on Thursday ahead of the NFC Championship Game vs. the Green Bay Packers.

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Mega Tronn Reply

We love you Todd ! Brains behind the operations. Grade A Caliber Coach

JJ Faris Reply

This will be a tough match. Hope and pray the outcome is not due to a missed or controversial ref call.

    Griffin DiMasi Reply

    as a former patriots fan i like missed calls

    JJ Faris Reply

    Former patriot fan, me too. Yes, go BUCS

Ryan Pruitt Reply

So happy all the coaching jobs are gone lol

Brandon Stephens Reply

Well from the way Bowles sounded vita will not be playing this week. He said “ hopefully we can keep winning so that vita can come back and play”. It was just wishful thinking that he’d be back this week I guess.

Edward Kitchens Reply

No Soft zone coach man up with there recievers And wrap up on Defense and Special teams and we will Be good . Go Bucs 🏈

Daq Reply

Great D last week. Let’s keep the momentum going boys!

Biinkiss Reply


Anthony Josh Reply

I’m glad most coaching jobs are taken and only Texans job is left. I want Bowles here next year

johnetan pitaluga Reply

Yo that’s such a racist question. The man Makin it seem like you supposed to get hired just because your black. You get hired base on merit.

johnetan pitaluga Reply

Let’s bring Jameis winston back just because he is black. No you get the best person for the job regardless of skin shade. The interview asks such a racist question. He should be suspended from interviewing.

Seacock Nanny Reply

Stewart Taylor reppin the Scottish Tampa fans 🤣

sizserb22 Reply

Todd has a monster defensive mind this guy is unbeliveble what he does with the defense thanks coach appreciate everything !

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