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Mike Smith Reply

This man looks like a coach that has zero confidence and that is lost during games. I truly believe it’s time to move on and I think from this press conference he knows it’s coming. About time the media ask the question, he knows he is on the hot seat.

    Tavares Raven Reply

    Dont give up yet

    Tavares Raven Reply

    @Anthony Wright we will turn it around starting next game..this team hate the defense next week at home.

    Anthony Wright Reply

    Mike Smith Nope, you are one of those types when things go well, “I knew you could do it” but yet and still you’re always trashing the team.

    Jay Manning Reply

    @Anthony Wright okay I get it you’re a dumbass it all makes sense now, and I highly doubt you know “real football” when you struggle to write basic sentences lol, you sound like a whiny child I’m surprised your parents allow you to watch football

Michael Toland Reply

Watched the movie “saving private Ryan” bf kickoff .

C Smith Reply

Let’s get ready to get whooped by the Titans! Home field advantage? Ha! Not us!

    MG Reply

    C Smith boi get outta here! Have some faith!

    C Smith Reply

    @MG sick of the L’s!

    RISEUP Gamer Reply

    I’m scared because you don’t know how the Titans are going to play. 1 week they’re playing like trash and then the next they play like a fucking SuperBowl contender

    Jersson cardozo Reply

    Lmao you already know we’re losing against the titans

Cody Paul Reply

When are you going to get it corrected though? I’m tired of us beating ourselves. 35penalties in 3weeks is inexcusable. 7penalties for first-downs and 4penalties on third-down after we had stopped them will not beat anybody. Give Jermaine Grace a look at strong safety because overall this defense is in trouble.

Josh Kellams Reply

We need to sign Eric Berry. Facts

    lamont lovett Reply

    Hell no are you out of your mind he get hurt to much!

    jaymogul25 Reply

    @Quentin Watts facts! One thing I will say though our LB core is weak Campbell is a problem and if our offense would get it together and stop leaving our defense to play the entire game they’d actually look good.

    Quentin Watts Reply

    @jaymogul25 Agreed! It also sucks to see the offense not being used like Kyle did minus the dumb 4th quarter play calling in the superbowl. They don’t throw to the back anymore which created so many mismatches during that 2016 season. I’ve seen people play Madden better than this team operates. How do you have arguably the BEST WR in the game with NOTHING to show for it but a RECORD LOSS in the Superbowl. AWESOME… 🙁

jord9308 Reply

Mike Smith made the players committing penalties get up in front of the team and explain why they got the call and how to correct it. He had the least penalized team.

    Rextontwofreshish Reply


    A sad falcons Fan Reply

    Please make this top comment

Joseph Mestas Reply

Move Kazee back to Safety and sign Eric Berry to a 1 year deal.

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    We can’t. We’re too dumb.

    Taj Bravado Reply

    So move him to safety then sign another player that plays safety ingenious 😒

    lamont lovett Reply

    That not a good idea


    Don’t matter who plays here as long as Dan Quinn is coach here, we won’t win! U have to understand that.

    Samuel Davis Reply

    Nah Eric Berry is a broken down football player. He was close to a hofer but now if he was all that his phone would be ringing off the hook.

Nick bagnulo Reply

Be more balanced on offense
TIGHTEN up on d
Fix the flags

Robert Blossomgame Reply

Yall need to start playing Grace more LB getting burned by the tight ends..DQ go out like a G and let the Offense mothaphucking ripp same thing for defense send them dogs.. DQ Matt has to do more scrambling and play action…Matt need to stop with the bone head play.. Damn rise up!

    Tavares Raven Reply

    Right!!! Start blitzing every other play..lets go out swinging DQ

softcaramel53 jab Reply

DQ y’all need to work on tackles and wrapping up.

    zero RX-79 Reply

    They did that already in 2017 this team is the same and its still trash they even did a special about how they tackle different

    Chuck Ford Reply

    softcaramel53 jab been like that for years

    softcaramel53 jab Reply

    @zero RX-79 that’s a Lie my team is not trash, now we got a few kinks to work out. But we’re far from trash.

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    That’s been a problem for several years.

ShadowFax Reply

1st and 10 – 13:35 1st Q – Campbell leaves his home tuft, turns his back and runs into coverage.. zero LB’s at home.. QB steps up, runs towards wide open space in the middle. Campbell should have stayed home and/or moved up in the gap. Pass completed by IND.

1st and 5 – 12:04 1st Q – 27 is almost 10 yards off the coverage at the snap. Zero jam at the line. Pass completed by IND.

3rd and 9 – 10:03 1st Q – 26 is almost 8 yards off the coverage at the snap. Zero jam at the line. Pass completed by IND. Field goal within range and successful.

1st and 10 – 4:23 1st Q – 26 pulls a Robert Alford. Lost and never turns back to find the ball. Pass completed by IND.

3rd and 5 – 2:14 1st Q – 26 is almost 7 yards off the coverage at the snap. Zero jam at the line. Pass completed by IND. At this point, 26 is not prepared at this level.

1st and 10 – 1:31 1st Q – Zero jam at the line. No one takes the man. Walk in TD IND.

1st and 10 – 14:12 1st Q – LB’s abandons the center of the field . Easy completion. ONE LB needs to stay home at off the line at all times, NO MATTER WHAT. Guard the center of the field at all times!

I could go on and on but it is apparent. Be a MAN and play MAN. Zone is for the unconfident team. Jam every player running a route. Don’t hold and cost us a penalty. Look back at the ball CB’s when the receiver starts to put his hands up to catch, easy with practice. LB’s need to protect the center of the field, don’t be suckered and baited into leaving the center of the field. And for Atlanta’s sake, run the ball. 27 go to corner, 26 needs to lessons. If you are listening Atlanta Defense, shake hands at the end of the game… but while the game is in play, INTIMIDATE THE OPPONENT, GET INTO THEIR MIND. PLAY FOR KEEPS. This is your time, now do something about it… please.

Malcolm Zone1 Reply


julius jones Reply

Fire Dan Quinn

Nicholas Westbrooks Reply

5 years. No defense. Just grit and toughness and lanky corners that can’t cover. Goodbye Dan Quinn.

    Quentin Watts Reply

    And all this from a supposed DEFENSIVE head coach….#RISEUPMYASS …

Chris Brown Reply

Ur becoming a rex ryan.”I love my players”blah,blah,blah

Matty Ghost Reply

Matt ice leads the league in INTs great job….😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Charles Moore Reply

Coach ,how can there be no emphasis on winning in preseason and believe it doesn’t carry over? Winning isn’t everything , it’s the only thing.

Sean Jones Reply

Arthur blank if ur listening plz fire this guy. I love my team. I had high Hope’s for him. but it’s been 5 years and we’re dam near regressing. for the love of god fire him and change the culture

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