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Ryan Halien

Jags got something with Minshew, he’s looking NFL ready, you can tell when a dude got “it”, he’s got “It”. He’s a franchise QB I’m calling it


    Jose Dreamz 6th round picks can’t be a bust


    i hope ur right we’ve been waiting in jacksonville a long time for one😭


    Hes a rookie and is doing fairly well. He’s played the chiefs alright tooo

Chris Longley Tx

That’s the Jag Defense when everyone plays there roll!!! 💯



    Holly Tempest

    Their role*


I like the look of Minshew, seems extremely composed in the pocket

    Joshua Ebanks

    @Greg Maddux But they were bringing some heavily blitz’s all night, the Jags O-line was picking them up great.

    Tiffany Clark



    Posted a reaction vid to the game on my channel. Subscribe 🏈✊🏾

    Greg Maddux

    Tiffany Clark KC traded their defense to the rams


Damn Jags gave Nick Foles 80M for one TD pass. Minshew making them feel better about it lol

    ted bundy


Curtis Lowry

This is the 2nd week I’ve watched this Jags Qb.. he does not look bad at all

    Sauce Jackson

    They finally got a decent Qb

    Charles Robinson

    Curtis Lowry or the Titans was just bad

    Gary Potter

    @Charles Robinson I’m not saying the chiefs have a great defense but he looked solid against them as well. No injury is ever a good thing but I guess something good came because of one, this guy would’ve been rotting away on the bench. Now don’t go crowning him just yet but he’s played very good football so far.


    Charles Robinson stop hating


Minshew looks better than most qbs ive seen. Looks also like Mariota is falling victim to the same kind of O-Line management as Andrew Luck did. Feelsbad.

Puro South

Damn, and I thought my Texans O-line was bad!


    Martha Fokker what if the Dolphins aren’t tanking and they really are just that bad

    Hurricane Floyd

    AJ Boyue in the secondary made the difference

Frank Salas

7 Tackles 3 Sacks 4 QB hits someone tell Campbell to chill it’s not the Super Bowl 😂😂😂

    Frank Salas

    @_ Bjfromdaskudd facts 💯%


    People are bashing this giy for making a simple joke? Wtf is wrong with people 😂 he just pointed out how hard he played and people are acting like he attacked the guy

    Frank Salas

    @TohsakaMine thank you finally someone understands the joke. Thank you bro for having the only brain in the comments 😂

    Florida Boy23

    @Dave Farlow truthfully should of won. Tht fumble was not down. And there were quite a few ghost calls and no calls in tht second half


    much 9:56 O-line

Big White Duck

The most jags thing ever is breaking the bank for a guy who gets replaced week 1

    Jackson Sweat

    Big White Duck it’s called a injury not benched

Jordan Davis

Garden Minshew is nice. Jags might’ve found their guy

    Platinum Hercules

    Chill kid


    Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire why not? Why hate?

    Tiffany Clark


    Epic Penis


Rio Gaming

Some say you can still hear Joe Buck calling another Mariota sack on a muggy Jacksonville summer night!

    Florida Boy23

    All of a sudden we had like 9 sacks😂😂 i was way confused


They’re talking about trading Mariota, but their O-line is non-existent. Maybe if they invest in O-line he wouldn’t get sacked as much.

    Casual Nerd

    I mean Taylor Lewan is super solid, but the rest are bums.

    Jack E

    Idk Mariota walked into half of those sacks he has plenty of time but just no awareness

    Jake Nordly

    @Jack E buddy he has all kinds of awareness his main focus is getting the ball out of his hands to a receiver downfield. how is that supposed to happen when he has 1 second before he gets swamped by d line. One of his strengths in his awareness.

Josh H

The roughing the passer penalties are getting out of hand. They expect these DEs to stop themselves in the air now

    Aaron Rhodes

    @imbaflo he didnt. Horrible call


    @omonil f they are professional athletes. rules are rules. adapt.

    Florida Boy23

    @imbaflo Defensive lineman completely tore his knee up tryimg to pull up from a sack so i think the rule needs to be adjusted. I agree no head shots or late hits. But im going to fall right on you because if not im more prone of hurting myself tryin to contort my body to not fall on you

FrEddy F

Delanie walker : don’t doubt us . They still gotta play.

Uhhhh.. well so do you bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Jags fans embrace the stache’! This dude is special sauce folks and I’m not just saying that because i’m a Wazzu Coug fan – he’s the real deal folks and a true leader!!

    The Govners

    As a duck fan i agree

Mobius One

So basically you’re telling me that Minshew is the greatest football player to ever walk the earth?

    Cristian Elvis

    Yea aight if thats the case then Mariota didn’t get sacked 9 times last night 😒



    Hey Jrostey

    Cristian Elvis huh

    INTERNET CRIP aka keep calling me honky I NEED THAT

    Hes up there, definitely better than Aaron Rodgers

Matthew D

Why did Mariota keep stepping up into a crumbling pocket rather than rolling out

    IC Brigade

    His QB coach most likely told him it’s the NFL and you don’t run and gun like in college. I blame the coaching staff.

King Toya

Derrick Henry was on the sidelines way too much

    Greg Maddux

    I agree but they cldnt block for him

    Hurricane Floyd

    He was having a bad game. He missed what wide open screen pass. He basically got benched

Derek Rau

Can we all just acknowledge Calais Campbell’s dominance in this game.

Dylan Billings

When the highlight reel starts with a punt you know it’s Thursday Night Football.

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