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Evil Duck

Tannehill and Woodside played great both threw 2 touchdowns and 0 picks Tannehill is definitely the best backup Quarterback

    Jay S

    If Tannihill plays against the ones like that he should start. Its no way they brought him here to just back up.

    Christopher Supercinski

    @ima cookie yup

    Dixie Normis

    Q’Ares MyouzIQ just because he didn’t play well doesn’t mean he’s bad. His team was garbage. Look at Nick Foles, he sucked on the Rams and Chiefs and then he won a Super Bowl. Mariota is garbage and should’ve been out of the league by now.


EDP punching the air rn

    Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion

    @Evil Maddox he’s telling the truth though, truly insufferable

    Carson Wentz Fan

    @Joey B Big cap

    Carson Wentz Fan

    @Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion Nah

    Vietnamese Jesus

    @Loyal Philly fan edp takes preseason too seriously

Loyal Philly fan

Nate Sudfeld is Nick Foles little brother.


    @SangheiliWarrior Why? LOL


    @Petty Ceddy No he is not, he aint in the league for years lmao


    @Realz Niccaradio Gonna enjoy time traveling to your stupid comment later this season. You will be in hiding.

    Realz Niccaradio

    @hamhockbeans yeap , ill trying to hide my laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣 p.s wheel it to um wentz

Loyal Philly fan

Nate sudfeld is looking great early on even tho I really wanted to see Wentz tonight

    Leah Meowzers

    northdakota momma you still argue with people on the internet? Get a lot life the dudes a troll

    northdakota momma

    @Leah Meowzers It is more amusing than reality tv.


    @Christine Culpepper You know you just damned your own team’s QB idiot. Enjoy a losing record.


    @Christine Culpepper You just said you can’t wait that is the same as wish dude. I bet you could not wait for the Eagles to loose to the Vikings 2017 or the Pats in the Bowl so sorry it did not happen.

    Christine Culpepper

    @hamhockbeans Saying cant wait means that I cant wait to see it happen again. It happened every year from the jump. Yall only won SB52 is because of nick foles who isnt even that good. Smh you eagles fans are hella stupid. Destroy your own city when you win a SB why dont you.

Loyal Philly fan

Wentz vs Foles next week I hope lol.




    @Airees Lulz you’re dumb asf

    *Crystal Spirit Wolf*

    @Airees Lulz u wish hes healthy as hell, when hes healthy u dont wonna on his wrist


    @Pug Racer those be fightin words

Precise Cowboys

Cody hollister is raw👀


    @Riley McMonigle They both we’re signed by the pats two years ago they’re twins one plays tightend the other plays wide receiver go check out his pre-season game with new England.


    @Riley McMonigle he also got a ring with us last year and his brother did too. Lol I just looked it up.

    Riley McMonigle

    @YEAH IGHT no way lmao. I did not know that my bad 😂

    Mightyjey Mightyjey

    Bad dude


    @Riley McMonigle most people don’t I don’t blame u bro💯

Titan Nation13

Let’s go I know it’s pre season but still so happy I can finally watch my team play again gg eagles I still think y’all will be really good in the regular season

    Jake NHale

    Yea eagles 1st string didn’t play tonight. I’m still so glad it’s back lol

    The Little Penguin

    Gg my guy. We always lose against you guys no matter what lol



    Bama_ Boy_89

    I love the NFL but I’m ready for college football to start. 3 weeks!

Unshaken Salsa

Woodside and Tannehill low key looking baller. I’d pick Woodside though because cmon … It’s Ryan tannehill


    Unshaken Salsa his o line in Miami was garbage

    Christopher Baez

    Give Tannehill a O-line, and he can throw pretty accurately. He’s not a bad QB, wish the dude the best.

    Miggy Miggy

    Trust me I watch the Dolphins games and Tannehill is better than ppl think

    Marco Puma

    I saw wood side when he played for the bengals and he can sling it and run it really nicely

Zack Amig

Mariota seems to like humphries. Fantasy viable?

    William McClamy

    I’m not gonna lie. Titans are looking good this year. With Humphries, Davis, Henry as well as that offensive line should make waves.


    Zack Amig only starting WR tonight lol

    Zack Amig

    @Dynamite yeah but look what he was able to do last year as like the 3rd or 4th option in tampa.

    Mightyjey Mightyjey


    Hank’s Dank

    Zack Amig henry a bust? And I thought I was high lol

Dawson Garret

Damn, thorson missed throws I never could. Ever. Eagles are lucky to have wentz

    Pug Racer

    What do you mean? By week 8 wentz is going to get hurt and someome has to play QB

    northdakota momma

    @Pug Racer You know this how? Zip it!

    Robert G

    @Pug Racer Just like Mariota

    Evil Maddox

    Stfu pug

    Abdul ElTawil

    northdakota momma happened the past two seasons. That’s how we know lol

Tae. R

Too much young talent on the titans this may be a good year for them.

    Alex Johnson

    Mike Jazz 6-10

    Mike Jazz

    @Alex Johnson Don’t confuse the Browns at 6-7 with the Titans. 9-7 last 3 seasons, they will be better than 9-7 this season

    Riley McMonigle

    @Mike Jazz what did the titans actually do in the offseason, I wasnt paying attention. What’ll make them better?

    Harry DuBray

    Adust Gaming he also has Walker who rarely drops the ball and Humphrey looks good too

    Mike Jazz

    @Riley McMonigle Why don’t you go and find out for yourself chump

ThaLost Cause

goedert is gonna be a beast

    Carson Wentz Fan

    @Jack Trippin777 You’re dumb

    Alex Johnson

    Jack Trippin777 ya you are dumb

    Jawad Sammour FlyEaglesFly Super Bowl 52 champs

    David Ramon your mom is trash casual


    Real rap


    @David Ramon foh bruh u a hater

Brandon One

Tannehill looks good..Im rooting for Mariota but Tannehill has something to prove.

    Willie Hardiman

    @d12 polo y’all really got hyped over a dude that played with 2nd and 3rd stringers. There’s a reason your team let him go. 😂😂😂


    Tannehill isn’t a bad QB. He just can’t stay healthy. He should be starting somewhere. Not backing up Mariota.


    Theh looked good. Couple tough throws from Mariota that didnt quite go how he wanted, but he looked pretty good overall

    Dee09 Motivation

    Adust Gaming Mann Mariota has played 4 yrs already. We’ve seen what he can do we need another spark. Only position on the whole damn team holding us back

    Brent Mase

    Lmao Mariota played one series and y’all want to dissect every single play. Tannehill has to punt on his first series himself. He just ended up playing nearby the whole half

Rebel Eazy

I can’t lie I am not looking forward to Jim Swartz and his lack of creativity on defensive side of the ball.


    @ProjectLFTD Z71 We said the same last season. You think he’d of fixed the issue since Brady exploited that problem during SB52. Instead the fool let it continue and seemingly still has.

    The Little Penguin

    Xzvius I mean what are you gunna do? Last year we had practice squad DBs. They’d get toasted even harder if they pressed more often. I agree it’s stressful, but like when you have 11 different people injured, I’m sure it’s tough

    Alberto Torres

    It was mostly second string and third string for the birds the titans had starters out there and only won because of it. I’d say if it wasn’t for Sudfeld getting hurt the score would of been closer. But it’s preseason Enjoy the win. Eagles will get it together before week 1.

    Rebel Eazy

    ProjectLFTD Z71 preseason or not it’s his coaching Philosophy that i don’t care for. You gotta adapt and adjust. He doesn’t do that well. The greats know how to make the needed adjustments


Thorson’s accuracy is 💩.


    @Jesstin De Leon NFL will truly mean Not For Long for him if he can’t improve.

    SayDat Quan

    @Jesstin De Leon camp body for sure..I guarantee you he is going to get cut and if eagles keep tre Sullivan …. I am so done with them… They also need good corner backs I don’t Kno why they didn’t draft any… Our back ups stink . Darby and Mills aren’t good either. I don’t know why they kept those fools

    kyoto vaiau

    He’s shitting but he was good in college maybe he was scare I guess


    @SayDat Quan Good

Eric Gehrung

Fantasy notes:

Yes, Humphries is a slute

King Shredda

Ryan Tannahill played like a goat not gonna lie


    MrNikkistyles exactly 😂 all this hype like this not pre season where mfs just going through the motions

    Billy Snots

    @Dlotv615 yeah he looks dope on the 2nd and third team

    George Brother

    Dude its preseason everyone play like goats then!!!!

    kyoto vaiau

    He looks good playing against 2 and 3 string lol

David Fields

Most impressive part of the play @2:11 is the left tackle #77 making the cut block then hustling down field. That’s a championship effort

    Amesome Man 33

    @Evan Davidson He sure hustled to get that polygraph after he got his suspension notice XD Love Taylor tho hope he can somehow wiggle out of it and be there week 1.


    @Evan Davidson lewan is an animal

    DeezR Bonards

    David Fields i saw that on my second playthrough, that was really impressive

    Charlie Day

    That was savage

Brown Man

Both the titans backups looked like starters

    Dewitt McDidditt

    All three Titans QBs are also injury-prone. Lol

    Even Logan Woodside got injured one week while playing in the AAF.

    Anthony Gonzalez

    Maybe because he was a starter lmao


    Anyone looks like a starter when compared to Mariota

donald ferrell

“Thorson will get a chance to cut it lose”

“Andddd he air mails it, interception”

    Dewitt McDidditt

    I couldn’t help myself. I laughed out loud at that moment.

    I was legit routing for him too. Come on, Thorson. XD

    CichlidsOf SA

    @Dewitt McDidditt same I laughed my asss off 😂🤣

    CichlidsOf SA

    Fucken hilarious 😂

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