Titans vs. Browns Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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C. Who Dat Reply

This just goes to show you to not overhype a team that hasn’t proven anything yet.

    Crazy Lovatic Reply

    Honey, there’s no one more excited for the Saints-Rams game than New Orleans. ⚜️

    RaiXVortex Reply

    That was the media

    Jared Thomas Reply

    It’s ONE game fam out of SIXTEEN… RELAX fam don’t BRAG too early…

    C. Who Dat Reply

    Crazy Lovatic ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

    Cole Young Reply

    Blown out by the titans👀 who are barley even a wild card team

D Reply

Browns fans already discussing who they should draft No.1 overall next year

    Diego Gonzalez Reply

    Trevor Lawrence lol

    Samuel Hur Reply

    Obj bout to announce his retirement lmao

    Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath Reply

    @Joshua medrano for cleveland browns its actually not a joke since the past few years sadly

    Turkuncut turkuncut21 Reply

    Baker too cocky think he can fit every throw

    Bowser With tits Reply

    CoolBreezy#9 wdym baker played good until the 4th quarter when he needed to make high risk plays to keep them alive. Penalties killed us and that’s it

JG sports cards Reply

Flat out titans showed up ready to play and the browns were still asleep.

    THANOS P Reply

    @Alex Garcia or you can just face the fact that the browns suck AGAIN.

    THANOS P Reply

    @fire lord azula exactly lmaooo

    THANOS P Reply

    You can change the roster but you cant change tradition! #ClevelandBrowns #LosingTradition

    THANOS P Reply

    @KobraThaDon Excuses lol 2 things Browns fans are spectacular at is Losing and Making Excuses

    Colin Reply

    KobraThaDon Go back to sleep. You’re still in a fantasy that the OBJ and Henry calls were incorrect.

Conor McGregor Reply

Offseason champs can pipe down now. OBJ going to start acting like a diva in a few weeks, watch

    Dong Longslapum Reply

    Dont worry bruh, the Browns are gonna at least be 12-4 and probably win the division. Oh, wait a minute, sorry…………I meant Brown on the Patriots.😎

    Dwalk Reply

    He gonna have the watch around his neck by game four. He’s the NFL’s flavor flav…🤡🤡🤡.

    Austin Clubb Reply

    Already is!

Seth Stine Reply

Browns: We are BACK!

Titans: Hold my beer…

    Breakglass Dawkins Reply

    Everybody: You’re a dork

    Dr_hoodZ Reply

    You mean whisky right

    Jesse Grajeda Reply

    Lmfao !!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    Chris R Reply

    Seth Stine 12:04 take your beer back

    KobraThaDon Reply

    You mean Refs : hold my 🍺

MegaGolgo13 Reply

Baker Mayfield is three beers and four interceptions away from being Johnny Manziel!!

    MegaGolgo13 Reply

    b1bbs g0t h4nds Baker Mayfield is hot garbage. That’s the real issue. Dak is doing just fine. Keep watching him win. Redskins get it next!

    Car Ram-Rod Reply

    At least Johnny manziel could actually win

    Bryson Finchum Reply

    Johnny manziel was good asf it’s just his mind set wasn’t at all

    Bryson Finchum Reply

    Look at Johnny highlights he’s like a white Michel Vick

2Slick Jordan Reply

Titans need to feed Derrick Henry more, he’s a monster.

    mike time Reply

    That rookie AJ Brown looks good too

    Titan E Reply

    Yes I agree #tighten up

    James B. Patrick Reply

    I’ve always thought that the main reason Alabama lost to Ohio State in the playoffs in 2014 is because they strangely stopped feeding Henry in the second half. OSU had trouble slowing him down in the first, he’s ridiculous.

    Devour Reply

    That’s why he won the heisman

Caligula6 Shoshon Reply

Ha #1 in trending, everyone slows down to look at a car crash.

    tyvek05 Reply

    what are you talking about??? #1 on trending is the New Orleans game. this game is not even on the radar…

    Caligula6 Shoshon Reply

    @tyvek05 what are you talking about? This video was trending at the time I made this comment.

    Victor Miller Reply

    Caligula6 Shoshon he must be a salty browns fan

CommentDude Reply

Browns lost when everyone had a bet on them, the clown is the browns 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    unknown comic Reply

    Cleveland Clowns! They should seriously think about that as a name change! Has a nice ring to it don’t it?

    Snow Wolf Reply

    CommentDude And Baker said he wanted the target on his back, couldn’t even handle the pressure against a team that will probably go .500 or lower this season

    Daniel Conner Reply

    CommentDude RedSkins are better!?

    Cleveland Clowns Reply

    @unknown comic yeah I did. They can as well

    unknown comic Reply

    @Cleveland Clowns go talk to them about it! They can put clowns on the helmets and everything! They can even wear clown uniforms and red cleats! Ha! Ha! Ha! Jadaveon Clowney went to the wrong team! Ha! Ha! Ha!

WillSr70 Reply

“You can crown them all you want,but they still gotta play football”!!!Realist quote I’ve heard.

    Lissa Brown Reply

    You can crown them all you want, but they are just some clowns. LOL…

Pegasus Zzz Reply

There goes everybody’s hopes for Browns although I got to give it to the titans they looking pretty tuff( coming from a rams fan)

Kristophine May Reply

Browns: ohh we up against the Titian’s…….bruh we fina catch this dub!!.

Titians: bing Bada boop bing…………. pow💥.

    Kristophine May Reply

    avengers assemble don’t be salty my guy😂

    avengers assemble Reply

    I’m not salty I was being honest

    Dommy521 Reply

    women aren’t funny

    willuberpants Reply

    is that from that rap battle? lmaoooooooo

nathan c Reply

I feel bad for the Browns. Baker channeled his inner Jameis Winston today with all those turnovers.

    MARK MARK Reply

    nathan c wow 😂😂😂😂

    Titan E Reply

    Don’t feel bad for the Browns losing is like winning for them, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

KJEdward Cooke Reply

The Giants thought they sent me to Cleveland to die’– Odell Beckham Jr.

Wilson Smith Reply

So no one is going to talk about the great game that mariota, henry, and the titan’s defense had but instead say the Browns just blew it. Smh #TitanUp

    Frank Champion Reply

    Stop crying. We’re just laughing at the Browns

    Christian Juraska Reply

    As I Titan fan it makes me happy. As soon as the spotlight is on us we have folded just like after the Seattle win in 2017 and Buffalo last year. Gotta beat Indy and the Jags and the respect will come

    shy Lee Reply

    Cleveland is just really bad they make Tennessee look good. In reality Tennessee sucks as well.

    Charles Weston Reply

    shy Lee nah

Professor 254 Reply

Delanie Walker: “you can go ahead and crown them (Browns), but they still gotta play football.”

    Daniel Conner Reply

    Professor 254 Sanchez retired idiots

    Original Name Reply

    Daniel Conner where the hell did he mention Sanchez

    Daniel Conner Reply

    Original Name Sanchez is Brown you idiots haaa jaaa!!!!!

    Deathdew Reply

    Daniel Conner not funny whatsoever

    The Dark Warrior Reply

    Walker is 100% right

Grape Ape Reply

Browns were hungover from celebrating that paper Lombardi.

RB6 troling Reply

If it looks like trash
Sounds like trash
Plays like trash

It’s probably the Cleveland browns

Jason Case Reply

Great 1st win for the Titans in Year 2 of the Vrabel era.

Vrabel wants to make the Titans great in Year 2, and he has a good start.

    charles charles Reply

    Make the Titans Great Again

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