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Titans: cut their kicker for missing 4 field goals in one game

Also Titans: sign a replacement who missed 4 kicks in one game

    Razorslash43 Reply

    Leo Przybylowicz Stafford is a good QB. Again on an incompetent teams for a long time with zero defense. They also were convinced power runs were the key to success with Megatron

    Razorslash43 Reply

    Pekka Rinne You dont have decent to good receivers. If you did they would be getting separation and not making contested catches constantly. You also lack any deep or speed threat that scares defenses. You also lack any veteran depth at the WRs position, not to mention overlapping talents in Davis and Brown.

    Leo Przybylowicz Reply

    @Razorslash43 Stafford panics in the pocket and throws crazy interceptions …. he needs take Ricky Williams approach and smoke one before the game

    Hernan DS Reply

    jUAN.T he also made the playoffs that year and went for 4TD and 1 INT that year but let’s ignore that “stats looker” (with a playoff win)

Kevin Surur Reply

Denver’s defense has been impressive in the last two games despite significant injuries (Chubb, Dawson, Callahan). Kareem Jackson and AJ Johnson have looked the most impressive.

Will be interesting to see how they play against KC on Thursday.

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    Beat KC… Everybody else does.

    James Pallo Reply

    @Steven Soco not to mention Callahan hasn’t even played yet.

    Rolando Garcia Jr. Reply

    @Steven Soco I agree Alexander Johnson played probably one of the cleanest games at ILB all season last week against LA and he followed that up very well here

    EddieG303 Reply

    And not to mention moving Shelby Harris back to DE was also a smart move thats where he excells far more rather then the NT position

Andrei Solzhenitsyn Reply

Who is the most overrated team

Browns: like
Cowboys: like

    Jugert Isufi Reply

    Texans and Ravens

    Harry Porter Reply

    Sammy yeaaa we are

    stealth man Reply


    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    Neither. The cheifs are by far

Zach Zadrozny Reply

Who’s offense is worse?


    ray ray Reply

    @Evil Duck told you the titans funna lose trash can

    David S Reply

    Whose*, “who’s” always means “who is” or “who has”

    Logan Sheele Reply

    The Broncos offense isn’t that bad, the play calling has just been pathetic…

    Evil Duck Reply

    @ray ray like the Broncos are any better there still trash

    ray ray Reply

    @Evil Duck when we hear the cheifs are you gonna say the same thing

SportsHighlightCollection Reply

Titans defense: Gets a stop

Titans offense: aight imma head out

    Artyom Reply

    This comment is as overrated as Mariota as a qb

    Rev Hitit Reply

    Dead meme alert

    L G R W Reply

    Artyom how is mariota overrated everyone says he sucks, if anything he’s underrated because people talk about him like hes bortles, to be overrated that means people have to think you’re a good player, people don’t think that about mariota. Melvin Gordon is a good example of overrated, people think he’s elite but undrafted Phillip Lindsay is better so is joe mixon Derrick Henry and Nick chubb. wish the titans would just start tannehill rest of year though, tank and draft new qb. And Keep tannehill as backup I guess.

    Julie Estes Reply

    Juile AEstes 18monfh

    MAGACOP Reply

    Old joke

You can be anyone in the comments Reply

3qbs combined for 0tds and 4ints

    Chesscom Support Reply

    All 3 combined are almost as bad as Jameis Winston!

    Coltyn Oshea Reply

    To be fair Flacco’s wasn’t his fault

    Curtyman 808 Reply


    CJ Pockets Reply

    Beast Mode uh huh

    Ismael pineda Reply

    Courtland sutton looks good af

Joe Fucking Flacco #11TDS-0INTS #Joeezy #JoeCool #5 #BetterRecievers Reply

Mr. Elite delivers again

    Steven Soco Reply

    He does, actually

    Rts Reply


    eoe123321 Reply

    Mr. “Superbowl MVP 11TD0INT”

    Deon Thomas Reply

    Tough schedule though wonder how long he can keep this up

Salman Umar Reply

6:01 Refs having a bit of fun

    Milkshake Reply

    Salman Umar lmfao

    Ø.G DeRrIcK Reply

    Salman Umar 💀💀

    Chesscom Support Reply

    Refs were having fun in a bunch of games today

    dequon ferrara Reply

    They dreamed about tht moment

    guillermo fiscal Reply

    sick dabs

Vaughn Thacker Reply

3:24 What the hell? Did Fant just lose the ball in the sun? That’s a really costly play.

    America's Choice Reply

    @Max Robbins True.

    Kevin Gram Reply

    He lost sight of it in the sun. The sun was directly there the ball was coming from.

    America's Choice Reply

    @Kevin Gram The DB didn’t lose sight of it.

Munyamyne Reply


    Jack Trippin777 Reply

    And we let em off the hook!!!😡😁😁coach green was no joke

    ɪɪ-ᴋɪɴɢ-ɪɪ Reply

    That’s a Browns thing my guy

Dewitt McDidditt Reply

Brandon Perna gonna have a hay-day with this one.

    john john Reply

    I now pull for the Bronco just for him

    Rich Moore Reply

    Dewitt McDidditt lol😎👍

    Michael Roche Reply


    Dewitt McDidditt Reply

    @Michael Roche hello welcome to That’s Good SsssSssSssSSSsssports my name is Brandon “insert joke” Perna.

    Mister Zuniga Reply

    Dewitt McDidditt just waiting for the upload lol 😂

paul james Reply

1:35 when you’re socially awkward and tryna fit in

    Stan ezen Reply


    TeriNtheGirlz Reply

    I already laughed at that, then I saw this comment🤣🤣🤣

    Keymah Reply

    Don’t get it

    henrythehankengine Reply

    @Keymah cause the player jumps on a tackle when he didn’t even need to

John Perkins Reply

As a bronco fan one of the best moments to experience is a Chris Harris interception. It’s right there with Von getting a sack.

    John Perkins Reply

    Kev Fitz it’s business, I hate seeing them go but we will always remember the great times with em.

    Mister Zuniga Reply

    John Perkins preach

    Aaron Vargas Reply

    @Kev Fitz Chris has took a paycut to be with us when we won the superbowl so he gets a pass to get pissed at a game.

    Ismael pineda Reply

    Kev Fitz haha you’re stupid if you think chj25 will jump ship . If it’s up to him he’s a bronco for life .
    ES10 is our best offensive player in my opinion

Polar Reply

Aj Johnson should of been starting a long time ago idk where he’s been

    chaz6018 Reply

    Jewell is hopefully replaced for good after these last two games

    Altitude Sickness Reply

    Polar Dyno Johnson!

A.T X Reply

The most inconsistent team of all time…the Tennessee Titans 💀

    thizzreggie Reply

    @Point ok but not inconsistent

    Sami Saeed Reply

    Nah it’s definitely the chargers

    Robert Wilson Reply

    Hell naw thats the bucs

    A.T X Reply

    Robert Wilson i don’t think the bucs have the expectations the titans have tho

    A.T X Reply

    Robert Wilson the titans are seen as maybe a 9 to 10 win team with the talent they have but they always lose to teams they should beat

MoneyMakinMitch Goaty Reply

I like Courtland Sutton’s game

Derrick Mason Reply

If my broncos can get that w on Thursday night vs Kc we’re back in Bizz

    Greg Maddux Reply

    Lol not a chance. You’ll c a real offense there

    Kev Fitz Reply

    @Greg Maddux you have choke artist Reed as a coach. Take away the deep throws they dont really have any other offense

    Jose Johnson Reply

    @Greg Maddux I would favor the Cheifs but the broncos will do what the colts did ….Run , run, dink and dunk..Chiefs defense is still bad I can see the broncos running all over them….Cheifs are Good broncos will have to prove it….

    Rahzel Mickens Reply

    @Empowered CRB As a broncos fan the raiders will win the west

    Greg Maddux Reply

    Kev Fitz I’m not a chiefs fan bud

Anthony GDB Reply

Basically Broncos highlights 😂

    Liquid Solids Reply

    Broncos highlight reel but also a “reasons to get rid of mariota and start tannehill” video

MrBank325 Reply

TN offensive line: the Tennessee Turnstiles.

Proppa Music Reply

*They thought Tannehill was the man until they heard: Tannehill is SACK*

    Dellway Hellway Reply

    He got us up da field n mm8 couldn’t do dat… but da whole team needs a do over

    Robert Fisk Reply

    @Dellway Hellway New coach is what they need!!

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