Titans vs. Bears Preseason Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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XxKorean_BBQxX Reply

Bear down, this season we gon be really good

anandguruji83 Reply


    Tyler Miller Reply

    I will never know why this kid does this

    Godlikelobster01 Reply

    It’s a preseason game, not really heartbreaking by any means lol.

    Demaryius Thomas Reply


    Real IN Reply

    Demaryius Thomas lol

Cheezitchar123 Reply

Bears went 1-3 in preseason in 1985 😳

    Demaryius Thomas Reply

    Nell yt stfu

    Harambe Reply

    Have they never gone 1-3 in the preseason before in that span?

    Real IN Reply

    Harambe yeah but we a better team and look at what Dean said

Sports 311 Reply

This is really gonna be a special season and i look forward to seeing how things transpire throughout the season. πŸ»β¬‡οΈ Chicago

    Joe Anderson Reply

    Buckle up cuz it’s going to be a long depressing season… 😁

    Mikey Carrero Reply

    @Joe Anderson i expect it to be our best season in years

Conrad Matthiesen Reply

Let’s go Eddy Diniero

Big Chuck Reply

Tyler Bray should be backup

    Jfamily Online Reply

    @ShadowedSera stop it

    James Gurley Reply

    If only he wasnt playing the backups

    jesse mcnabb Reply


Druuuv NBA Reply

In this game watching the offense was better than watching the defense for once. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jeremy Tittle Reply

I want to mention (because they ddnt show this) Tyler Bray had put together a pretty decent last drive despite a sack. It didn’t result in points but he did string together a lot of throws. It reminded me of the hated drive against the Eagles.

Roman Aukuso Reply

Titans no.28 got fken speed damn

    vandermixon Reply

    maybe he earned a roster spot tonight. he’s not even listed on the depth chart right now.

    writer's block Reply

    Dalyn Dawkins. He played on the Titans practice team last season.

    lwvyjb Reply

    If he is on the titans and his number is 28, he’s probably fast

    Sammy Marquez Reply

    @lwvyjb lmao thats fac

Brian Naranjo Reply

Bray imo is way better than Daniels

    J Dolo Reply

    @James Gurley bray does better vs 2nd string than daniels too. No denying he better. The effort alone is. But he is great prac qb
    We need a serious bkup qb thats Mobil. Too many better options in other teams and FAs. No excuses

    Steven Smith Reply


    Christopher Morales Reply

    And the bad news is the bears are keeping Chase Daniel.

    immasoxfanbaby Reply

    Brian Naranjo no doubt

    Donald Girtley Reply

    @James Gurley true but his throws are good

Gerret Outdoors Reply

The commentator sounds like he has had about a pound too much coke.

    Anthony Hayes Reply

    You should have heard them on game pass. It was horrible. They sound like high school commentators. Especially the guy from Good morning football. He needs to say with the day time show.

    Jala Bogard Reply

    I was thinking the same thing πŸ˜‚

    rockofloveusa Reply

    so true

    E double E Reply

    Pure Bolivian flake😭

    Patrick Burley Reply

    Lol ya hype straight from Bogota

Glen Martin Reply

Dawkins ate today! 13 carries for 117yds. Also I’m still convinced that Raymond will and should take Taylor’s spot

    berwind Reply

    I disagree, but instead of arguing about who’s better let’s just enjoy the idea that the Titans might have a decent receiving corps this season πŸ˜€

    TheReallyFakeBurnieBurns Reply

    Oh yeah, I hope they make the roster; not looking great for either of them just yet

    Ashley Vickers Reply

    Dawkins should be 2nd string rb he is almost as good as Derrick henry

    Glen Martin Reply

    @berwind who is arguing? I simply gave an opinion. It’s ok to disagree

    mberwind Reply

    @Glen Martin no one, myself included πŸ˜€ was just being positive. That sometimes doesn’t get communicated properly through text

Tylko Stany Reply

Where is first and a half quarter of Titans offense lmao

    Mikey Carrero Reply

    That’s what we call bears defense. Unfortunately our backups couldn’t keep it up. Very disappointing game for chicago.

    Mason. Reply

    Mikey Carrero the whole game was backups

    Mikey Carrero Reply

    @Mason. Yes but the bears backups on d have played well this preseason. I was expecting them to hold the lead.

Vicente Salinas Reply

DAMN that boy Dawkins can sure run

    Chris Shanklin Reply


Joe Angel Hernandez Reply

PRODUCTION OVER TALENT @chicagpbears MITCH> BRAY> DANIELS the last person I would want on the field

SWAG BOY360 Reply

Make Tyler Bray our backup QB cut Chase Daniels! Thank You!

Kyle Hawk Reply

Who is that Dawkins kid ?…He showed some flashes. Wow!

    Christian Hall Reply

    Kyle Hawk Brian Dawkins son, I believe

    Jason Kilgore Reply

    @Christian Hall just found out that Brian Dawkins nephew is Dalyn Dawkins.

    Kyle Hawk Reply

    @Jason Kilgore you are right…he is nephew of the great Brian Dawkins. I know he was playing against back up defense. But nevertheless, he seems to have that extra gear going thru those holes.

    Jason Kilgore Reply

    @Kyle Hawk He doing excellent and earned his roster, I think. more or less, he will get more training and get better. also, I think he have more potential to show.

Yung Faness Reply

Tennessee Starting To Power Up i Can FeeL it

Ben Saecker Reply

I want what that commentator was having πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ a 3rd stringer catches a pass, “we’re going to the superbowl!!!”

    Shaun Sopczak Reply

    He said after Eddie made a FG.

    Ben Saecker Reply

    Even worse πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Kyle Clendenon Reply

    If you figure out what he had, put in for me some also. Dang.

    AverageJoe Reply

    He is one of the hosts from gmfb he was having fun haha I thought it was hilarious

Tyler Musson Reply

“they left some time on the clock”

But wait….. Why does the video end there. Lmao

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