Titans QB Marcus Mariota: It’s a Good Way to Finish the First Quarter of the Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Wayne A. W.

M’boy MM8 – Wins versus Top 10 QBs:
Matt Ryan
Tom Brady
Russell Wilson
Joe Flacco
Aaron Rodgers

    Braden Hudson

    @Willie Hardiman lol facts

    Soo Drew

    Take Falco off that list please ^_^

    Wayne A. W.

    Soo Drew Super Bowl-winning QB: Joe Flacco.

    Ken Adams

    LMAO!!! you act like no one has ever beaten these guys before. Did Mariota beat Flacco last year???

    Wayne A. W.

    Ken Adams Just comparing MM8/Titans to peeps like Winston, Cousins, Keenum. Until now, the only consistent receiver Marcus has had is Delanie Walker/TE.

papa smurf

Credit to the responsibilities. Wtf. We need it and play smart for all the next games. Let’s titans up from that lost and stay winning. Let’s go titans. For the boyzzzzzzzz. 🤙🏽

papa smurf

Come on mm8. Let’s move on and win with a purpose for the next games. All eyes on you. You have the best qb ratings for the second xs this season. Let’s roll titans. For the boyzzzzz🙌🏽

Captain Grizzly

i sure do hate the media. i just dont like the media anymore

    money game

    @ Captain Grizzly But at the same the “YOUR are the social MEDIA “


Great Game Mariota!! It’s Games like today that puzzles people about him. Every time  this man looks and is playing defeated he goes out and balls like a Boss. I know everyone is going to say :”His line played better and that’s why he did good”: And that is right along with better play calling but the truth is Marcus played great and when he does that we are very hard to beat. He wasn’t holding the ball today or running into the blitz. He threw quick and accurate passes and mixed in some runs. Be consistent Marcus and sky is the limit.

    Black Spawn

    He needs confidence and to cut it loose downfield and trust your receivers.

Pop ngo

keep it up

Isaac Helton

Way to go titans y’all doing better thanks mm8 for the win #Titanup #TITAN4LIFE


    Isaac Helton that’s a badass helmet on your profile pic

    Isaac Helton

    @4Respect4Freedom4loyalty thanks


Good game, Marcus. Don’t doubt yourself.

    Ken Adams

    that’s why he will never make it to that next level. after 4 years he has zero confidence in himself.



Mr Pete

great job Marcus down with you win are loose bro

Abanouboss #1

Nate Davis was a help today

    David Denby


    Black Spawn

    Lewan returns this week from suspension. Look for him to be ready to go.


I’ve been very critical of MM recently. This is the MM we need on a weekly basis. He played like a franchise QB and made a bunch of smart decisions. Seems he was able to fix all the issues I was complaining about in a short time.

Being decisive with his throws!!!! Check!!

Not taking sacks from holding on to the ball too long!!! Check!!!!

Not rushing his feet and getting them set to make accurate throws!! Check!!!!!

Throwing the ball away from the pocket and using his check downs as a last resort = 0 sacks.

All these things made a HUGE difference plus kudos to the O-line for really stepping it up today (plus we get Lewan back next week). Now I’ll just sit back and make sure his performance next week isn’t a fluke plus, at least he’s admitting he’s trying to fix his previous problems. Him being AWARE of this gives me great hope he can be our long term guy if he doesn’t start regressing again.

    Ken Adams

    its just sad and funny how he looked awkward and not use to throwing the ball way. I’m glad he did it. Save so many long yardage plays for sure!!

Black Spawn

The first half was flowing well. No adjustments in the second half though. There’s a new AB in the NFL. A.J. Brown

    Cody Buchanan

    We stopped spreading the offense and went into conservative territory. It felt like we wanted to keep the Falcons defense on the field longer. But our defense is super bowl ready

    Black Spawn

    @Cody Buchanan that ball control is ok but why do that so early in the third and fourth quarter? The defense reminds me of Tampa’s back in the day when Warren Sapp would say “give us 21 points and it will be over”. We need to keep pushing the ball downfield.

    Cody Buchanan

    @Black Spawn not sure. I’m not running the offense. Too much faith in the defense.

    L G R W

    We should’ve kicked a fg on 4th and 1 when we got stuffed, no reason to go for that why not kick and make it a 3 possession game instead of going for it leaving the door open for atl with 8 min left.

Christopher Silverio

MariGOATa! #TitanUp

Joseph give em 6 watts

Mm8 get it boy

Gregory Gabaylo


Warrior-of-Love 43

Marcus already rockin his future HOF jacket👌🤙

    Lord Zeno

    Warrior-of-Love 43 when my titans win against a good team, they lose to someone like the bills. Hopefully it’s not the case next week🙂

Big Balls

I still believe in you Marcus!!! Forget the doubters time to turn it around right now Titan Up baby!

Stan ezen

Titans played well yesterday. My falcons on the other hand were 100% poop

Stan ezen

I love how Marcus always says “travel safe” when ending a presser. High class and raised well

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