Titans Post-Practice Press Conference: Head Coach Mike Vrabel – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Man I hope titans show up Sunday an not bullshit



Liam Monaghan

The most talkative and confident I’ve ever seen MM8. Good luck mate, hope you smash it this year

Qua37 l

We have a good team this year and I feel good about us this year titan up!

Shane Speakman

We need to let mariota go be a back up qb in Seattle or somewhere. Nothing personal he just isn’t starting nfl material. We will suck this year we will miss the playoffs. But 22 will shine if he gets at least 25 carries a game. Titan up


    @Shane Speakman mariota 1st 4 years compared to McNair first four? Not even close. Mariota is way better. Mcnair held the ball a lot and took a lot of unnecessary sacks. Wasn’t good till he was like 28. What type of revisionist history are you on? Just quit. I forgot more about football than you will ever know. Pro football focus said Marcus was only responsible for 5 of the 40+ sacks he took. FIVE. So that’s proof that he doesnt hold the ball to long. Its the lack of blocking and catching you dolt.


    @Dee09 Motivation Nah you idiots who don’t know football kill me.


    @Shane Speakman you’re an imbecile. Stop rooting. We don’t need bad fans


    @Shane Speakman read this. This Is how you evaluate a qb. Get your football knowledge up before you critique a player. https://presnapreads.com/marcus-mariota-is-the-nfls-best-passer-in-obvious-passing-situations/


    @Dee09 Motivation you need to read this too. Tired of seeing your name on all these posts criticizing Mariota when you lack the ability to understand the qb posiiton and responsibilities within a given offense. Just read it. https://presnapreads.com/marcus-mariota-is-the-nfls-best-passer-in-obvious-passing-situations/

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