Titans Offensive Coordinator Arthur Smith: We Have to Keep Evolving, Improving as an Offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Teagod77 Reply

Run Derrick Henry more thats it

    Dee09 Motivation Reply

    That’s not it

RazorStrap Reply

Your teammates are supposed to be the ones making plays for you.  Instead of you putting yourself on the line.  It’s called chain of command.

Jonnie Ballard Reply

You keep it up you on a trial basis they going to get rid of you next year two

Jonnie Ballard Reply

Remember Mike Mularkey

DeezR Bonards Reply

Its been 2 games. The overreaction is nuts

    C B Reply

    So I guess Aaron Rodgers looking like a rookie too, because our qb and him has almost identical passing yards, with more touchdowns and less passing attempts.

Steven Stafford Reply

I know this is only week two… Where’s Adam Humphrey ?

    Midnight Tornado Reply

    He’s temporarily been helping Kelley with chip blocking, so it’s been cutting into his route running. Same with some of the other dudes. The drop-off from Lewan being out cannot be understated, but I figure once he’s back, a lot of things should stabilize and make more sense.

Nora Reply

Lets gooooo….lets get to 2-1 and refocus coach..#TitanUp

Martial Apologist Reply

Mariota is the 7th most accurate QB in the league for deep throws according to the Deep Ball Project. Get the man some time to air it down field and we’ll be set.

    Dee09 Motivation Reply

    Hahaha your funny

    Abanouboss #1 Reply

    Dee09 Motivation stfu

George Harry Reply


Andrew Wong Reply

How bout you fix your pass and run blocking? How bout you teach your QB how to change your protections to protect against the blitz?

    muzikhealzme Reply

    Andrew Wong exactly mm8 doesn’t adjust

    Dee09 Motivation Reply

    I agree 100

Titan Up Reply

I believe in your A. Smith. #titanup

sting king Reply

The wr need to catch the balls thrown to them to

Talios Hammerfist Reply

Arthur Smith is going to be a good offensive coordinator for years to come. Trust the process.

Nicholas Gerstenberger Reply

Stay calm coach Smith. We will get it done I believe in you

boon Reply

let’s go win these 7 straight baby

2098elk Reply

Mario is my man!  Go Ducks!  Great Role Modell

New: We Busy Ent Channel Reply

Yall stoped running Henry that’s what killed us , Yall got out coached.

New: We Busy Ent Channel Reply

Forget throwing run Henry on 3rd and 2 mane yall ran stupid plays

    Teagod77 Reply

    Its that simple

Demetree Dunbar Reply

we just have throw the ball off of play action more because it’s hard to spread the ball to all our weapons if our qb has proven over 5 years he cannot be our #1 option.

    C B Reply

    Three years of 9 and 7 say otherwise

    Demetree Dunbar Reply

    yeah it show how good our TEAM is.

    Demetree Dunbar Reply

    Mariota throwing 11tds and your team is 9 and 7 that show that the Titans is a complete team around him.

Captain Grizzly Reply

arthur, we just suck against the colts. we’ll destroy the jags then lose to someone bad then blowout the patriots. such is life.

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