Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel: We Have to Focus on Accountability and Fundamentals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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TPLobotomy Reply

Adoree should NOT be a week to week thing on the punt team. I never want to see #25 back there fielding punts ever again

    bravetitangrizzly Reply

    I said that multiple times last year.

    Stanley Wilson Reply


    Delton Coakley Reply

    Agreed for now on it better be Humphries

    Dee09 Motivation Reply

    Oh so y all can see how bad adoree is bt can’t see how bad mariota is y all are jokes. So mediocre

Brett Forseth Reply

Can you retroactively put in Tannehill?

    sirtom0815 Reply

    He will try to do better and throw INTs. In the end, he just keeps the ball too long, as MM8 does. You can see it over his entire career. BUT – he is a good backup, if definition is, that the backup should fit a QB1 position 😉

Ken Adams Reply

and watching the chat…once again. everyone still wont blame marcus for anything!!! its everyone around him fault.  such BS!!!

    bravetitangrizzly Reply

    @Ken Adams 1 game under .500

    3 winning seasons in a row

    Ken Adams Reply

    sorry. he was one game under last night…then the loss makes him two…….and that’s even worse. three 9-7 seasons and he is still under .500

    Ken Adams Reply

    29-31…that’s still two in my math books…….https://www.footballdb.com/players/marcus-mariota-marioma01

    Dirka Time Reply

    @Luke little 1432 it’s not all on him but he hasn’t been making thing any better for himself. Isn’t his whole upside supposed to be his ability to make plays outside of the pocket, improvise, etc. Dude hasn’t really shown that at all this year, he hasn’t made his receivers look good at all.

    Delton Coakley Reply

    Well I don’t think 9 sacks 17 hits and rushed every play is going to help any QB win Tom Brady ain’t winning with a O- line that lets this happen! 💯💯 #TITANTFUP MM8 is actually playing good football not great but good enough to win. The whole team needs to Titan up

Ryan Pratt Reply

Time to spead the field! We need 4 wideouts and Walker. Malcolm needs to stop getting beat in the Redzone and Endzone!! Offensive line need to protect Marcus way better. 17 sacks already this season….at this rate you’ll give up 50 to 60+ and that’s absurd! Can’t wait to have Lewan back! Don’t even really want to go down to ATL the way this team is playing. 3rd down conversions are killing us on D. And the lack of staying in 3rd and manageable on O is killing us. Get it together!

MegaMoves HotandCold Reply

Off season was great. Week one was great. We are 1-2. Please stop with the negative comments. I think we have made a lot of progress in the last year. Yes it’s disappointing but we will be ok. I love Vrabel. He’s the right coach.

Ehrin Ehrig Reply

We converted a 3rd down? Lol

bravetitangrizzly Reply

Imagine if organizations completely stripped and overhauled teams as often as the fans called for.

No team would be good

Johnny Bell Reply

Get rid of the whole offensive line,Adoree,MM8, this coaching staff etc….

Johnny Bell Reply

Man GTFOH those receivers are running out there for nothing getting open and MM8 won’t deliver the ball stop protecting that man time to move on

    C B Reply

    He gets sacked 9 times in a game and a lot of holding penalties because the line couldn’t protect with receivers not getting open quick enough and it’s all on Mariota, man Tom Brady wouldn’t be able to make anything happen with all of that

    Johnny Bell Reply

    @C B when those wide outs got open he still couldn’t hit’M

    R Jonzun Reply

    @C B Most of the sacks came in the second half. Mariota had several bad passes in the first half. I really like the guy but it sure looks like he has lost his mojo.

    Dee09 Motivation Reply

    No lies told here. They always trying to protect him. Some of these fans Too. I just don’t get it. we can do way better then him smh

MrTNTitans32 Reply

Our team has low football iq

Eazy MuthaFukin' E Reply

Tanny Time. Let him take the reigns

rod76ney Reply

Good Qbs throw the ball to open wr. Great QBs make great throws to any wr.

Stanley Wilson Reply

Dude we have too many top receivers to only get 15yard passes. Hell ill take a interception just show me something Marcus

michael hollomon Reply

As Titans fans can we just be honest and admit that this is a bad franchise? In the 50 years of the Oilers/Titans we have been to only 1 SB. And every year this team on average is between 7-9 and 9-7. This franchise has never been able to field an SB contending team and it continues. We just deserve better. Why should we be loyal when for the past 50 years all we get is mediocrity?

Delton Coakley Reply

Look couch it’s this simple it’s a Passing League take a chance and start bombing. #TITANTFUP

1959hwnelcamino Reply

The positive is, where ever MM8 goes, he will continue to be great… As a player on the field, and a person off the field… The sad thing is, The Titans will continue to be the Titans…

Liam Monaghan Reply

Who’s asking the question at 15:00?

Michael Fowler Reply

Qb is a back up Neve will make it in this NFL hes to quick to throw check downs Evey play want extend any play throws it to closer wide out

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