Titans Coach Mike Vrabel: We Need to Avoid Self-Inflicted Mistakes – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dennis Sanchez Reply

i love my team but, the offensive coaching is putrid.

Tornado Freaks Reply

oh yeaaaaaaaah! So excited for my 8-8 Oilers! Just sign our greatest QB ever MM to a 7yr new contract already!

    Mason. Reply

    Tornado Freaks Titans are 1 of 6 teams in the league to have a winning record each of the last 3 years so idk if the “average” joke still works. If the team thought MM was great he would already be signed

    RazorStrap Reply

    It takes two to tango.
    Job interviews go both ways between employees and employers.
    Mariota sizing up Titans just as  much as Titans sizing up Mariota.
    Maybe Mariota not interested in signing.  Hope he doesn’t.  Titans are trash.  Mariota needs to move on from the Titans.

cody humble Reply

Tannehill was sacked 59 times one season but still had almost 4000 yards.

    Raymond Laracuenta Reply

    How many playoff games they win that season? Yards are great wins are better.

    RazorStrap Reply

    Have you compared Steve McNair’s first 4 year stats with Mariota’s?
    Until you do you have no business talking trash on Mariota.

    RazorStrap Reply

    Mariota: 9 sacks, over 300 yards.
    That’s a rate of 144 sacks and more than 4800 yards for 16 games.
    So Mariota way better than Tannehill.

    RazorStrap Reply

    First 3 2019 Games
    17 sacks, season pace 90 sacks
    796 yards, season pace 4245 yards

    That’s 50% more sacks and still more yards than Tannehill.
    Mariota way better than Tannehill.

Fonz Reply

Before fans start souring, remember the 93 Oilers? Started 1-4 and benched their Pro-Bowl QB Warren Moon who fans turned on. Came back and won 11 straight to take the division. They ended up losing to Montana and the Chiefs, but just letting people know hope is not all lost. It’s a long season and teams can still turn things around. Heck, two of the teams in the same division did it last year.

    George Harry Reply

    Fonz lol if you think any QB can make a difference with this O line ur delusional

RPD Reply

Fundamentals aren’t going get them to the playoffs. The Titans need a good QB and aren’t going anywhere until they find one.

    Danny Nasholm Reply

    You need an offensive line to protect your qb first lol

501_yung44 Reply

Amy adams release those red titans unis plzzzzzzzzzz lol

Evil Duck Reply

We need to beat the Falcons next week we can easily go 4-2

RazorStrap Reply

All you unrealistic, ungrateful fanatics calling for Tannehill better do some records research before you end up regretting getting what you wish for.

    Phoebe B Reply

    no worse than we have now

    RazorStrap Reply

    Phoebe B wrote: “no worse than we have now”

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.  Like I said do some research.

Cole Pratt Reply

Loved Vrabel last season but this time around I’m concerned

    Aaron Smith Reply

    He sucked last season too

RazorStrap Reply

It took Tannehill 5 years to make his 1 and only playoff appearance, which resulted in a loss.
Over the last three games of the regular season, Tannehill struggled with one touchdown and three interceptions total in the three losses.  He finished the 2018 season with 1,979 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, and nine interceptions.
Source: Wikipedia

No thanks.  I’ll stay with Mariota.

SlickRick Reply


TheWilder30 Reply

It’s pretty scary when It’s Week 4 and your Team is practicing basic Fundamentals. I don’t understand this Team sometimes because they have so much talent but stay making way too many mistakes. Our Offense comes out in a trance every Game. They be out there looking like Zombies, no Energy at all!! Always takes them a full half to get going and that’s if the Coaches can get them to even wake up at all. Speaking of Coaching, their Play Calling is just Horrible!! Big formation run on 1st down Handoff…playaction on 2nd and incomplete or sack on 4th and time to punt so the Defense can be out there all Game. Speaking of Defense, Them and Kern is our only Bright spot. But as great as they been playing they need to step it up too because every Game they always give up them one or two easy Touchdown drives and they need to focus more on 3rd downs. They will have great coverage on 1st and 2nd and then 3rd down…Reciever wide open breaking tackles 1st down. Everytime!!!! Come on Guys #TITANUP

Awful madden plays. Reply

This is Jeff Fisher 2.0. He is a 17-14 coach. And that style right now is not what the nfl is it’s a passing league and I understand Marcus has had 5 different OC but ca mon he was a 2nd pick in the 1st round He’s either hurt or average so just move on because this team is stacked
Humpries , Davis , walker , t. Sharpe , a.j. And a good running game with solid defense. This gonna be 1-3 Sunday you watch

    SDJ 63 Reply

    Awful madden plays. The Steelers fans will trade Head Coach in a heartbeat.

john teague Reply

Block you f****** offense line what the f***. Block block block block block block the more times Mariota gets sacked he will miss his targets so f****** block.

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