Titans Coach Mike Vrabel: Falcons Have Very Good Skill Players – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Pandasuck Andshouldntexist Reply

Time to move off of Mariota

    George Harry Reply

    Pandasuck Andshouldntexist with the o line they have and playcalling I don’t think brady would be able to make a difference

    Touchdown Talk Touchdown Talk Reply

    @Dellway Hellway . Ya girl holds my balls too long am not moving on thou

    Wesa Zazoo Reply

    I want him to succeed a lot this year but then again the guy does deserve a better team that can block for him. I wouldn’t be suprised if he retires after this season.

Adam Manakee Reply

Let’s be clear. TAYLOR LEWAN (Nashville’s dad) IS NOT PODCASTING. They are prerecorded as Compnasty reminds you if you’d bother to listin before asking a stupid question like that. SMH

    Adam Manakee Reply

    Soooooo…this is a little awkward. Am listening to #bussinwiththeboys podcast. Dad did in fact do the intro. Still not a big deal. He’s gotta be their for the wolves. GO LISTEN!!!

Durk Moneyswaggfly Reply

Shut up 🤐 titans up titans 45 falcons 7

    Michael Thomas Reply

    You sound brazy

Dennis Sanchez Reply

how bout rebuilding the whole o line and clear house the whole offensive staff? Vrabel is suspect now.

    Wesa Zazoo Reply

    And wait another 5 years to see any change?

    Dennis Sanchez Reply

    @Wesa Zazoo Tennessee tends to have the worst coaching in the league.

Freddy Barnes Reply

I am sticking with MM8 until he is not the Starter cause I think he is the Starter and will get signed! Mark It!!!! #TitanUp

Master Jedi55 Reply

Leader of mustachioed men

EgleOn Reply

its like the same every year…some key-position in the coaching staff is getting changed and new play-style to dig in to…like how can you value the performance of marcus…there needs to be continuity

TheWilder30 Reply

How many Titan fans ready to be 1-3. From Good to Great smh

Xplicit Pete Reply

We have Corey Davis, Delanie Walkie, AJ Brown, Adam Humphries and Tajae Sharpe! Why are we in 2 TE’s/ 3TE’s 50%, 60% of plays…. Play to your strengths and spread them out… MM8 Strength is when the Offense is spread out! w/ tempo. Derrick Henry will have a good time running in space instead of against 8 man in the box. What happened to the short passes to against the blitz to keep them in check or a fragile interior Oline. Lastly I still believe in MM8 don’t think any QB in that situation would’ve done better… Look what happen when we did it to the great Tom Brady…. We were forcing Brady to throw off mark and off timing and inaccurate due to the rush. Who did this just happen to? MM8. Hope Lewan and Davis fixes this Line. I still have faith and its still early Titanup!

Kent Woods Reply

Titans will lose the game the offensive line is garbage and, Marcus is not consistent enough to win ballgames

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