Tim Jernigan “I Just Gotta Make Sure I’m Ready” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Loyal Philly fan Reply

If Jernigan can get to the qb we’ll be fine. We won a super bowl with him before and we’ll do it again.

Firesword Reply

Lmaooo ma boi rocking the grill

Davon Norton Reply

I believe in him hopefully he performs and earns a contract

John Lancaster Reply

Howard and Miles will have a lot more carries in this game.

Chris Artis Reply

👀😭😭💪 I like, and he liked. The part one coach Jim Schwartz called it the Timmy Shuffle

    Bryan Ward Reply

    Timmy Shimmy!!!!!!

Daniel Timbs Reply

What I saw In Jordan’s face was “I dont want to be here. The eagles obviously dont want me. They tried to trade me. I barely played in game 1 even after running great on every carry I got. ”

He just has that look of “is this really what I came here for?”

    Phayrone Reply

    isaiah gillian – I don’t think he is a media person. Until recently, Alston also looked like that. He hates spray o the media.

    Wide Nine EAGLES Reply

    He said what I saw in Jordan’s face. You FBI you able to see murders by their face? Gtfoh!! Chill kid.

    Josh Reply

    @Daniel Timbs you’re reaching. Jordan has never looked any different than this in any of his interviews.

    Cambo Rambo Reply

    @Daniel Timbs you’re just trippin’. Sit back, enjoy the game and stop overreacting. Go birds

    Daniel Timbs Reply

    @Cambo Rambo I hope you’re right. And I’m relaxed. I just dont want tension in the rotation. I know it’s only game 1 but we brought the dude in here to be the starter. And we shy away from him after he showed a lot with every carry he had. I just dont want this to turn into an every week thing where Doug needs to feel obligated to split carries between him, sproles, Clement, and the rook. If they would have ran Jordan harder, the dude would have had over 100 easy

OhLord ImGreat Reply

I liked jernigan better with cox anyway .. hate a injury had to make that happen though

Ray T Reply

Let these new guys settle in, damn media lol

Phuong Reply

More blitz and stunts please. Rushing 4 is too predictable

CardiacKip Reply

…dominant and disruptive! Let that man get his reps!

Mega Reply

Beast. That’s a large human being.

BMo Reply

How can you mess up your teeth at this early age?

1Drunk Ghost Reply

I believe in Timmy !

gabriel v Reply

Why didnt jj whiteside play the first game i was looking around to find out fly eagles fly and mack hollins is fast too

    Cambo Rambo Reply

    He did play. Dude was responsible for having miles Sanders first touchdown erased due to a holding penalty. I watched the game, the whole game.

FLY EAGLES FLY Bleed Green Reply

Yo this guy is no rookie.. this guy was on that line for 2017 as a starter next to Fletch..yo why is the media portraying this guy as a down guy..man Timmy is ready to show that he who he has always been..DOMINANT. Timmy 2 sacks on Ryan this week..and that gold grille will be gleaming as always

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