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Tight End Luke Willson Week 4 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks tight end Luke Willson talks with the media about being signed, coming back to Seattle and more during week 4 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Dust Reply

So glad that Luuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkeeee is back

    Guillermo Zuniga Reply

    We finally have Wilson to Wilson passes

Save the Geese Reply

Those glorious locks

    Quinton Harris Reply

    they are so legendary

Canick 684 Reply

Ima just call him the Long Haired Assassin

Fumi S Reply

Lol he’s even wearing shorts..lol

    LoneStarr Reply

    and sandals with socks. SAVAGE

Sam Dogg The Infamous 253 Reply

Welcome back Luke.

Raging_Crocodile Reply

He looks like a stoner xD

    Myleen Lujan Reply

    You know he’s got Doritos in the pantry. 😁

chris zimmerman Reply

“Have you introduced yourself to Cody Barton yet?”
“No, why do you ask? He is a wildman or something?”

what a legendary response

    Drew Monroe Reply

    chris zimmerman Luke is one of those dudes to crack open a brewski with the broskis

Tony West Reply

Always liked Luke. Let’s get it going again!

J Abdilla Reply

Right outta the gate with wit. Amped this dude’s back. Need his energy, blocking, and power downfield.

tony watkins Reply

Yay! My Willson jersey is valuable again!!


Welcome back Luke . Glad to se that the chemistry will spiral again with russ. GO HAWKS

Rico Alexander Reply

I feel so good about getting his energy back.

JustHawk Reply

We get to do the “Luuuuuuke” call again during games

Big Tings Reply

I’m so glad he’s back we need that energy in our locker room more than ever

Dalton Ballard Reply

Luke and Dissly have the same style really gonna help the run game #Wilson2Wilson

    Marcelo C Reply

    Both will improve the pass game for sure

    Capo King Reply

    Luke has butter fingers.

    Jason Harding Reply

    @Capo King sure made some nice catches in the playoffs…loved than 2 pointer on GB in the NFC Championship Game

    Capo King Reply

    @Jason Harding he gets most credits for run blocking. SOME nice catches sounds about right.

    cuuuhprisu n Reply

    Dalton Ballard that’s a lie u must not know who like willson is so zip it buddy

Darth Soldier Reply

I can’t wait for Wilson to throw a Wilson to Wilson again

    A Minecraft OG since 2009 Reply


    Andrew Zheng Reply

    And then Willson can celebrate catching a Wilson thrown by Wilson to Willson with Wilson by embracing Wilson

    Ghost Tribe Reply

    Yesssssss lukkkkkkkkkkeeee Wilson to Wilson baby td

    Tyler Manning Reply

    Always loved that when they said Wilson yo Willson it was pretty cool

Charlsee P. Reply

💙💚Wilson to Willson TOUCHDOWN Seahawks!!💙💚

    Myleen Lujan Reply

    I heard that in Raible’s voice. 😀

Nathan Wise Reply

Luuuuuuuuuuuke! Welcome home and to many Techno Thursdays to come!

Doria Hernandez Reply

Omg welcome back u can’t scape from Seahawks legacy u bring peace to my mind again

    Doria Hernandez Reply

    He belong here in Seahawks loose or win Seahawks for life I was there when they win the superbowl can’t never forget that I wish I can go back in the time

David Howard Reply

Willson throwing some serious shade to the Lions and Raiders organizations. Not directly, but when a player says he has noticed other organizations don’t treat players that well and he has only played for the three places…yeah.

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