TIAA Bank Jaguars Weekend – August 18th – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Chris Bowman Reply


Jachey Armstead Reply

Every time they talk about Nick foles they always talk about how consistant he is

    Deven Mellor Reply

    More consistent than Bortles 🤷

    Bass Mover Reply

    Being consistent is very important

    Roethlisberger Power Reply

    He needs to be healthy.

jagsfanrick Reply

OMG we are going to harkin back to when Brunell played. WOOT

Bass Mover Reply

I see a plan and I know we are gonna be blown away when they actually get a good set of plays with their starters

Rob Farrow Reply

I know it’s hot. Just get in the pool!

Joshua Jacob Reply

Dareus and Norwell going at during the start of the video is intense. DUVAL


I wish they would do this like how the browns are doing it. More like a hard knocks feel.

Supa Stackman Reply

I have seen enough of Smoot, Taven Bryan, Cann. I think that Josh Allen will be better at LB and playing DE in special packages. I salute Will Richardson for earning his starting position because i know he will be out the other scrubs. Please keep QB Mcgough, and let Tanner Lee go. With all that being said go Jags!!

herbalizer1978 Reply

Reds hot sauce is not hot sauce its red colored vinegar in a jar buy your sauces from puckerbutt pepper company get real flavor and heat.

    GoJagsBaby 1 Reply

    Wow when I read this comment it changed my life then I showed my mailman and he quit on the spot to follow his dreams.
    Thank you

ThatDude Evan Reply

Bryan don’t diss on the 🚢 lol

Karimwaly60 Reply

I’m getting a jaguars jersey I want Jalen Ramsey but he might be a free agent so I don’t know so who’s jersey should I get please reply with an answer

Makhi Gipson Reply

They go lose every game they need tashan Gipson

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