Thursday Night Football | Bucs vs. Panthers Week 2 Game Trailer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Thursday Night Football | Bucs vs. Panthers Week 2 Game Trailer

The stage is set.. all rise for cannon fire.

Get ready for Thursday night's divisional matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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Bucco Bruce

Go Bucs!!

Live Love Life


Dru Bear76

That Panthers defense is going to have Winston spinning, turning and jumping tonight. So who ever that female is you better let her teach Winston how to spin out of trouble.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Fernando Vergara


    McCray Poston

    She taught him well didn’t she? She might need to give Cam a listen


I don’t know, my week has been going pretty good. I don’t think I want to be depressed by a Bucs loss going into the weekend….pass

Bradley Brutus

Been a buccaneer fan for 20 years. I’m not excited and I don’t think we win this game. Game 1 showed that this team has the same issues its always had. No discipline, lack of blocking, inability to pressure the passer. And ultimately a QB who will do more good for the other team than his own.

Fernando Vergara

Dear football gods. Please let the power go out at the stadium so the whole nation doesn’t get a chance to watch the bucs get destroyed tonight.

Adam Leovick

How long will Bruce let Winston play for before he makes a move?


    UNTIL MC COY ENDS THE NIGHT FOR WINSTON, as for longer term, Glazers, Licht, Airens, ALL BETTING ON A WINSTON RE-INCARNATION, what they will all deservidly get is INCENERATION.

    Eli Knight

    Adam Leovick we might as forget about this year


    @Eli Knight
    The lack of any semblance of an offensive line, says neither Winston or??? ( insert QB name) be successful if you had the Bucks oline?
    They rolled all the dice on reinflating the once assumed Winston presence.
    Fwiw, Winston can not read defenses once the ball is snapped.
    Fitz, always knew after a glance, where the ball was likely to be going, and it was out n gone…Winston, exits stage right or left, as the rush dictates.
    Winston would be the Bucs leading rusher if they counted east west yardage.
    Then we address accuracy. Like speed, you either have it or dont. Winston never had it. Never will. That means, at best, Jamis to become a tier two backup somewhere else next year.
    And, worst of all, in January, but just announced, Glazers eyes must have glazed over, as they gave LICHT a five year extention to his contract.
    After tonight’s game, Airens will need to find some o-linemen that can play.
    Like I said, 2019 will be a tough long slog for Bucs. I’m avoiding all BUC players at all positions, and, I’m streaming when I can, the defense facing that awesome scoring machine, the Bucs and their prolific QB.
    Play to win, or just get lucky, we’ll take it.

Ron B

I thought these videos were “hype” videos….. this was the most boring one yet! Ballet??? ” COME ON MAAAAAAN!”

    Trust My Clutch

    The production on this was actually beautiful. Let’s chill..

    Darryl Raborn

    Production was very impressive



Rick B.

Seriously, what does ballet have to do with anything?!?!

Bryan Tatem

Jameis need ballet course. Zero grace. Looks like a woman running from the police spilling her purse.

Jasey Smith

I can only think that Winston will prove everyone wrong

Jasey Smith

Because Blain Gabbert is hurt and Ryan Griffin has never started a regular season game

Parish D

I’m willing to bet Winston has a great game tonight, 3tds+ 0 or 1 int 300+ yds book it


The most Bucs fan thing ever is to throw your QB in the trash after one game smh… we are fast approaching miami dolphin fan level of ignorance


    after 1 game where have you been you need to tack another 4 years on that 1!!


    RALPH TYRRELL the 4 years of 4 thousand plus yards and breaking Bucs passer records?


We’re done for.

    McCray Poston

    Well you were wrong weren’t you

Corey Singletary

Just get the Win. Tired of losing.

Sean G

I’m rooting for Winston. I’m definitely someone who wants to see him succeed but at the same time this team as a whole has just not been good. I’m looking forward to finally seeing the bucs play a complete game. Offense, Defense and Special Teams. I just can’t remember seeing a win like that. That’s how all of the good teams win.

Rucka Curtis

So this is where my money goes when I buy buccaneers merchandise

Nick Florio

Winston running out of rope.
Hoping for a big win.
Not expecting one.

If they aren’t walking into that stadium expecting to win– they already lost.

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