67 replies on “Throwback: Tom Brady’s first ever interview in New England”

  1. 6th round pick!? Throw him in the practice squad. Doesn’t look like anything special. He’ll be luck if he even gets a backup job

  2. Holy crap. I’ve never seen any first year QB talk so eloquently about the challenges he faces and how he attacks them. He was absolutely unique from the very beginning.

  3. What a dork, his combine was laughable. This kid will never be a starter, back up maybe but starter no. I doubt this guy will win multiple Super Bowls, break records.

  4. A 5.2 40 yard dash? Sorry kid, you got a good attitude but you’ll never make it in todays NFL.
    He’ll probably go 6th round

  5. Zach Thompson that’s was 2001 just like these days guys like yellow hair and girls like blue hair and bald hair , in later time it will be even more stupider and everyone will follow

  6. And they already have 3 other QBs on the team! Why are they keeping this guy as their 4th-string QB when that roster spot could go to someone on the punt coverage team?! Belichick is on thin ice!

  7. 6 rings later. He never really got the hang of things like Drew Bledsoe did unfortunately 😞

  8. He speaks the same way today. Gotta admit, Brady still comes off pretty humble for someone of his accomplishments.

  9. Imagine in an Alternate universe where this guy actually ends up with a super model wife and becomes the greatest QB ever lol

  10. @2008ilovemusic Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaahhahahahhhhhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaucunt!

  11. @Jason O’Daniel dude just piss off and choke on your own tears. I never rooted or loved Brady as I loved breesy or M. Ryan or favre but Brady is an impressive qb. You have no credibility in your inane ranting like an ex GF being dropped real hard. Super bowl champs boy! How’s that 6th ring make you feel? Did you move to Mexico just like that black guy from undisputed?

  12. People are always hating on him. They wonder why he keeps on winning. Too much hate. Big Sean once said, “Hate can be the best love.” Lol And it’s true.

  13. Seriously, at 199th draft pick? This kid would have to take the patriots to 8 super bowls to prove he is any good.

  14. @Gilles 82 I post the tons of actual, factual, shitty stats of Tom shitty Brady and Gilles posts ZERO about football and Gilles is the “smart” one.

  15. Tom Brady Oh god Tom please don’t say the n word oh no he can’t hear us he has super bowl pods in oh god

  16. Michael Miller , you’re joking about 9/11.. If you’re human, show a little more respect .. wasn’t that funny when your mom died Michael Miller LOL she took her last breath I bet that you think that’s funny to

  17. @Jason O’Daniel Relying on TD/INT ratios for his 2018 postseason stats? Disregarding offensive production per game/drive and the fact that NE runs for a lot of touchdowns in the redzone? Using phrases like “dink-and-dunk”? Suggesting his stats are bad and that announcers have created an embellished perception of him? Blaming the 2017 Super Bowl on him and acting as if he didn’t do anything special in that contest? Low IQ imbecile. Your arguments are pitiful. I hope you respond further, so I can embarrass you with actual football knowledge and common sense. If you’re an adult, you should be ashamed of your ignorance. Now go educate yourself, you halfwitted dolt.

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