Three-year-old Panthers expert reveals Carolina’s 53-man roster – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ray Cordova Reply

First comment? Can i get 2 free tickets to a panther game.. please??

    Edward C4 Reply

    you can eat a sidewalk with your teeth instead

    Adam MacGruber Reply

    @Edward C4 hahaha Damn

    Ray Cordova Reply

    Yummmeh, nutrition!

Aiden Harris Reply

Y’all cut Terry Godwin!!!??? -Triggered Georgia fan

    4815162342sbf Reply

    Likely because Bonnafon/Holyfield had a higher chance of getting claimed off of waiver, I’d imagine Godwin still makes PS and possibly gets promoted to the 53 sometime during this season, esp. with his return abilities.

Inside_TV Reply

Breaking news panthers sign 3 year old to a 1 year deal worth of goldfish and juice

Hans Sarpei Reply

Sign him as a sideline reporter. Caroline can babysit him.

4815162342sbf Reply

This is the kind of content we need

Jamaal Noland Reply

Smart kid I would be a proud dad

alejandro corres Reply

I love this so much. keep pounding we got it this year.

Sandro Doulis Reply

No Rashad Ross? Disappointed.

Yo Momma Reply

As a Georgia fan Wtf y’all doing cutting Terry who’s returning this year🤦🏽‍♂️ but Lsts go Holyfield and we’re going to the Super Bowl this year🔥🔥

    Colton Hunter Reply

    Except he just got cut too…

bobashaw smith Reply


Yung Gami Reply

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this is the greatest roster reveal ever! oh my gawd!!!

Dionne Smith Reply

This just made my day! He is so cute 😍


Anything to limit the dislikes from cutting T Henny. Well played Panthers.

gsxrboi1000 Reply

I love the Running back depth🔥🔥

Marc Mathieu Reply

He actually remembered the 53 names first and last eith correct pronounciation to boot….folks most three year olds areearning their parents birth names and siblings at 36 months…..this kid remembered 53 people….

Calandra Rowland Reply

He is so amazing he got me beat I can name maybe half the Panthers😊….You keep pounding too.

LaMar Stingley Reply

Look at that the 3 year old is better than me! lol…a little blow to my self confidence. lmao! KEEP POUNDING lil man!


🏈👍😊 This was the best what a young little beast to come wow I can’t even do that wow Bye the way Go Panthers this weekend over Rams woo great job young man

Albert Arriola Reply

Dang he feeling himself too! “Yes I AM! I’m doing such a good job!” 😀 haha what a cute kid.

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